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When you're about to start building your first water-cooled PC, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you face the challenge of physically building a custom circuit without damaging the components, but you need to make sure you buy compatible parts for your specific circuit. All of this can be achieved after a lot of research, but to make your life easier, we've carefully selected the best water cooling kits on the market and some alternatives to start your new icycool build! The

Water Cooling Kit provides you with everything you need to get started, typically with a CPU block, pump / reservoir combination, radiator, tubing, and the tools needed to cut, bend, and deburr the tubing. For starters, the water cooling kit offers many guarantees, let's take a look at the best ones.

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Our first choice is the Corsair Hydro X XH305i water cooling kit. This kit has quickly become one of the most popular options for water cooling beginners, and this is for good reason too.

This kit brings excellent performance to the table and is very beautiful. Corsair XH305i is equipped with everything you need to effectively cool down the CPU and create a fantastic loop.

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is followed by another great water cooling kit, if you already have a lot of Thermaltake equipment then it may be your first choice.

This kit is not only equipped with everything you need to create the ring, but also with the tools necessary to bend the rigid tube at these beautiful angles.

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For users who like hoses or a simpler water-cooled PC construction, EKWB's P360 kit is your best choice.

This water cooling kit has high-end components and accessories to ensure that you not only get a working cycle, but also look good.

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First, we will search the online reviews of each kit to find the most suitable water cooling kit for the job. After narrowing the range of options based on features and value, we finally purchased the kit.

We like to make suggestions based on personal experience, so we are naturally familiar with each kit. We believe that really testing one of these kits is understanding how easy they are to assemble, how effective they are as cooling solutions, and how versatile they are.

Whether you are purchasing water cooling components separately or choosing a water cooling kit, there are still a few things to consider. The circuit needs to be tailored to the situation you choose, you should consider whether to use rigid hoses or pipes, and plan ahead for any additional components that may require cooling in the future. The

water cooling kits typically have everything you need to configure a basic custom circuit. They tend to only provide you with components for a water-cooled CPU, so if you're considering building a full cycle, keep this in mind.

Inside you will often find:

Some water cooling kits differ in additional tools, some provide you with everything you need such as saws / cutters, bending kits, rubber inserts, and deburring tools.

Please note that if you plan to purchase a water cooling kit with a rigid tube, you need to purchase a heat gun separately.

If you are a beginner and can find a kit that suits you, the only question is whether liquid cooling is worth it. For most people, water-cooling a PC is a purely cosmetic decision, because many people don't need to run its components at such low temperatures.

Water cooling is not a cheap hobby, it is generally reserved for hobbyists who have some extra cash in their pockets. If you plan to purchase a kit rather than purchasing all the individual parts yourself, be sure to plan ahead and get a kit that is related to your overall build lighting scheme, overall appearance, and is tailored to your PC build. planned. The

water cooling kit can be considered the door to the future of water cooling. These kits take the pressure off of trying to find multiple different compatible parts, allowing you to focus on challenging physical aspects. With the increasing popularity of gaming PCs, the

kits have gotten bigger and better, and to some extent they offer good value, because you know that most kits will be used on your PC. The major brands that provide these kits also have a large catalog of additional parts, which means you can add them to your cycle when needed with relative ease in the future.

If you simply intend to water-cool your current setup, you need to ensure that the cabinet is large enough to accommodate your circuit and other components, such as a water tank. You also need to make sure that there is enough support for the radiator.

If you currently have a miniITX chassis, don't worry, you can water-cool many of them, but be prepared for the complicated build process, because the limited space will only make things more difficult. Many modern mid-tower cabinets emphasize high-end features, such as water-cooling support, so if you buy a new model on the market, pay attention to one of them.

Pipe Type

Acrylic (Rigid)

Pipe Size


Is the bend kit included?


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Tube Type

PETG (Rigid)

Tube Size


Bending Kit Included?


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The main attraction of the Corsair water cooling kit is its RGB components. The CPU module looks absolutely amazing and is one of the most attractive modules on the market.

Considering that this will make the entire physical build process much easier, and that the value is not bad at all, you can be sure that every part of the kit is of high quality.

tube type

PETG (rigid)

tube size


bending kit included?


. Buy from Amazon

Thermaltake is another well-known brand that has been producing water-cooled components for some time. This kit, like the kit above, provides everything you need to create a special item. It is worth noting that the kit is not equipped with a hacksaw and a cutting jig.

Kit comes with:

Thermaltake Pacific water cooling kit performance is very good, although you can't see the liquid inside the CPU module like Corsair, but I really like this design.

Unfortunately, you won't get a hacksaw, but the pipe cutter that comes with Termaltake works great and allows you to cut directly. The included bending kit also has a wide variety of mandrels, which means you can use the kit to achieve bends over 90 degrees.

pipe type


pipe size

16 mm

elbow kit included?


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EKWB's Quantum Power P360 Water Cooling Kit is one of the best-known products, and EKWB is often at the forefront of innovation in this market. This kit has excellent aesthetics and performance, which is very suitable for those who prefer hose loops.

This highly versatile kit can be used with a variety of lighting software, including:

Since this is a hose kit, not many tools are needed here, and the included cutter is sufficient. The

CPU module has EKWB's iconic nickel / resin aesthetic, which is absolutely stunning when water is flowing through the circuit. The sturdy radiator and three RGB fans will always dissipate heat very efficiently, and the enclosed bottle is slightly larger than other brands. The

water cooling kit provides you with everything you need to get started, but you will find that most kits are not equipped with a GPU module. The kit usually provides you with a CPU block and enough pipes to create a run from the reservoir to the CPU block to the radiator to the resolution. Some water cooling kits also come with the necessary tools to cut and deburr your pipes, while others come with mandrels to bend rigid pipes. However, the

water cooling kit does not come with a heat gun, so if you plan to buy a kit with a hard tube, you need to buy a heat gun or other accessories.

Except for all the risks inherent in water-cooled PCs, there is no better way to maximize performance in such an aesthetic way. For anyone with a new hobby, a good way is to choose the best water cooling kit. These kits may not allow you to complete a fully customized cycle, but they will definitely get you started and give you the confidence to go further in the next planning cycle.

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