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Wireless microphones provide users with many additional benefits, and more and more professionals are changing, which shows that they are becoming a more reliable choice. With the advancement of technology, we have seen a reduction in interference issues and the annoying drop issues that sometimes affect the entire wireless technology.

In this article, we will review the 5 best wireless microphones of 2019 to see what advantages and disadvantages they have, how they compare to the competition and how reliable they are. The

wireless microphone system is increasingly used by live performers, largely because the technology is more stable in noise-free transmission, and its convenience makes it a more attractive choice.

As this technology becomes more popular, it becomes more affordable for ordinary users who have microphone systems that provide high-end performance at a much lower cost.

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The microphone you buy obviously depends on what you plan to use. Whether it’s commenting, singing, speaking, streaming on Twitch or YouTube, or reporting, it’s important to get the most suitable wireless microphone.

Your classic microphone works by converting audio signals into electrical signals. The wireless microphone works in the same way, but instead of sending this signal to the amplifier through a cable, it uses radio waves to send it to the receiver. The

wireless microphone has always been a boon for performers, reporters, lecturers and public speakers, and it allows free movement in any field of use. Therefore, those tripping hazards have disappeared, and there are currently many types of wireless microphones available, which we will introduce below in this section. The

handheld microphone may be the first thing we think of, and it is usually the first choice for music artists, public speakers and comedians, as long as there is no strict dance routine! It is very suitable for comedians on stage, because it can be easily passed between performers, one or two is enough. The transmitter of a handheld microphone is located indoors, so it is usually a unit and transmits a signal to the receiver in its optimal range. The microphone on the

headset is somewhat similar to the headset of a call center operator or game player. Its appearance and functions can be the same, but the quality and power will be significantly higher, which is a common choice for performing artists because it provides them with a hands-free experience. Headphones are usually connected to a transmitter commonly called a bodypack.

This type of wireless microphone system is most common at live television or public speaking events with guest speakers and speakers. The microphone is usually clipped to the person's shirt / jacket under the neck and connected via a pocket transmitter such as a headband microphone. Like the microphone in headphones, the lavalier microphone transmits to the wireless receiver.

Pickup Patterns

has many different types of microphone pickup patterns, each of which is suitable for specific tasks. The

omnidirectional microphone, as you know from the name, can pick up sound from any direction, and you often see them in conference rooms, mobile reports, and recording environments. Omnidirectional microphones are very flexible, but they may pick up unwanted noise from the surrounding environment. The

cardioid microphone is technically unidirectional, but it is a bit more than a lobe microphone, which we will discuss later. Since its heart-shaped pattern picks up some side noise, it picks up more, but most of the noise comes from the front. This makes cardioid pointing microphones ideal for live performances because they hardly pick up anything from behind. The

super cardioid microphones are similar to cardioid microphones, but they tend to pick up more noise from the back, making them less effective in live performances, but still sufficient for your TV documentary or instrument recording on the premises. study, it's good. This is because while back repulsion is weaker than cardioid directivity, they can cope better with louder sounds. Supercardioid and supercardioid microphones have a narrower area of sensitivity and greater resistance to feedback. Although they work in a similar way, supercardioid microphones are better suited for filmmaking. They are easier to use, depending on their ability to isolate the audio, while at the same time giving you a very small margin of error compared to standard gun microphones. The

lobular pickup mode is realized by a shotgun microphone and is unidirectional. Shotgun microphones are produced for the most directional pickups because they can handle noise from the surrounding direction. These microphones are wrapped in a tubular capsule, which can effectively suppress noise from the side. These types of microphones are great for film narration, controlled sets, choirs, or film production, but you need a well-trained operator to make sure you don’t drop the line.

Battery life

Any wireless device requires some form of battery power. These wireless microphone systems usually have built-in rechargeable batteries, some may be disposable. Either way, this requires extra money and time compared to wired microphones, and it also requires monitoring so that you don't run out of power at the worst possible time.


wireless microphones are certainly not cheap, unless you want to compromise on quality. Due to your favorable comments, our budget proposal is the lowest. As with most technologies, the more you spend, the higher the quality you want, but make sure it is tailored to your personal needs and don’t buy too much.

Simultaneous use of multiple microphones

The receiver has an easy-to-read LCD screen and adds to the user-friendliness of the system. In addition to the range, its main disadvantage is the short battery life-with this wireless microphone setup, you can only work for about 5 hours at most. The system has XLR and quarter-inch output connectors and can be used with various audio equipment.

is similar to the Shure system, this wireless microphone can find the best frequency with the push of a button, which is very useful in multi-system settings because it helps avoid interference.

This wireless microphone system is ideal for public speeches, live performances and small stages. This diversified system is very easy to set up, and it is also an economical, high-quality choice.





Pickup Pattern


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Cardioid Microphones

Solid Construction

80 Channels

Battery Life


Not a Huge Range


The 80-channel Innopow of the dual microphone system is a long way from the best Sennheiser and Shure systems in the professional field. If your budget allows for the two main options, then they are highly recommended, but their features are very valuable.

These dynamic microphones have a maximum working distance of 80 meters, which is enough to be used on stage, and they have a cardioid pickup pattern, which is perfect for public speaking and singing. Despite being a cheap option, the sound quality is great, and they can handle quiet and noisy noise excellently. The aforementioned

has a sturdy structure, and the transmitter has a good sense of heaviness, making them more resistant to accidental drops or collisions. Unfortunately, the receiver cannot be mounted on a rack, but in terms of price, it is reasonable to order your own equipment through a little DIY.

microphones use AA batteries, not included, but the battery life is about 14 hours of continuous use, which means that they are unlikely to die at a concert.

This may not be the most professional system on the market, but they are good value for money and worth the investment. The main advantage of the

wireless microphone system is freedom of movement. With increasing power and reasonable prices, more and more people are beginning to use these durable cordless options.

You get what you pay for, and as you can see in the high-end models on this list, you can get unparalleled quality with your cash. Low-priced microphone systems can sometimes affect noise suppression, so make sure you 100% understand what you need the microphone for before buying.

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