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If you like the world of motorsports, then in these classic racing games, there is nothing better than letting you try. Regardless of whether you use a controller or a full simulation racing setup, each of these games offers a different experience, including real physics simulations and licensed fleets.

We have covered all kinds of racing games on this list, from rally champions to open races, no matter what discipline you like, we can meet your needs.

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Release Date: Oct 3, 2017

Developer: Turn 10 Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Our first entry today will always be the Forza or Gran Turismo champion, and Forza Motorsport 7 wins due to its variety of games offered and its availability on PC and Xbox. Turn 10 Studios has put a lot of work into this year's multiplayer gameplay since its launch to improve the car's competitiveness as much as possible. It also provides

dynamic weather effects, which occur in the game at the worst time. A sudden downpour can completely change the game and throw whatever settings you've practiced out of the window.

This edition offers more than 700 cars and collecting them all is a difficult task. Not only super sports cars are available here, but also racing cars, electric cars and daily hatchbacks. You are very likely to watch your daily driver races at the Nurburgring North Ring.

Release Date: June 28, 2019

Developer: Codemasters Birmingham

Publisher: Codemasters

In what many people consider to be the pinnacle of motorsport, F1 2019 allows you to participate in impressive and highly detailed simulations. Including all the teams, drivers and tracks of the current Formula One season, you can race the way you like.

F1 2019 has also been added to this year's F2 career mode, allowing players to move down one level and advance at the beginning of the rookie season. In the career mode, competition can be created, cars can be upgraded, and drivers can even be changed in this year's installment.

also has a great multiplayer game mode that allows you to easily find matches online and rank accordingly. This has become so popular that there is even a World Esports Championship taking center stage on the official Formula One YouTube channel.

Release Date: August 26, 2008

Developer: Motorsport Simulations

Publisher: Motorsport Simulations

If you are looking for some of the most competitive racing cars, iRacing is a good choice, as long as you It performs well under the monthly subscription model. iRacing organizes a series of online racing leagues in a number of different events.

The recommendations section on their website explains the quality of the games provided. With feedback from NASCAR drivers, 24 Hours of Le Mans champions, IndyCar champions and Formula One drivers, you know you are of great quality. The

competition scenario is based on a licensing system in which players not only improve their scores by winning matches, but also through clean matches. If you win but often go off track or hit opponents, you won't make any real progress. This is a realistic racing simulation game that can improve and reward driver skills.

Release Date: February 26, 2019

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters

If you want your movements to be a bit loose and tortuous, maybe rallying is for you. The recently released "Dirt Rally 2" simulates an amazing challenge well, not only to keep the car on the loose surface of the rally track, but also to do it at ridiculous speed! There are a total of 50 cars in

and 8 tracks from the FIA World Rally Off-Road Championship. There is no shortage of variety when you experience a long and difficult race. The new weather modeling system has brought the stage to life in more than 6 countries, and more DLCs are planned.

Release Date: September 22, 2017

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

In order to make your simulation more diversified, Project CARS 2 can do it all. Including rally races, prototype endurance races, DTM and ice racing series, if we have time, we will need a whole day to complete the different types of activities you can organize.

In this sequel, the physical performance of the car and the road you run on is done very well. Force feedback plays an important role in reproducing the forces found on the track. Loose surfaces, oversteer, and understeer are well simulated, making this game a must-have for racing. The

car handles the same way you would expect in the real world. If you use too much force, you can easily escape or lose control. If you are moving from hot-cam racing to faster racing, then spend a lot of time in practice sessions while adjusting the settings and adjusting to the new car.

Hope that one or two games on this list are of interest to you. These games can be played at will, you can also play with friends, and you can even compete if you want. Especially iRacing, the competition in the field of e-sports is very fierce, and the competition is often criticized.

If you still can’t decide what to play, don’t worry! You can find hundreds of other racing games. We haven't even touched on series like Gran Turismo or Assetto Corsa.

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