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Gaming in the time of covid

Razer is an incredible gaming company in every way. They produce some of the best gaming laptops in the world, absolutely dominate the mouse market, and even get involved in high-end audio products, but the keyboard is indeed one of their specialties.

developed proprietary switches and improved membrane design, and Razer now makes some of the best keyboards ever made. Linking to one of their designs is a reliable way to instantly increase your win/loss ratio. The problem with

is that Razer did not become the leader in the surrounding industries overnight, but it took several years to release a large number of keyboards during their rise—too many, I don’t know where to start. This is our entry point. We have reviewed the five best Razer motherboards in the industry!

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is equipped with a luxurious leatherette cushion that runs across the entire front panel to eliminate the wrist pain and fatigue typical of angular plastic designs. You can play harder and play longer. The

Analog Light Switch lets you customize your settings in an unprecedented way, and the anti-ghosting 10-key turn knob is what you need to clearly control your character. From convenience to functionality, you couldn't ask for more.

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Razer Black Widow V3 is another delight for gamers. With Razer’s proprietary green switch, it provides a safe click and tactile sensation every time it is activated, and you will always know your exact location when building a complex remote key. With three connection methods, Black Widow has the versatility that is perfectly suitable for any setting, and features such as Nkey flip, ergonomic wrist rest, and ultra-low latency response will take your game to a new level.


from Amazon. If the Fullsize Huntsmen is within your sight but it is too big for your desk, then you will be happy to hear that Mini is a 60% redesign of the Huntsmen formula, most killer Class functions are intact. The

has independent surround RGB lighting and an ultra-fast light switch with 1.5 mm travel and positive click activation. This is suitable for all real finger guides, which can be operated intuitively and logically.

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Our penultimate Razer keyboard is somewhere between the full-size form factors of the previous Mini and Huntsmen. The

TKL format releases a small but valuable desktop, but it's not just a space-friendly upgrade. Use 1mm linear optical switch, which is the fastest board on the market, even faster than the so-called speed switch board.

Therefore, responsive keyboards can easily lead to mistakes, which can cause you to lose victory. With this in mind, the Hunter Championship is more suitable for competitive competitions.

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Razer Ornata is our first and only membrane keyboard product, but it is not without mechanical charm. The hybrid switch provides tactile feedback similar to a classic mechanical key, but due to the soft impact and reset of its film counterpart, it is a creature in itself.

If you are interested in switching to a mechanical keyboard, but have reservations about the cost, or if you can adapt quickly enough to the environment, Ornata will cut the middle ground between styles and provide a perfect bridge for the use of a fully mechanical keyboard. .

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At WePC, like almost all gamers on the planet, we have been fans of Razer computers, peripherals and accessories for many years. If we were to conduct a census around WePC headquarters, there would not be a staff member without at least some razor equipment on personal gaming equipment.

Every time Razer releases a new keyboard, when we fall in love with one and try it, this place causes an uproar. We've used so many Razer keyboards now that it's hard to even quantify, and among the stacks we found, our favorites are listed here. These are people we meet not only as professionals, but also people we really like. We can't help but yell at Razer, "Take our money," and then take them home to give us our own game setup.

Before we dive into some of the best keyboards we've used, let's briefly review a few key features to consider before deciding on a gaming keyboard.

Appearance The

keyboard comes in various shapes and sizes, but the main appearance is as follows: The

full-size keyboard is the keyboard you grew up with, the original style. They're intuitive to use, with about 104 buttons, but they take up a lot of valuable desktop space.

Because the numeric keyboard is omitted, the TKL board is smaller. Its space-friendly size is very popular in the gaming community because it makes more room for the mouse.

is smaller, we have a 75% dash. It has the same function as TKL, but all the keys are close together.

60% Dash is a minimalist dream. Cut everything east of the Enter key, it is the smallest motherboard. Switch

is located below the mechanical keyboard key. They are color coded and each has a different feel and performance. Among the many subtle functional changes between colors produced by different brands and even between the same colors, there are mainly three types of switches. Linear Switch

moves down smoothly without any acoustic or tactile activation confirmation. They are very suitable for fast paced games.

The touch switch is tapped in the middle of the stroke to confirm activation. Its function is similar to the two-stage trigger on a pistol.

Clicky switches are just like their sound. They are not knocks, but they audibly announce activation by clicking. The

keyboard will also be equipped with different functions that can really help you.

It's annoying in the game because you often need complex multi-key commands.

To avoid this, you need an anti-ghosting keyboard, which essentially means you have a large key rollover. Even better, the NKRO (nkey rollover) keyboard has no key restrictions, because each key command is received separately.

RGB stands for red, green and blue. They are an LED lighting format that can combine these three primary colors to form millions of different hues. They are a bit like Marmite in the PC gaming world. Many people don't like them because they are purely aesthetic, but others like them because they bring a bit of vitality to the build and can make the game feel special and immersive.

RGB is usually integrated into the keyboard as a backlight. Not only can they be customized, but they can sometimes be synchronized with other RGB peripherals to achieve a unified sequence.

Multimedia keys provide one-button control of commands or operations, otherwise it will be more complicated, and you need to use shortcut keys or mouse to jump through the menu. A set of multimedia keys can include multimedia playback control options, such as volume up, down, mute, play, repeat, skip, or stop. They can also contain commands that let you control the display options, a basic example is the brightness key. A more complicated example is the horizontal and vertical arrow keys.


Classic Black


Analog Light Switch


Huntsman V2

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Classic Black

Connection Technology


Product Dimensions 4446 x 14 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 inches 4 4 6 inches 4 47 inch buy on Amazon


TKL (60%)


Razer Red Optical



buy Amazon


TKL mechanical keyboard


Razer OptoMechanical Switch

4M full-function backlight switch

4M backlight



wrist rest

detachable wrist rest

other features

macro keys, multimedia keys, independently illuminated keys

buy Amazon


classic black


analog fiber switch


Huntsman V2

buy Amazon


optical sensor switch allows n latest customization. It's basically a bunch of different keyboards on

. Amazing single-key RGB lighting, all of which can be programmed through Chroma.

USB 3.0 pass-through allows you to connect peripherals directly through the

keyboard. Dedicated multimedia keys are provided for your fingers More power


Some people will find it too high

Expensive (but not really what you get)

What if you don't have to settle for one type of switch or one drive? This is what Huntsmen V2 provides. The analog optical switch allows three functions. First, you can adjust the drive between 1.5 and 3.6 mm of travel. Allows for more obvious actions for a certain game and faster travel for another game with a higher octane rating. Second, the analog input allows you to adjust the WASD keys to be pressure sensitive, allowing for finer control, especially in racing games. Lastly, you can program the two-step unit to simplify its performance and save valuable time.

It's a 10KRO board with a full set of dedicated multimedia keys and multi-function digital dials, not to mention USB 3.0 pass-through, allowing peripherals to connect directly to your PC from your desktop. The high-quality two-color PBT buttons are individually backlit, RGB can be synced via Chroma, and the magnetic plush artificial leather wrist rest can keep you comfortable during long hours of hard work. The

button can be a bit noisy for some people, but this is our only complaint. It is very comfortable, and it takes an article to list all its functions ... You have an identity crisis in the best way.


classic black

connection technology


product size

17.76 x 9.79 x 1.67 inch

product weight

3.14 pounds

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RGB switch and

4 RGB switch, giving you the confidence that Shine

NKRO features provide the highest definition of

RGB characters can be adjusted via Chroma

Wireless and the other two connection types.


Similarly, it may be too high for some

. The Widow is not cheap.

Black Widow V3 has astonishing hunter-like appeal. It has the same flex-free aluminum casing, magnetic wrist pad, full-size plate, dedicated multimedia keys, and multi-function dial for immediate, wide-range control. What

really gives the Widow some personality is Razer's proprietary 50g green switch, located underneath the thick-walled, double-shot ABS key. They provide highly satisfying collisions and clicks every time you boot up, helping you keep track of a wide range of key combinations in the blade scene, where lost output means devastating loss. More importantly, it is a complete NKRO plate, so you can really bring out your inner Mozart. The

switch box is also very eye-catching. They are made of completely translucent materials, making independent RGB backlights really popular, bringing new life to custom lenses, bringing a truly bright and immersive experience.

You can connect to Widow in three different ways, and even charge it via USB during the game. It is not as customizable as Huntsmen and the sound is the same, but for such a good keyboard, these are small compromises.


TKL (60%)


Razer Red Optical



buy Amazon


60% form factor saves a lot of desktop space

optical switch provides 15 mm with zero delay, allowing you to dance 444 on the entire path Record speed

RGB looks great, all of which can be customized through Chroma

Smaller motherboard means lower price tag


is still a bit noisy, especially for studio environments Office

No multimedia keys

The Razer Huntsmen Mini is from the full-size original version, which refines everything to its core features and removes excess weight that some might think. and

But it is nothing more serious

only 6Key Rollover

is too fast

Our third and last Hunts Men is a visible edition of the tournament, TKL board for the tips of the burning fingers. This double-weight PBT keys structure is weak, but it is a switch that we really want to talk about here. It's just a 6kro board, but it complies with a negative movement of 1 mm and a positive operation. You must be careful, if your board's skills are not correct for you, if your board's skills are still there, it is probably not the right anguish, if it is not if the skills of the board of directors have been successful at all. ,

tournaments are incredibly expert functionality, Razer led all approaches from all practical designs every time. Removable CTYPE cables are flexible in terms of routing and general mobility, and are fixed in the installation to avoid cutting. Of course, RGB is at the point: this is the Razer we are talking about, and the legend of the Super Slim incubation gives this professional sophisticated meeting.

C Huntsman Tournament Edition is a perfect secret weapon for fast rhythm games and strategy games that require fast key combinations.



List RGB Lighthing

RGB LightHing


Removable Ready Reposition

Other Features

Macro Kee, Media Key

Store Amazon

Store Prost

Blanc Mechanical Key. MIDHEIGHT key Provides the full-size form factor

is a dedicated key of

-only magnetic list

Magnetic List

Magnetic List

ABS CAP Actually not practically durable

Our last laser provided is technically a keyboard of Membrane, but ■ I do not like it with other membrane tables. used. With a hybrid switch, Razer summarizes the Frankenstein Mashup of the keys and mechanical membranes. They are similar to positive and tactile clicks. I feel a typical sensation of a mechanical board, but basically talks about membrane design.

Ornata is a full size table. Wrapped with aluminum, it is built as a tank. We prefer PPP PAP, but as ABS go, these middle-aged caps are as good as it is put. RGB lighting is not fascinating, and the rest of the magnetism can take a step of how long.

Complete programmable macro, 14kro functionality and its mechanical test switch, Onaata is a perfect segway for those used on the membrane keyboard. It is always expensive and you can get used to the feeling of it before deciding if you want to jump completely on the mechanical keyboard.

Your keyboard is one of the most important parts of your playing platform, so it is important not to be done only by the option of designing an underparation.

Versatility is important, Huntsmen V2 redefines personalization concepts and fully controls the touch and function. Since it is said that it is said that complexity and confusion are excessively v2, the unduly v3 black offers similar performance, but there is a clear character in general.

Huntsmen Mini is a knob lining like a friendly alternative for space. The size of 60% releases the loading of the room for mouse mobility, or only decoration, and those optical switches ensure that they make sure that latency is. For the main level players, experts and cloak fighters are not looking for a one-time operation, even with the most skilled opponent, you will help you.

If you are not ready to take mechanical immersion, you should consider that ornate seriously and test the water. It can be affordable, but it is a little serious designed for professional grade games.

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