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Today we'll guide you to buy the best RX 580. AMD RX 580 is our top pick for 2019, thanks to its excellent 1080p performance and robust 1440p / VR gaming performance.

But buying a GPU is more than just grabbing the first thing you see called the RX 580. The nature of the graphics card means that there are multiple RX 580s, with different cooling settings, different sizes, and ultimately different levels of performance. Although the performance between the RX 580 should not change much, they will all appear under different factory overclocks, which will have an impact of up to 8% on performance.

Competitor introduction.

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In terms of purity and raw performance, XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition stands out with its high factory overclocking. The

XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition has an excellent body and heat dissipation design, and should be able to be transformed into a GPU that will not overheat under heavy load, although the overall AMD GPU will be hotter than its Nvidia counterparts.

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Next is our preferred cooling option, ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580. This is also ranked second in terms of pure performance. The ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580

has a massive cooler, which gives this card excellent factory overclocking (and more room if you want to overclock in your own time), and the benefits don't stop there. We will discuss this card in more detail later in this article.

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Although this card still requires two slots, and its length is not much different from other 580s, its actual thickness and space are worlds apart. The

MSI Gaming RADEON RX 580 uses an efficient armor cooler from MSI and has an overclocking function. It's perfect for a build where you're trying to save as much space as possible but still want a great price / performance ratio.

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If you don't need 8GB of video memory, but still want the excellent 1080p performance of the RX 580, then the XFX GTS XXX version of the RX 580 is a good choice. The

has the highest overclocking of all 4GB cards and a pretty good cooler. If all you plan to do is play games at 1080p, this card should be more suitable for your purpose... In addition, you will save a few dollars!


from Amazon Last but not least, there is a budget option: PowerColor RED Dragon RX 580. As you can imagine, this option is cheaper than the other options in this list.

Although you don't have a solid brand of ASUS or MSI cards or excellent heat dissipation, it is still a good brand. This is the cheapest RX 580 on the market, with 8GB of VRAM and all the original performance you are looking for. go through.

Any one of these 5 is worth buying. However, we will ensure that you choose the one that suits you.

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If you play games at 1080p, be thankful: at maximum settings, almost every game you play will easily go up to 60 FPS or higher, including Fortnite, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 1, etc. When playing back at 1080p, even in the latest version, you shouldn't compromise the settings in any significant way.

With 1440p, you need to make more compromises. However, if you are smart, this will give you a better viewing experience than 1080p Ultra. Keeping the same hightomax settings in modern games, you will often find that your average frame rate is around 4050 FPS.

By making smart adjustments to certain settings (rejecting items such as AA, motion blur, and depth of field is a good starting point), you will enjoy the benefits of high resolution and visual fidelity without losing smooth performance.

With VR, you have far exceeded the minimum specifications that people expect. You should enjoy 90+ FPS in all games except the most intensive VR games. However, even if you encounter these issues, you can use SteamVR's resolution scaling feature to slightly reduce the resolution and maintain an acceptable level of performance.

must make an important distinction between 4GB RX 580 and 8GB RX 580. When most people say "RX 580", they are thinking and referring to the latter, but that doesn't mean the 4GB version is worthless!

In addition to the fact that 4GB 580 is generally cheaper than 8GB, they actually provide good value for a specific use case: 1080p gaming.

If you don't have a 1440p monitor or VR viewer, and don't think you're going to invest any time soon, the 4GB RX 580 has about the same 1080p performance, but at a lower price. However, this is usually only around $ 2040, and if you want additional future proofing, it may still be worth investing in more expensive GPUs.

Now, just from the benchmarks and performance data, we already know that the RX 580 offers excellent value for 1080p and 1440p games. In terms of cost performance, it has yet to be outmatched in the GPU market, and it may be at least another year after Nvidia and AMD launch new GPUs. If you plan to buy a new GPU in 2019 and you are not playing games below 4K, then the RX 580 is one of the best options you can buy.

But what RX 580 do you buy? Unlike Nvidia, AMD does not offer "Founders Editions" of the RX 580s and, except for EVGA, almost all GPU manufacturers are struggling to release their RX 580 version. With this in mind, we limit ourselves to the following criteria:

For these categories, we choose the most significant criteria to distinguish GPUs, and

For the Radeon GPU, its 580 GTS Black Edition effectively explains why. The XFX 580 has a sleek black cooler design and dual fans, which won't look out of place on any high-end gaming PC. The addition of the dual BIOS function also makes it suitable not only for gaming, but also for ...

... Yes, we are talking about cryptocurrency mining. Just tap the switch to switch BIO, and then you can almost switch the cards between gaming mode and mining mode. If you want a high-end gaming experience but don't always play games, GPU mining is a good way to use your graphics card outside of game time.

Having said that, cryptocurrency mining is not as profitable as it used to be. In this case, treat it as an added benefit, not as a point of sale.

Clock speed

1380 MHz



Memory bus width

256 bit

Amazon Store


Better cooling for RX 580s

Better performance than other 8s 4RGB 44 4RGB 44 4RGB Other lighting 4 4 4 4 4 4 RGB Other 8 options

Larger graphics card will be difficult to fit in a smaller

case ROG Strix is the most versatile of these GPUs, and the price is quite high.

First, let's exclude this part: the cooler. ROG STRIX almost provides the best heat dissipation effect in the industry. ASUS 'excellent and efficient cooling design can certainly explain some of this ... but most of it may be the sheer size of the radiator, with three fans and a massive radiator. With such a large refrigerator, the card cannot cool down well.

In addition to the better heat dissipation of the RX 580s, ASUS ROG STRIX actually offers many other outstanding features. For example, its factory overclocking is actually the second highest on this list, which means its performance should be close to our previous picks. In fact, once you add user overclocking to the equation, you can improve performance in this setting, thanks to a larger cooler to prevent overheating. Most importantly, the

has RGB lighting and quieter operation due to its lower temperature...until you start overclocking or push the GPU to the limit.

The main disadvantage of this card is that its price is higher than the usual 580, and its size. You need a reduced box to hold this, so make sure your box has what it needs before you venture out.

Clock speed

1360 MHz




10.6 inches



RX 580s from Amazon The smallest size

Great value for money


Decoration, then MSI ARMOR RX 580 is a very reliable choice. Although it has the second-lowest clock speed among all entries in this list, this should not translate into a huge difference in overall performance.

Think of it as a small entry-level RX 580. What we said earlier about the RX 580 still applies to this card. However, the small size comes at a price: a smaller fridge. With a smaller cooler, you'll get a slightly higher temperature and won't have as much room for overclocking as some other entries on this list.

If you're willing to look further, you still have a great graphics card.

Clock speed

1386 MHz




10.59 inches



Better 4GB RX 580

If you find it is cheaper than 44 44 clock 4GB 4GB performance is cheaper than 44S, so excellent value 1440p Compared to VR 8GB 580s

. Unless discounted, money saved may not be worth

. This is the most damaged card on this list. If the other options we listed are obviously more expensive or you are absolutely sure in the next two or three, don't play games with a resolution higher than 1080p during the year. This is a niche choice, but it is still a niche to fill.

If you choose this card, you will find more difficulties with higher resolution or playing virtual reality games. However, at 1080p, its performance should remain the same.

Clock speed

1350 MHz




10.4 inch



is usually the cheapest RX 580 clock,

44 44 44 44 44 without 4GB model, but without 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 The last 4 4 4 4 seconds 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 seconds cooldown should be at least our budget option. To be honest: with the exception of the 4GB option, this card's performance should be better than all the other cards on this list (though only negligible). However, if all you want is the cheapest possible RX 580 8GB, the PowerColor RED Dragon should be able to provide it, and the price will be as low as $ 200 in a few days.

The biggest disadvantage of this card is the heat dissipation, which ... is not very good. This card will run hotter than the other options we listed, but if your case has good airflow and you haven't overclocked any more than factory overclocked, this shouldn't be a big deal.

In the end, although these are the best RX 580 cards, you decide which of these cards is the best.

Personally, we'd pick the ROG Strix ... as long as it's on sale. However, as long as you buy a matching card

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