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Ghost of tsushima push ps4 to its limits


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Various capacity options to choose from

Fast data transfer speed


Although higher capacity SSDs are worth the money, 1 TB and 2 TB are slightly more expensive

Among all the external SSDs we have chosen, Western Digital is the best choice for games. Whether it is a game console or a PC game, it is designed for gamers at the forefront. The

is designed in all black and measures 11.81 x 6.20 x 1.40 cm. Weighing only 115 grams, it is light and easy to transport.

Speaking of memory capacity, this SSD has the most choices. You have 8 different options: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 8TB, and 12TB.

Although they offer high-capacity SSDs, the total price is lower. Although the 1TB and 2TB prices are pretty average, their higher capacity SSDs are pricey. With a data transfer rate of 2000MB / s, this

SSD is one of the fastest SSDs we offer. It is very suitable for games. WD is a high-performance SSD with SuperSpeed USB interface, 20GB/s. The

is shock-resistant, making it an excellent SSD choice for general gaming. Since it is an NVMe SSD, its performance will be much better compared to a SATA card.

Hard Drive Type

Solid State Drive

Read/Write Speed

1050 MB/sec


256Gb to 1TB



from Amazon Excellent Read and Write Speed Three Different Capacity

Provides Three Different Capacity


No Finger Scan Protection

Samsung Portable SSD is a good choice. It is available in three different colors: red, blue and gray. It offers three different capacity sizes, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The

Samsung SSD has a read speed of 1050 megabytes per second. This should load your game easily. When looking at the write speed, this is 1,000 MB/s. Again, for portable SSDs, this is great. The

SSD is lightweight and easy to transport. Its overall dimensions are 3.30 x 2.20 x 0.30 inches. It is protected by a password, but not protected by fingerprints. The fast read and write speed allows fast transmission. In general, it is a reliable data storage device. You can use Type C and Type A cables on this SSD. Although

is light in weight, it is extremely durable and can withstand drops without damage. Its advanced thermal protection helps prevent overheating when transferring large files. This is especially useful for gaming purposes.

Considering the technology it uses, it is reasonably priced and manufactured by a reputable company.

Read / Write

535 MB / s / 445 MB / s


480 MB



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Fast read and write speed

Subject to five-year manufacturer's warranty

44 NV Limited Warranty Me 44 NV Me

2TB of memory SanDisk SSD is quite expensive

SanDisk is another reliable option for external SSDs. This SSD is highly praised for its purpose, especially a popular choice for gaming.

It has 4 different sizes of capacity, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. However, a 250GB SSD will fill up quickly and may not be the best option. The SSD is black with a little orange decoration. The

read speed is 1050 megabytes per second, which is extremely fast. Its writing speed is 1000MB/s. Its overall dimensions are 0.38 x 2.07 x 3.97 inches. It provides NVMe performance, which is great for external SSDs, and will provide fast loading speeds when used on the console.

This is a particularly durable solid state drive that can withstand a drop of two meters. It also has IP55 dust and water resistance. It provides a five-year limited manufacturer's warranty. It is made of durable silicone, which helps protect it from damage.

Your game will be password protected, SanDisk SSD uses AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Using the USB Type-C interface, looking at the price alone, it is quite satisfactory. However, the 2TB price is much more expensive.

Read / Write

1050 megabytes per second




USB 3.1 Type C

Amazon Store


1.8 times faster than many other SSD

USB 3.44 44 years without password protection

USB 3.1 444 years without protection by password

44 years without password protection

44 years

The Crucial Solid State Portable Hard Drive adopts an all-black design and provides the following capacities: 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The hardware interface used is USB 3.1.

Crucial SSD has a read speed of 1050MB / s. Its one-piece core is made from anodized aluminum, which is shock resistant and can drop to 7.5 feet, which is reassuring. The

measures just 4.33 x 0.45 x 2.09 inches, which is quite light. It is extremely fast and runs 1.8 times faster than many other portable SSDs. Crucial is known for making reliable SSDs, which come with a 3-year limited warranty. The

Crucial SSD is compatible with Micron, one of the most popular storage manufacturers in the world. However, this SSD is not password protected.




540 megabytes per second



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three different capacity options, from

Barracuda Fast SSD helps avoid delays

reads per second Speed is 540 megabytes and


2TB Solid State Drives The choice is roughly twice the cost of 1TB

. The Seagate SSD has 1TB of memory. Uses USB 3.0 interface

In addition to this, it is covered by a triple rescue service. At the time of purchase, this will give you peace of mind. The PlayStation

sign is currently worth keeping the options above if you have canceled the option to use the external SSD with PS5. These are all the wonderful SSDs that have been shown to work well with other game consoles.

At that time, it must be done with the limited capacity of internal storage PS5, but it is successful, but the updating of external capacity will soon be functional.

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