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Virtual reality is here, and it's very important! The first VR-compatible headset was launched in 2016, and since that day, we have seen an exponential increase in virtual reality platforms. With the advancement of modern technology, virtual reality has expanded to the point where consumers now have countless hardware, games, and media options to choose from. One of the biggest problems that

VR must solve is that manufacturers put expensive price tags on their products. It just can't afford it. Since then, virtual reality has become a mainstream form of entertainment and a household name. Although virtual reality is still considered expensive, to cater to the general public, its price has dropped significantly since its first launch.

In today's market, there are many different virtual reality products to choose from, but the level of additional costs varies. The following articles bring together what we consider to be the best virtual reality headsets today. We test each earbud to see how it passed the rigorous WEPC benchmarks and current buzz surrounding the issue.

Let's briefly introduce the content of the next best guide and jump straight to it:

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HTC Vive is one of the first VR headsets to be released in 2016, and it still is today. It remains one of the best options for a true virtual reality experience.

The legend of HTC Vive ranks first among the best gaming VR headsets than its old rival Oculus Rift.

HTC developers have done a very good job on their VR headset products, it provides a lot of cool features and benefits, including spatial perception technology, 3D audio output, excellent comfort design, and a large number of applications and games.

For us, there is no better choice.


from Amazon You may be more familiar with Oculus Rift, but now there is a new headset. If you are looking for the best wireless virtual reality experience that does not require external surround technology, then look no further.

The Search for Oculus is a new kid in town, and it offers something that the other VR headsets on this list don’t have, namely the ability and freedom to experience VR anywhere.

It has a built-in computer in the headset and a series of cameras connected to it, which can provide all the functions you expect from modern virtual reality.

Get an excellent all-round experience at an affordable price.

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Samsung provides us with the cheapest virtual reality solution in our best guide, and for good reason it is a mobile VR headset that uses your phone screen to project images through the headset.

Samsung is no stranger to creating great hardware deals. Think about the SSDs and mobile phones available today. However, they decided to dive into the virtual reality pool and try to create a virtual reality outlet for their mobile phone. Gear is an excellent anytime, anywhere virtual reality solution that can be combined with your phone and Oculus software to help you create an excellent immersive experience at low cost.

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HTC takes live broadcast to a new level with its classic professional version. It is racked with an excellent high-resolution display with a 2880 x 1600 combined field of view, making the image look clearer than ever. However, it does not stop there, it also contains many other features, which we will introduce later.

If you like Vive, you will like Vive Pro.

It is essentially an improved version of its predecessor, with all the bells and whistles of Vive, as well as some cool additional features that only the Pro version can find.

considers better images, better audio, and generally better usability factors. Pro is what HTC calls the best VR experience, and it's hard to argue with them.

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As virtual reality gaming has become more common than ever, Sony introduced the Playstation VR headset.

Your VR headset has an ultra-stylish design and impressive content support to create a great overall experience. Sony

headset is the only headset tailored specifically for game console games. If you want to turn your console into virtual reality with the least hassle, then you have no choice.

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Like all our products, we will be asked a lot of questions about how and why we think the products we recommend are the best. In most cases, the answer is the same, it boils down to WEPC test standards and performance levels. Some products are different, but for VR, it's simple.

Here is a short list of some aspects we consider when choosing the best VR product:

This is just a brief introduction to our considerations when choosing the best VR gaming headset in 2021, but let you know what to expect from each choice .

In modern times, it is difficult to know whether a source is reliable. At WEPC, we spend time vigorously testing our recommendations, hoping to find their best and worst features.

Our PC and game enthusiast team work together to conduct a diverse and fair review of each product. Each product is tested for hours, which means that every review is reported as credible.

Strictly speaking, there are two main types of VR headsets, mobile headsets and PC/console connected headsets. The

mobile headset is basically a housing for holding a mobile phone and using a lens to display the image of the mobile phone. The lens divides the phone image into two to help

A phone installed directly on the headset itself. For cheap products, this is a big advantage.

As mentioned above, the connected PC/console headset is the second most common type of virtual reality headset. Each has many different technologies and hardware, but in the end they all need to be used with your PC or console device.

This means that the range of VR headsets you can use is limited. However, this is the end of the negative impact. The dedicated screen inside the tethered earbuds is much deeper than the screen of the phone, ultimately creating a better overall experience. The room zoom function that comes with the

connection function can also realize more complex VR content. The external sensor supports 6DOF motion tracking, allowing users not only to look around, but also to move in space.

Recently, we have seen the launch of standalone VR headsets, which are roughly in the middle of mobile and PC-connected products. In short, standalone headsets are the same as mobile phones, but they are equipped with on-board computers that can act as mobile phones. This is a very new technology, but we are happy to see what it offers.

Understanding that the minimum hardware requirements required to fully enjoy everything that VR has to offer is an important aspect of VR.

So, we have determined what kind of virtual reality you will get. If you are interested in mobile headsets, you only need to find a compatible phone on the manufacturer’s website.

As mentioned above, a standalone computer has the computer built into the device, so you don't have to worry about the requirements here.

However, PC users who want to use a wired headset to prepare for virtual reality must meet the minimum specifications to be proficient in running programs and games.

At this stage, you may be wondering, which VR headset is best for me? Well, it all depends on what you want to achieve with the VR headset.

In the end, the experience is the main focus of the virtual reality purchase. Everyone wants to be completely immersed in the virtual world to achieve the highest level of realism. Obviously, the realism will be different for different types of VR and budget. It is to choose which one best suits your needs and which one suits your budget.

If you are looking for the best all-round PC experience, then HTC Vive is definitely your best choice. If you have a limited budget and want the best PC experience, please upgrade to the Pro version. The

mobile device is best suited for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, just make sure your device is compatible before you start.

Perhaps you want the best of wireless freedom and the graphical output of both worlds, similar to a PC headset? Oculus Quest is naturally the best option in this regard.

Finally, for game console gamers, Sony VR headsets provide the best option for those who want to turn game consoles into the ultimate VR killer.

VR is available, suitable for various needs and scenarios. It is up to you to buy the most suitable one!

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Excellent VR experience

Cooperation with Valve to provide endless content

Very beautiful aesthetic design


Installation can be painful Audio

HTC Vive won first place among the best VR gaming headsets we released in 2021, for good reason. The steam-powered Vive has a number of exciting features and benefits, such as room zoom, safer playback, and Vive video, which combine to create a complete and fantastic experience for its users.

The Vive was one of the first virtual reality headsets launched in 2016. Since that day, it has paved the way for high-quality virtual reality experiences. Oculus Rift has always been Vive's main competitor and it was released at the same time. However, Vive's great features help provide a more realistic virtual reality experience. Now let's talk about some of these features. The

room zoom is a great feature, not only allowing users to look around the virtual world they are in, but also allowing them to move around. Thanks to the two mapping base stations that come with the headphones, Vive can do this. It places the two radio stations in an open space with a maximum size of 3.5 mx 3.5 m and allows the headset to sync wirelessly within the area you created. After everything is matched, launch your favorite game that supports room zoom and start walking in your virtual world. Very cool.

Fortunately, HTC has developed PlaySafe technology to prevent you from becoming another YouTube celebrity due to a collision with the TV. Playsafe software uses built-in cameras and sensors to map the location of your walls and objects, and then alerts you when you approach them. The camera also allows you to switch between virtual reality and reality, so you can talk, drink and eat without removing your headphones.

Directional Audio is an added bonus and can be purchased separately or in bundles. It will intelligently change your audio according to the way you face it to create a more realistic experience. If you are willing to spend a little more money, this is a very cool feature. Vive Video also allows users to play standard video content in 3D, 180 degrees, and 360 degrees.

In general, Vive has performed well from day one, it is still our favorite gaming VR headset, and we look forward to seeing improvements made by HTC in the near future.

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Fantastic AllinOne Solution


The base station does this. It uses 4 cameras located on the front to map the environment and convert it into virtual reality very effectively. A big advantage of

for me is that the audio output can be found at the positions on both sides of the headband. Essentially two mini output speakers, the quality is very good, giving you a real sense of space. It has a mini-jack slot for external headphones, but this is not required. Oculus has done a good job in this regard.

Oculus likes to call it a controller or magic wand, it feels great, it's ergonomic, and well suited for long-time use. I noticed a problem with the controller is that if you put them behind the camera they will stop tracking until they are back within range of the camera. This isn't a big deal, but it will prevent you from putting your hands behind or behind your head.

Weight-wise, considering this thing has a built-in computer, it doesn't really weigh at all. It has excellent weight distribution and helps reduce the overall pressure on the head and neck. Similarly, like Vive, Quest has its own version of the game safe, Oculus Guardian. It works in exactly the same way as Playsafe, by mapping your environment, and then notifying you when you are in danger of bumping into something.

Overall, it is a great product, and we think it is better than Rift. It is experiencing a slight decline in graphics output, but the VR experience has not really been greatly affected, and it still provides users with a huge immersive world.


PROS on Amazon

Very affordable price

Support multiple mobile devices

Excellent user-friendly interface


Build quality is not the best

Can use additional head support

Samsung Gear to get our best mobile VR Award headsets, and provide excellent performance and economical benefits respectively. This is the latest VR headset designed for use with smartphones. Especially Samsung, who knows?

The Gear is probably the most popular form of VR today, because of its price, the price on the shelf is only a small part of the tethered model. This is mainly due to the technology implemented in the headset. In the end, it is as powerful as your smartphone, and in the real world, it is much smaller than your flagship PC.

Having said that, the apps and games compatible with Gear are very immersive, providing an excellent VR experience for those who want to experience the action. The sound is achieved by connecting the earphones to the provided mini jack, it works very efficiently, but nothing special.

The Gear is the lightest headset on the list, and due to its design, it is very comfortable to wear. Compared to the other models on this list, the manufacturing quality feels a bit cheap, but what do you expect from a fraction of the price?

Overall, if you want to experience what virtual reality has to offer, we can't highly recommend it.

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Fantastic immersive virtual reality experience

Impressive high resolution screen

Really effective light blocking


Very expensive

HTC Vive Pro is something we have been waiting for a while, mainly because its brother is so successful, Vive is the best among consumers.

Pro is basically an upgraded version of Vive, but it has some additional features and benefits. If you are lucky enough to own or test Vive, you will be impressed with the improvements HTC has added to the new Pro.

Like the Vive, the Pro is equipped with 360-degree tracking, room zoom up to 3.5 mx 3.5 m and Playsafe technology. However, in order to justify the Pro name of this model, HTC added VR graphics, audio output and general usability.

The first change we noticed is the newly installed display panel with a resolution of 2880 x 1600. Basically this translates to a 37 dpi (pixels per inch) ratio, which can create clearer and sharper images. Professionals not only benefit from better graphics, but the audio has also been updated.

Using Pro, you can get 3D spatial audio that has passed HMD quality assurance certification. Whether you're looking up, down, or constantly turning, the headphones will intelligently adjust the audio to create a real sense of space. This feature really helps to achieve a feeling of complete immersion. The design of the

Pro has also been changed in an attempt to improve comfort. Vive is not very uncomfortable, but HTC optimizes ergonomics by designing a new chassis so that the weight distribution is more even. This is a huge perk for the best VR experience HTC claims. The downside of

is that all of these are not cheap. It is by far the most expensive kit on the list, but with it comes the most realistic VR experience. We recommend this to extreme VR enthusiasts and people on a budget. Great product, but expensive.

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Excellent user interface

High-quality VR content from well-known producers

Aesthetically very pleasing design


Visually lacking competitors

Let's filter the light

Sony's VR headset is designed for you The console is designed for use. It ranks first in the console virtual reality solution and provides a good overall experience.

Sony is equipped with a 5.7-inch OLED screen in its virtual reality headsets, which it calls "super-realistic 3D" graphics. Additionally, there is 360-degree visual tracking to help users immerse themselves in the virtual world they are in. Your virtual reality solution can also reach up to 120 FPS in games and games

When you are in the game, accurately track your location. All of these combine to bring a truly enjoyable VR experience, and if you want to be ready for PS4 VR, there is nothing more.

So you have the best VR headset on the market today. Virtual reality is an industry that is about to explode, because the advancement of new technologies allows manufacturers to create magnificent reality alternative universes without requiring a lot of equipment.

devices have become more and more versatile, and today we find ourselves in an era where products are suitable for all types of consumers. Whether you are looking for the best VR experience or a cheaper version to experience what VR has to offer, don’t be afraid, everyone has a choice!

What virtual reality viewer do you use? Leave us a message and let us know!

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