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Power surges are not uncommon, but they can be destructive because they can eventually blow up your expensive gaming equipment. This is why although it may not be the most exciting product you buy, it is important to buy a good surge protector for your PC.

This is a cheap and simple way to protect the investment you have made in your existing game settings so far, whether it is time or money. They can protect components from damage that might be caused by the same power source that keeps them running. The

surge protector achieves this by limiting the voltage that can be passed at the same time, so that the components are not overloaded, which may adversely affect their performance. To save your own time and effort, we've done some research for you and come up with the top five options that can protect your gaming PC from power surges.

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If you want a great and reliable surge protector, but still worth it, then the APC 11 Plug Surge Protector is your best option. It has everything you want and frankly for such a reasonable price it has more than you bargained for.

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For those who want more peace of mind when using electronic devices, the Belkin 12-Out Surge Protector has a warning light that will flash when the connection is protected and not grounded, so you win and finally find out that It's too late. The second product offered by

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APC is a bit more expensive, only this one has an additional plug and 2 USB ports. This model also comes with a lifetime warranty, providing up to $ 300,000 in insurance for your connected devices.

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Another surge protector to consider is the Anker 12-Plug Surge Protector with Power Strip. It has 3 USB ports, which is the bulk of all the options on this list, and the PowerIQ technology means it provides ultra-fast charging capabilities.

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The last option we offer is the Tripp Lite 12-plug power strip, one of the safest surge protectors and a longer 8-foot power cord. There are LED lights to warn you of any damage to the suppressor and a $ 150,000 worth of lifetime warranty is provided.

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This is a powerful little device for your gaming PC, so when shopping for a surge protector make sure you fully trust the reviews you are reading. After all, it will protect your expensive equipment, so you have to be able to do it right.

In addition to conducting hours of extensive research and comparing other reviews and customer comments online, we also test and test every product featured in this article so that you can fully trust our recommendations. We are always looking for products that can improve our gaming experience and we believe that you should do the same.

As our readers, we believe that choice matters, which is why we choose these products based on many different criteria. This includes the number of plugs, power cord length, auxiliary port compatibility, and clamping, which we will describe in detail in the following sections.

When shopping around for a new surge protector, we found there are several things to consider, so we thought we would give you a brief introduction to the meaning of each product and how to find the right option for you and your needs.

When shopping for a new surge protector, the first thing to consider is the number of plugs you need. Don't be short here; really think about how many you think you'll wear eventually, maybe you can adjust one or two to give yourself some breathing room.

If connecting to a WiFI extender, a well-spaced plug is very useful. This is a popular gaming accessory. This means that you can actually use all available outlets because the plugs will be able to install side by side along the length of the strip.

Most surge protectors have 6 or 8 ports, but you can also find larger and more spaced 12-port surge protectors.

A mess of wires and cables around your gaming PC setup can be distracting, and they certainly don't look clean or nice. Surge protectors have different lengths of power cord. If the power cord is too long, it can eventually add to the messy cords that already exist.

On the other hand, if it is not long enough to reach your configuration from where it needs to be inserted into the wall, then it will be of little use to you. The best thing to do before buying a surge protector is to measure how far the power cord should go, so you can order based on this length estimate, and you won't be disappointed when you show up and plug it in.

Many surge protectors on the market today have a USB connection, allowing you to charge mobile devices without having to use a wall port. This is very useful if you don't want to give up the whole plug to provide extra power for your phone.

You should check the output amplifier rating, which is generally between 1 or 2 amps (1A or 2A is more common on the label). The output amplifier rating tells you how much power you can pass through

Just a little bit higher. However, when it comes to clamping voltage, the situation is different, because this is where you should aim for lower levels.

This is essentially the voltage at which the surge protector starts to work when it is activated to absorb most of the power rising to your gaming PC, so it is best to have a higher clamping voltage. About 400 volts or less would be ideal.

In rare cases when a surge protector fails, you lose more than the cost of the surge protector, because you may eventually damage your equipment or need to replace the entire PC, which may be a problem. It may be very expensive to leave the country.

Therefore, some warranties will cover the equipment you connected when a malfunction occurs during the warranty period, giving you more peace of mind. You should refer to the terms and conditions of the warranty for a particular product, which will generally tell you how to make a claim when you need it.

This is not an absolute rule, but generally a longer warranty period will show more confidence in product performance and shelf life, because the company obviously does not want to constantly replace product defects at its own expense due to to power failures and manufacturers.

Number of Plugs

11 44 44 USB Charging Port


Surge Power Rating

2880 Joules

Power Cord Length

6 Feet Power Cord


Joule Power Rating

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Voltage Rating 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Maximum Voltage 4 4 4 4 Voltage 4 4 4 Maximum Voltage 4 4 4 4 Voltage

2 Pounds

Product Size

6.1 × 2.1 × 15.6 Inch

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120 Volts

Maximum Surge Rating

4320 Joules

Product Weight

1.9 lbs.


Lifetime Warranty and $ 300,000 Connected Device Protection Policy

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Surge Protection (Joules)

4000 J

surge protection for your connected appliances and devices Provide comprehensive protection

High-speed charging

Use world-renowned PowerIQ technology from Anker to provide optimized charging for USB devices

Excellent security

The combination of a thick rubber layer, an integrated copper wire and a flame retardant housing creates an imminent safe power supply.


Lifetime * $ 300,000 Connected Device Warranty

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Diagnostic LED

Confirm guard is active and plug is grounded

AC input cord

A high-quality power cord with a Right angle plug can reach remote socket

Transformer socket

Extra space for AC outlets

Illuminated switch

Built-in circuit breaker to prevent overloads

Mounting slot

Mounting to a wall, desk, workbench or media cabinet

High Impact Enclosure

Compact, Durable, and Fire Resistant

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Number of Plugs

11 44 44 USB Charging

Surge Power Rating

2880 Joules

Power Cord Length

6 Foot Power Cord

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Reasonable price

11 plugs, well spaced

2 USB plugs for c mobile phone arga

meets the highest safety standards, meets Rigor

, suitable for larger spaces, because it has a 6-foot-long power cord.

The power cord is located in the swivel joint to give you more flexibility in deciding how to install it


Need to force the plug fully Push the plugs in because they are a little tight at first

Our most recommended product is the APC Surge Protector with 11 plugs, allowing you to plug into a large number of the most important electronic devices with complete confidence. It also equips your phone with 2 USB charging ports.

This is a safe and reliable form of PC protection, sourced from one of the best-known and most trusted power protection brands in the industry. Power surges, lightning strikes and spikes caused by interference from other power sources will no longer damage your things!

Has passed a full IEEE test, the surge protector meets the safety requirements of all local agencies, and P11U2 guarantees the primary level of surge protection. It can handle up to 2,880 joules of energy, so it should be immune to any kind of energy problem. The 6 foot

power cord is in the best position. It is long enough for larger PC setups, where the distance between the wall socket and the computer can be greater, and not so long that it becomes tangled or tangled. messy in your house. It uses a charming black design and will not look out of place in a professional office environment.

Joule energy rating


Maximum peak voltage



125 Volts

Product weight

2 pounds

Product size

6.16 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces 4 pieces x 1 pieces 4 pieces from Amazon BlockSpace socket wider , So you can install a larger power adapter on the strip without blocking the space where other electronic devices are connected.

has an easy-to-use red/green light indicator that tells you if the connection is good or not round

in advance 3-5 Yearly service life

has an angled plug


has an 8 foot long power cord, which may be obstructive or too long for a smaller space (BlockSpace sockets are used for larger power adapters) and a right-angle AC plug. This is another good choice for anyone who wants to protect computers, electrical appliances or other electronic devices in their homes. The

power cord is 8 feet long, which is longer than our first choice, but it is slightly ventilated on the long side of things, especially if your computer is

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