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Gigabyte aorus cv27q reveal

The maximum capacity of the system memory is 64 GB. Obviously, GPU support is lower on motherboards of this size because it supports Quad SLI / CrossFireX. The

X399M Taichi has a similar level of performance to the Fatal1ty board, thanks to a slight power advantage. Overall, its performance is just as good as its big brother, and while it sacrifices connectivity, it offers another option for builders.

For those who want to enter the HEDT field at a lower cost, this TR4 motherboard may be the answer. It gives you excellent performance in a compact package that won't let you down.

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overclocking support






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superior performance

very beautiful

support 4-way SLI / crossfire

Very efficient


is not the first choice of overclockers

is not the most valuable

Gigabyte Designare EX entered the list as an excellent choice for home users and professional workstations. The motherboard has a fast speed, a reasonable design, and reliable components. A lot of people won't consider it the overclocking limit, but it is a multifunction board with some useful features. The

board has all USB interfaces (8 USB 3.1), including TypeA and TypeC. We saw two NICs on this TR4 motherboard, as well as a wireless AC. The board has all the bells and whistles, such as power/reset controls and CMOS buttons. Designare EX supports ECC and non-ECC RAM, but you may want to use the fastest compatible RAM to make the most of your Threadripper processor.

This X399 motherboard can support up to eight SATA drives and can also accommodate three M.2 drives. When you weigh the flexibility and reliability of this product, Gigabyte X399 Designare EX is indeed competitive.

Expected Build


Form Factor


Overclocking Support






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If you want to buy a Threadripper CPU for yourself, you are unlikely to play games on a new PC . Although this TR4 motherboard contains "game" in its name, it is not very suitable for this purpose, and its function is closely related to the server / workstation department. Despite having a somewhat annoying BIOS, ASRock has been producing motherboards with an incredible price-performance ratio in recent years, and it also offers a lot of features. One of the best features of the

motherboard is accessing high-bandwidth networking solutions without occupying additional PCIe slots or drives. This makes the board an attractive option for any hobbyist or business that needs a high-bandwidth network connection.

This motherboard has many of the same functions as the "Tai Chi" version. Some people say that they are actually the same after the design is removed. The main difference between the two is the addition of the Aquantia 10GB network controller. As you might expect, this X399 board has some serious connectivity. There are 10 USB ports on the back, 8 of which are USB 3.0, one TypeA and one TypeC USB 10Gb/s.

Observing this board carefully, the only aspects of the game we can see are the sharp-angled, dark-colored, and dotted LED lights. The sleek I/O shield and heat sink play a big role in the beauty of the motherboard, but the motherboard is ultimately similar to Tai Chi.

As long as you ignore the "game" problem (this is a minor problem), you will soon find that this board has great potential. Although gamers do not need a 10GB driver, it is a luxury that some enthusiasts will love. The board can be overclocked and works very well in the right hand, making it a solid TR4 board as a whole.

We have the best TR4 motherboard, but which one would you choose? ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme Alpha is our winner, and it will go a long way in ensuring you have a stable and reliable build. These boards can be used in your next Threadripper version, so you can handle the most difficult computing tasks with absolute ease.

Which motherboard did you choose? We would love to hear from you, so why don't you tell us about your build in the comments below.

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