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When you finally get rid of the shackles on Ethernet cables, you will feel like the possibilities are limitless. You have been fixed next to the router for a long time, so it has become your best friend and confidant, now you can say goodbye, but it is not always easy to completely break.

There is nothing worse than dragging your massive construction into your new gaming space and discovering that it is the place where the Internet is dead. You might be able to feed off the leftover signals, play weird CODs here and FIFA there, but if you still keep in touch before the first blood draw or kickoff, you're in luck.

But don't worry Wi-Fi roamers, we've completed the research and compiled the top five Wi-Fi extenders for gaming in this space.

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RE650 may cost more than you plan to spend on a wifi extender, but it weighs more than gold. It is quite large, but it is by no means ugly. In fact, it looks pretty good and its MUMIMO connection makes it the perfect range extender for busy households that depend on a solid internet connection. The

RE650 is the perfect missing link in any Wi-Fi 5 chain. It's easy to use, provides a clear connection, and provides enough speed for high-intensity gaming and good times.

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ASUS AC750 does not provide an ultra-fast connection to the desktop, but the combined channel speed of 750 GBps is enough to meet your gaming needs without problems. It is also a wifi repeater, which means it can completely retransmit wifi signals on a separate network, which is a useful feature if you try to broadcast signals in outdoor areas.

Two antennas ensure reliable connection, three functional modes, and simple one-key settings. This economical device may be small, but it can solve many important problems.

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TPLINK AC750 is an excellent and inexpensive Wi-Fi extender with a range of 1200 square feet, perfect for those trying to bring some vitality to a single or nearby dead zone. 10/100 Ethernet connections limit wired data transmission, but there are ways to improve performance when you really need it.

is best for people who live alone or with others. It is not the most advanced extender, but it can handle intensive online workloads without sweating.

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is mainly used as a wifi router, you can also choose to configure the Netgear AC750 as a standalone wifi extender. It's sleek, compact, and has two external antennas that provide excellent performance and impressive range.

operates at a maximum combined channel rate of 750 MBps. This router may be the unexpected answer to all your questions about wifi. If your current router ditches the ghost, this dual-band fighter is ready and waiting to take the helm.

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Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC4000 is the best among routers / extenders. This is an absolute tank, reminiscent of the rear view mirror of a stealth bomber or Batmobile. It will not sink into the room without anyone noticing; it needs attention. In addition to the

aesthetic, it has three speed bands and is one of the fastest extenders on the market. Combine it with six external antennas that provide perfect performance and MUMIMO connectivity, and you have the ultimate Wi-Fi device for ultra-large-scale gaming.

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The internet is like the oxygen at WePc headquarters. We can't live without it for a moment. When the Internet disappears, we will become aimless and confused. We want to know what we did before the Internet, but try as much as possible... we don't remember.

As our organization grew, our base had to expand to accommodate us, and due to this expansion, we suffered quite a few Internet outages and Wi-Fi blind spots. Gambling is both our profession and our passion, so when the Internet disappears, the blow of absence will double.

In our efforts to prevent this from happening, we have encountered many Wi-Fi extenders over the years and have accumulated some expertise in this field. The products we are showing you today are products that we know from personal experience to work well or products that we have found in our research to provide the best support for games.

Before we start with some comments, let's first understand the basics of wifi extenders so you know that we are thinking crazy.

If you think Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi, that's forgivable, but there are actually different levels of Wi-Fi. If you want to keep the connection active and good in other blind spots, you will need the best.

Wifi 6 is currently the best. Although it uses the same 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands, it can output 12 streams instead of Wi-Fi 5's 8, improving overall speed, improved beamforming, and longer range.

Unfortunately, every part of the wifi chain must match to work properly, so if you have a wifi 5 router, you will also be limited to a wifi extender 5.

MUMIMO stands for multi-user, multi-input, multi-output , It is essentially a technology that allows multiple devices to form a strong and continuous connection with the same Wi-Fi source.

is not to say that the old standard SUMIMO is not connected to multiple devices, but that it communicates quickly with them one by one. The more devices in the queue, the longer each device waits for a response from the router. This is the real problem if people use high-data applications such as streaming media. The game itself is an application with very little data, but if you live in a shared space, using MUMIMO to protect your signal is a good idea.


Router bandwidth. In terms of speed, you must be as high as possible. It will not speed up the signal speed of the router, but it will not slow it down either.

Passthrough is a very rare but very useful feature in Wi-Fi extenders. Allows you to connect another device to the extender and supply power from the same outlet. The pass-through is identified by the socket on the front panel of the extender. Suppose you need to plug in the vacuum, but you cannot unplug the extender because it is in the dead zone, just plug it into the extender and you are done. It's like the expander isn't even there.

Your Wi-Fi extender is likely to have to sit in a rather awkward place to get the maximum range, so the low-key design is a surprisingly attractive feature. Although some of them look like little robots in the Star Wars universe, they are not the corridor aesthetics that people really want.

The smaller device will not burden your plug and will not partially block the other side of the dual socket. In addition, tiny extenders are unlikely to jam and break.

product size

6.42 X 3.39 X 1.57 inches

product weight

14.1 ounces





product model


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product size length width height

3.19 X 2.17 X 1.34 inches

data link protocol

IEEE 802.11ac

data transmission rate

750 megabits per second

product weight

0.33 pounds

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brand name


product model

, NT 4404, 444, 444 and 4094 operating system, 4404 NT Vista or Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux

Item weight

3.2 ounces

Product size

4.33 x 2.59 x 2.2 inches

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WiFi 44 444 Band 444 444 Frequency

750 MB Bits per second



Communication standard Wireless ion


Voltage 120/240 Volt

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connection technology


˚F with frequency


data transmission rate

per second

trademark Name


Wireless Type


Port Number 1625 Mbit

7 Types

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Product Size

6.42 X 3.39 X1.57 inch

Product Weight

4.1 oz





product model


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quality range: 14,000 square feet covers most of the luxury houses, not to mention the average family or apartment. Chapter

Good-looking-there are no monsters here! High speed

-Once RE650 is up and running, it is fast enough for most applications.

MUMIMO-MUMIMO and four antennas make it very suitable for densely populated households. Disadvantages of

is slow to start; takes a few minutes to start.

Large-RE650 is very large and can partially cover adjacent plugs. Although

looks cute, TP is a pretty great Wi-Fi extender, but the low-profile design reduces the chance of you kicking it or hanging it on your clothes when passing. It is a 5 wifi extender that can provide 1733MBps speed on the 5GHz band and 800MBps on the 2.4GHz band, which is more than any gamer needs, even if you are multitasking with heavy data usage. The

has a MUMIMO feature enhanced by four independent antennas, which means that no matter how many people you live with and your computing habits, you will always have a strong dedicated Wi-Fi connection. Games, streaming, downloads, video calls to friends and family... RE650 can meet your needs, and there is also a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect to the entire network. With

occupying an area of up to 14,000 square feet, you can say goodbye to the dead zone because this extender fills your home from corner to corner by connecting. Compared to some of the other extenders on our list, its startup speed is not particularly fast, but due to its reliability, powerful features, and easy-to-use interface, we think it is the best off-road extender on the market.



Product size LxWxH

3.19 x 2.17 x 1.34 inches

Data link protocol

IEEE 802.11ac

Data transfer rate


44 444 4454 MB/s 44 443 GBP 4 444 4454 GBP 4 444 4443 4454 GBP


3 44454 pounds as a repeater, used for single network wireless connection in AP mode, or as a media bridge.

Good combination speed-When you combine the advantages of channels, you can get about 7 times the speed to enjoy a silky smooth game experience. Price

-This is a good budget option that can solve most signal problems. Scope

-RC750 extends the signal by 2000 square feet.


is susceptible to interference-electronic interference can interfere with signal reproduction.

Bandwidth sacrifice: Repeating the signal on a new network will affect your bandwidth.

10/100 Ethernet-This connection limits data transfer to 100 MBps. The ASUS AC750

is actually a wifi repeater rather than an extender, which basically means that it relays the signal from the router on a completely different network connection. This reduces the bandwidth of the original signal, so if it's the best performance you need, it may not be for you. Repeaters are also susceptible to electrical interference from appliances like improperly connected microwave ovens or refrigerators, but if you have clean waves, the AC750 is a very inexpensive way to extend the signal.

Despite the reduced bandwidth, two antennas still guarantee 2,000 square feet of coverage and a solid connection, making it one of the most reliable options on the list. could be

So it can't provide the fastest data transmission for wired devices, but the maximum combined speed of 750MBps is very good. To give you a perspective, as long as your router has enough power, it is more than seven times the bandwidth required for some real 4K games.

You can also try to maximize performance by activating full speed mode. This feature uses a 5GHz channel to connect to your router and a 2GHz 300MBps channel to connect to wireless devices. This may seem slower, but by maximizing signal strength, this setting optimizes performance and allows your data rate to increase slightly.

TPLink may not be the best extender for file transfer, but when it comes to online gaming, even massively multiplayer games like COD: Modern Warfare, Fortnite, or StarCraft won't disappoint.

Connection technology


Band class


Data transmission rate

750 Mbits per second



Wireless communication standard


4 4 4 4 4 4 s 4 4 s 4 4 s 4 4 s 4 4 s 4 4 s 4 4 4 s 4 4 4 s 4 4 4 4 seconds It is technically a router, it does not connect to a normal socket, so you can place it more freely. 750MBps

Dual Band Speed - This is fast enough for gaming. The

is reasonably priced, considering it's a high-quality router and extender, it's well worth the money.


Setup-Setup is not as simple as a dedicated extender.

Sometimes the solutions to our problems appear in unexpected ways. Netgear AC750 is a perfect example. If you pass it in a store, I won't look at it again because the label will say "router" and you are not looking for a router.

But that's how it is. Netgear AC750 can be configured to work in exactly the same way as a wifi extender, and it is also quite good! Take the dual-band function as an example, it can reduce electronic interference and allow you to achieve speeds of up to 750MBps; this is more than enough for a clean and tidy game session at 1080p at super settings. The two external antennas of the

Plus provide the device with a wide range of coverage and impressive performance, ensuring that all your online activities go smoothly and quickly. Overall, we'd say it's very aesthetically pleasing too, which is an added benefit because it doesn't have to be inserted directly into the wall, you can position it more precisely and take full advantage of the signal extension.

Connection technology


Band class


Data transmission rate

1625 Mbits per second



Wireless type


44 44 44 44 44 antennas 44 44 4 4 4 antennas 4 4 4 antennas 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 antennas.

4 Tri Band Wifi: Supports 1625MBps data transmission and a large number of devices at the same time.

MUMIMO: All connected devices communicate continuously with Nighthawk.

Voice Control - Just speak and they'll hear you.


Price-Netgear Nighthawk is not cheap, nor should it be cheap.

Our final choice is essentially a computer. It even has dual 1.8GHz cores as an honest CPU and is designed for extreme gaming. It does not have one, not two, but six external antennas, providing enough coverage to saturate properties of almost any size. The

tri-band wifi allows you to connect more devices than you might need, so if you plan to host a large game party, this device will ensure that it shuts down smoothly. In addition, the combined transmission speed of these three frequency bands is 1625 MBps. You can really use X6S to power large community gaming centers.

As if this is not enough, MUMIMO technology ensures that every device in range has incredibly powerful, latency-free network access. You will also receive voice commands, so it’s very easy to use.

Although this device is amazing, it is not for everyone. In order to take full advantage of it, you need to have a beautiful Wi-Fi and a high-quality main router. Nighthawk is suitable for competitive gamers who understand that every frame is important.

When you cross the threshold and enter that dead zone, it feels like the end of the world. It's like stepping into some kind of post-apocalyptic dystopian wasteland, but it is a very simple solution, at least one product we listed should be suitable for your situation.

If you need the best wifi extender for gaming that can cover a huge area and support any number of gamers running heavy workloads, then Nighthawk is your best choice. However, for most people, this is completely excessive.

For common families, we recommend TPLink RE650. It's a bit big, but it's fast, and the MUMIMO connection ensures there are no Disneyland-style lines waiting for a signal. Otherwise, ASUS extenders can handle just fine. It's smaller, but it's still a wifi 5 device with a range of 2000 square feet.

For those who live in a small family, they may only need to recover a few dead zones. TPLink AC750 or Netgear AC750 is a powerful enough solution that allows you to get back in the chair and enjoy your favorite games.

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