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If the game of the story account is you, the gender of the game of the visual novel can be perfect for you. Visual novels are an interactive game originated in Japan with a narrative style game. The visual novels generally use anime style art, but sometimes they use Liveection's quest.

If you are looking for a genre and next introduction of favorite visual games, these are the best selection games for Visual Novels at 2020.

2020 Best games: 10 PC games, PlayStation, look at our best selection for the best game of 2020 with Xbox and Nintendes. Did you make your favorites a list? Please click below to verify.

Launch Date-April 28, 2004



Clannad is classified as one of the Japanese Bestseller PC Games.

Clannad follows the story. The average high school student traveling through the last year of the school. He will meet with some different characters, including five girls, which helps help solve together. This title has branch printing lines configured in different scenarios, depending on what action progress.

Date of launch-October 15, 2009


Developer-5PB, Nitroplus

Here we move to a little different. The door is a visual science fiction novel. Follow the students' groups to discover mysterious technologies that allow them to make changes in the past. It is assumed that history

is inspired by the inspiration of John Titor, which is the name used by the traveler's time traveler of 1036 at age and the name used by the Forum claimed.

It is non-linear of Steins. Behavior and interaction courses This allows you to obtain an alternative end. In other words, you can enjoy some way to play this title.

Date of launch-October 26, 2017

Publisher-Kaigan Games

Developer-Kaigan Games

Moving to LiveSCtion, Simulacra is an interesting title that works through mobile phones of missing women.

The concept is easy. You find a lost phone named Anna, and you see a scream voice to get help with her video message. While they explore it, the phone starts strangely as you find more information. You can see her text, email from her, photos and messages from her friend. The purpose of the game is to find what happened to him.

This is a title of an immersive story that offers new things using live actors and real locations throughout the game.

This game has only a few hours, but if you want to play several times, you will have the opportunity to verify multiple trails.

Date of launch-November 14, 2013

Editor-Hanako Game

Developer-Hanako Game

Long Live Queen I need to become a mother Sandmelon Story Tale of Young Princess Style Roll Continue Visual Style Roll It is a game game.

The young princess faces the enemy who wants to steal her throne, and you have to prove her life before she is crowned. The purpose of the game

is to stay from it at the next 40 weeks until she hit a 15-year-old birthday.

The Princesses will also be dedicated to the lessons of self-definition, magic, logistics, diplomatic issues and the economy to prepare it for the throne. These lessons increase her skills in several fields that help you lose more advanced skills and opportunities.

Date of launch-June 21, 2016

Editor-Ysbryd Games

Developer-Sukeban Games

This simulation game of Indie Bartender presents the game following a new style of new style.

VA11 HALLA is affected by non-linear players and drinks made by players, and interaction with customers is affected by customers who order them.

Interestingly, this game has no option for dialogue. This is slightly different from other visual games. Instead, all options are determined by the choice of beverages.

You also need to keep your character from Barman, Jill and work outside of work. You will go shopping, you can decorate her house and pay you rent and help her focus when she returns to work, it's all the text of the friend's text, it's a pretty relaxing game with interesting stories. The

visual novels want you to experience the most relaxing game experience and enjoy the element of history in other games. In the history of history, there are many varieties of the style of narration, game, gender and surroundings. In this list, some varieties tried to give several different types.

Of course, this covers all new visual games that you may want to play. If you have a game that was lost in this list, let us know what your favorite is what you like.

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