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For decades, Nintendo has dominated the field of handheld game consoles. Thanks to their upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite game console, they show no signs of slowing down, making your favorite Switch games more portable than ever. In fact, they have 4,444 on their list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games in 2019, which is impressive. From the new installments of some of its major game series (such as Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing) to the little-known sensational indie games, this list is packed with excitement. Let's take a look at some of the best Nintendo Switch games coming out in 2019.

As we enter the summer, there are plenty of new versions to play while enjoying the sun outside or avoiding the heat inside.

Everyone loves good horror games, and this is it. With this updated game, you can choose to play as a consultant or as Jason Voorhees himself and try to survive against time. There is an online multiplayer option, you can team up with other players to try to take Jason down or find an escape route before he finds you. Or you can play as the famous fictional assassin, track your prey on the map and create absolute mayhem and horror when you leave.

For horror game lovers, this will be a nice addition to your collection. Moreover, the additional option of being an assassin adds variety to the game. Jason will feed on the fear of the victim and become stronger as the night progresses, making this a unique survival game.

Pre-order Friday the 13th: Game Ultimate Slasher Edition

This independent game allows you to play the role of a teenager in a post-apocalyptic world, running around and fighting everything you can find. What makes this game unique is the way your character changes throughout the game. When you face different enemies, you will begin to experience your own personal mutation, providing you with interesting new abilities.

Based on the culture of the 80s, this game is great, but it retains the endless fun that makes it endless. The game trailer shown at E3 showed off some strange mutations that you can enjoy, while also giving us a glimpse of the beautiful and colorful world the game is in.

This classic-style JRPG tells the story of "Watcher" Kagaki

is charged with placing the lost soul in the cycle of reincarnation. Kagachi began the game as a dedicated vigilante, willing to sacrifice his life to maintain the natural order of life and death. When he met a young "Linne" who had no memory, all this began to change and she would change his outlook on life forever.

This is a game full of fascinating characters, special abilities and fascinating stories, which echoes the golden age of the JRPG. The trailer gives us an insight into the beautiful gameplay and how to switch between the real world and the ethereal world to find and free your soul responsible for helping.

Pre-order Oninkai

plays one of the last humans left in the wonderful and diverse land called Albamare. This is a world where all creatures have their own goals and tasks to complete, and battles with different creatures are shaping the landscape. Exploring the open world allows you to freely write your own stories, full of puzzles and encounters, to keep you on your toes. The

combat system learns and adapts to your use, making this game fit your feelings as a player. Thanks to the open world design, you are free to choose your own path. But the world will not wait for you. Without your participation, changes in levels and environments will continue to occur.

As the fall approaches, we ushered in some of the studio's most anticipated game versions.

The moon splits, the sky is red, and life is lost. You can survive as a mercenary in this new apocalyptic world, driving mechanized technology to help you defeat the enemy.

Combat is exciting, providing explosive and excellent customization options for your arsenal. And, with the multiplayer options available, you and your team can eliminate the ubiquitous threat that could destroy the world once and for all.

Preorder Daemon x Machina

Preorder Daemon x Machina

The latest game in The Legend of Zelda, Link arrives on the strange coast of Koholinte Island when returning to Hiraru. Since this island only exists in the mind of the wind fish, you must find a way to wake the fish and find your way of escape. There are colorful locals to meet, dungeons to explore, and musical instruments to find.

As you would expect from such a popular series, this game strikes a good balance between story, fun, and exploration. The latest chapter of Link Legend is sure to be another big hit when it launches, and we can't wait to hear about it.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

With an expanded story, new features, and the exciting RPG we know and love, the updated version of Dragon Quest XI will be available on Switch in September of this year. This new definitive version brings a host of new features, including the ability to explore maps from previous Dragon Quest games and the option to enjoy retro or HD graphics while you play. There are still

standard turn battles. You can customize your character when you get power and items on the journey. This is a welcome update to the classic JRPG adventure.

Pre-order Dragon Quest XI S: Dream Echo Echo Limited Edition

Masterpiece only available

Spirits and ghosts lurking, you can. The weapon has definitely been updated from the previous version, and there are a number of new action options to try. One of our favorites must be the addition of "Gooigi," which is a sticky version of its own that can break through closed doors, prevent spike damage, and help you complete tasks. But don't let it get near any open channel.

Its multiplayer options look very interesting too. Work with partners to get Luigi and Gooigi to travel together. Or, find a bigger team and see how well you perform in the ScareScraper challenge.

Reservation Luigi's Mansion 3

The night is getting longer, and we have more reasons than ever to keep warm in our new and beloved version.

For the puzzle solvers among us, the Layton game series has been a popular choice for many years. In the latest issue, you'll get a chance to solve over 40 new puzzles, including updated versions of some classic Nintendo DS puzzles, because the game has been transformed for the Switch.

This time, you will be playing a new heroine, Katrielle Layton. Your task is to find the missing father. Intricate puzzles intertwine to form a new story. This is a fun and fascinating puzzle game suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Pre-order Layton's Mysterious Journey: Catriel and the Millionaire's Conspiracy-Deluxe Edition

We've been waiting for something that seems timeless, but the latest Pokémon game will add sparkle to our Nintendo in mid-November. The new land of Galar is a different kind of map, based on the UK, filled with picturesque villages, vast cities and impressive stadiums. There is a whole generation of new Pokémon to catch, as well as a whole new way to play, because the player can freely control the camera for the first time.

gives us additional battle options, such as oversized Pokémon Dynamax battles, helping this game really stand out from its predecessors. In addition, we have two new Legendary Pokémon to discover: Zaxian and Zamasenta.

Pre-order Pokémon Sword and Shield

Now for those games that do not have a specific release date, but we know that it will soon be on Nintendo Switch.

Get ready to scream, because one of my favorite horror survival games is landing on Switch this fall. Dead by Daylight lets you play as a survivor or one of the most popular villains in many horror series. Try to find a way to escape the killer's clutches, or chase your prey until no one is there; the choice is yours

This is an online multiplayer game with extremely high playability. You can position yourself on various maps, play different roles, and different ways to escape. The sound effects in this area are second to none, so make sure to plug in the headphones and turn off the volume. Now, turn off the lights and let us wait. Pre-order

Dead by Daylight

After the success on PC, PS4 and Xbox, Nintendo gamers can finally get access to this free MMO. You play as an assassin, destined to protect the world from wildly chosen monsters. Team up with friends or strangers against these behemoths and customize your character by forging weapons and making armor.

Nintendo announced its game trailer at E3 earlier this year, and it seems to be consistent with other versions we know and love.

Sometimes you just want to go back in time. When the pixel is your friend, you may spend hours trying to clear a video game level. Well this is exactly what you get with Inmost. When you try to escape from an abandoned castle, this strange story-based platformer will take you into a dark interconnected story.

has three playable characters to choose from. Each character has his own character in the narrative of the game. The retro pixelated style makes people feel nostalgic, just enough to make you memorable.

has been waiting for a long time, but eventually, "Animal Crossing" will land on Switch in spring 2020. It brings a whole new world to explore and new neighbors. This time, you are working hard on a desert island to make it a habitable place. You can fish, craft, farm, and interact with just about everything around you, just as you would expect from a franchise.

Of course, it may not have the gorgeous graphics or adrenaline-pumping actions of some other games on this list, but it's a Nintendo classic. It's warm, fuzzy, and relaxing, and I can't wait to get back to work for everyone's favorite civet cat, Tom Nook.

Pre-order Animal Crossing New Horizons

From our next list of the best Nintendo Switch games, what are you looking forward to the most? Please let us know in the comments below!

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