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When looking for the best gaming keyboard, there are many options to meet all budgets. When we tried to complete our theme game setup, it started to get tricky. For those who like a little contrast on the mouse pad, the white gaming keyboard provides a unique aesthetic angle and looks really special.

For gamers, gaming keyboards are not as important as mice or headphones, but high-end motherboards are becoming more and more popular. In most cases, we will look for a white mechanical keyboard to try and find the best. We will also try to cover a few different budget requirements in this best plan, let's get started.

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This white TKL keyboard is one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards on the market. Use some of the best technologies. In addition to its charming understated design, the Lightspeed feature means that its performance is almost like hardwired.

Logitech G915 TKL may be one of the more expensive keyboards on the list, but it brings its own standout features. The board is well suited for typing and gaming, and it has built-in profile switching, dedicated multimedia controls, macros, and its unobtrusive design is striking. There is no doubt that this is one of the best wireless keyboards currently available.

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For a 100% size high-end white gaming keyboard, Alienware has made some great things here.

The unique design of this full-size white keyboard matches the brand's display and laptop layout and looks great. This Alienware keyboard looks beautiful and works perfectly, with advanced switches and excellent RGB backlighting.

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For a more compact white mechanical keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Mini is your best choice. This 60% board is of high quality and carefully crafted to give it some beauty.

Razer Huntsman Mini is not only a high-performance mechanical keyboard, its unique style is also one of the best keyboards on the market. In addition, its compact design not only exudes first-class temperament, but also very suitable for travel and small desk space. A very cool white gaming keyboard, everywhere.

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Corsair re-delivered this excellent white gaming keyboard, which not only looks good, but also works well. The

K70 MK.2 provides all the qualities we saw in the original K70, but it is now white. They have never released a low-key version, which is really a shame, because the low-key K70 looks great. In any case, this motherboard is fully functional and still a good game choice.

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As for the cheap white mechanical keyboard, you'd better find something better than Redragon K552 KUMRA.

Red Dragon shows the best price/performance ratio in this guide. The white mechanical keyboard, with many functions and build quality, can be used for a long time

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We manually select each white keyboard according to many factors. First of all, we are all gamers and we have personally used various motherboards from many manufacturers. We combine existing knowledge with ongoing research to find new keyboard innovations before we get started.

We tested the white gaming keyboard like any other gaming keyboard. First, we buy the products we want to recommend and then we start testing them (an excuse to play). When testing, we are always looking for perfect performance, comfort, functionality, and value as always.

After testing, we can narrow the selection to the five best white gaming keyboards.

Speaking of keyboards, they are not as important as the other peripherals in the gamer's locker, but there are still many things to consider to make sure you stick to the correct model. Whether it is a white gaming keyboard or a high-end mechanical board, they have various sizes, different functions and multiple switch options.

Choosing the correct keyboard size is very important, but it is not always considered. What if you have a small table or need certain functions (such as a numeric keypad)? Well, all of these will be affected by the keyboard size you choose.

Full-size (100%) keyboard

is exactly what you expect. It is a standard keyboard with all function keys, numeric keypad, and enough space for special multimedia keys, macros and volume bars and other fancy additional functions . The

keyboard comes in various sizes, with the most common sizes ranging from 40% to 100%. These smaller circuit boards are often called TKL (Tenkeyless) and provide you with many functions in a smaller frame. The most common TKL size is 85%, which can be identified by the lack of a numeric keypad. When we make the keyboard smaller, say 60%, the keys will become compact, and the manufacturer will use the space you see between the function keys and the character keys.

Whether your new keyboard is for gaming or just general purpose, you will find that you can choose to use a white gaming keyboard with mechanical and membrane switches. The

membrane keyboard is obviously different from the mechanical keyboard, but only below the surface. Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they are very durable. Also, mechanical keyboards are easy to customize and are considered highly responsive.

mechanical switches are typically louder, but there are a variety of switches to choose from so you can suppress noise levels while benefiting from the low motive force required to press a button.

It is worth noting that as the film layer flattens over time, the film plate tends to break down faster, resulting in slower keyboard response. The white mechanical keyboard is easy to disassemble.

With a detachable full-length soft-touch wrist rest, you can maximize your comfort during gaming. It also has slightly wider buttons, which is perfect for large users (and sausage fingers). With Corsair's proprietary software iCUE, you can customize RGB lighting and synchronize with your other Corsair peripherals.

Check out our complete Corsair K70 review here


TKL (60%)


Outemu Red





Ideal for small spaces

Full channel 4 Anti-glare 444u 444u Red Light function swicth



Surprisingly, the white gaming keyboard is sold at such a favorable price, while providing RGB backlight, anti-glare function, Cherry MX red equivalent linear switch and durable, high-quality and other outstanding functional metal ABS structure. The K552 Kumara RGB keyboard is a keyless board (TKL) that provides gamers with a portable option while also saving desktop space.

This 80% keyboard uses linear Outemu switches to provide speed and performance for gaming. There are no dedicated multimedia keys on this motherboard, because there is no extra space around the keys, these keys are elegantly framed on the basis of a solid feel. However, you can use the function keys to mimic multimedia controls, which is a nice touch.

Overall, this keyboard is worth every dollar. If you are on a budget and want a mechanical keyboard, K552 is a good choice.

So guys, we found not only the best white gaming keyboard, but also the best white mechanical keyboard for every budget. I hope this article makes your next keyboard purchase easier and that you can rest assured that each product choice offers a high-quality typing and gaming experience.

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