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Gaming chair vs office chair

Nice purple gaming chair? The tricky thing here is that one person's purple is another's lilac. "That's not a purple gaming chair!" You yelled, "It's obviously Plum!" Yeah yeah yeah, that could be purple or lavender. Look, because of this, they're all purple, right?

If you're lavender, it's on this page. For artistic reasons, we grouped all shades of purple into a single banner. The Pantone Police can file any complaints they want.

Another noteworthy thing is that we realized that not everyone wants to put a huge purple chair in the corner of the room, so we include the ones with a fancier purple color, indoors I mean decoration dwelling.

If the chair contains enough purple, it may appear here (to clarify, we are not saying if it has purple trim or a purple security tag, the actual subject must be purple.

Man, this is more complicated than I expected when I started. I hope the best white gaming chair is simpler.

4 Secretlab

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

By now you should know that we like the Secretlab chair from WePC. Our entire office is decorated with them and we use them every day. They are all great. We even have some themed chairs, like this clown, spread out all over the place. The thing about the

Secretlab chair is that once you build a chair, it immediately makes people feel like they've owned it a lifetime. They are strong, durable and comfortable. Why do you want to get rid of it? With such a high degree of customization and mobility, you can position it however you want, anytime, anywhere. If you want to lie down all the time, go away. You need to straighten your back to relieve spine pain, just press it in place. it's great.


If you are looking for a more traditional racing style gaming chair, this Vertagear seat is the perfect choice. Elegant chairs decorated in purple and white look beautiful on the creek!

No one likes to build furniture (really?), so the "sliding" one-person assembly design is a plus here. You can sit down and play comfortably in a few minutes.

Aesthetics means that it will certainly not suit everyone, but if you like the look of the GT Racer-type seat and the fact that it has a perfectly matched head and waist pillow, then you really don’t like it. One can easily find an example of a more attractive racing variety.


from Amazon is about one-third of the price of a big brand chair. There is a saying that you can buy a seat without spending a lot of money. Well, yes and no. continue reading.

Let us first emphasize that what you spend money to buy here is a cheap option. If you can accept it, continue to use it and don’t expect the comfort and adjustability of a big brand, then you can spend the extra $200 saved on the PC’s new GPU. In the long run, it all depends on what you want.

Buying an Amazon

gaming chair is usually not cheap at first, but occasionally you will come across some gaming chairs that seem to be extremely expensive. This PigGirl model is one of these entities. This chair by

PigGirl is more like an office chair than a racing chair in design, although the actual pattern is suitable for runners. It is not purple, more like lavender, but its advantage is that it is a larger chair, suitable for people of all shapes.


from Amazon It is important to realize that you are buying a piece of furniture that you hope will last for many years, and more importantly, it will provide you with a certain degree of comfort when you sit in front of the PC. You may not have had it before. Therefore, before clicking "Buy", please consider the following.

Price The cost of

gaming chairs may vary greatly. All well-known companies charge higher fees for their products, but this is for a reason. Generally speaking, the quality of the materials used is much higher, which is why cheap manufacturers can drastically reduce prices. This cut will also reduce comfort. Excluding additional support pads, the foam used in the seat and backrest is of low quality and may deform faster than you want. The seat itself may not tilt, or even feel less solid.

What we are saying is that we certainly don't always recommend you to buy higher-priced products, but for gaming chairs, you usually get value for money. It all depends on the level of happiness you promised.


In the past few years, the large-scale gamification of gaming chairs has indeed changed. We are no longer just different bright green chairs with orange lightning printed on them, but now you can get high-quality gaming chairs that will not look out of place in any corner of your home. You have to decide whether you want a "boss" office chair that looks more like a large, padded office chair or stick to the racing style that has been so popular over the past few years. It is also worth considering that you can redecorate the chair before the end of its useful life, so that the bright yellow racing chair will no longer be suitable in the future.


PRIME ™ 2.0 PU Leather


Level 4 Safety




Saddle Type


Maximum Load

220 lbs 4


A series of more stable and officially authorized brand chairs, just as they offer you. The Joker chair comes with as many customizable options as other chairs. You can choose your interior from the company's Prime 2.0 leather and fabrics to premium Napa leather.

We also pay special attention to the purple color of the seat here, the clown seat is totally suitable for the purple of the clown. There are also purple designer flashes on the seat back, as well as purple and green clown logos on both sides of the seat back; This may not suit everyone's taste or decor, but if you're a Batman fan, it might as well be right up your alley.

Secretlab has a great 2020 and they are trying to keep up with demand so you might see pre-order time as they work hard to restore orders, but the reason they are getting so many orders is that they are highly desirable. Don't delay for the waiting time. This is a chair that you will own for many years.

Saddle type


Maximum load

220 lbs


20.9 x 20.5 x 55.1 inches

Seat height

Up to 495 mm "Players".

There is never a true choice. The gaming chairs are all in this racing style. Then we had Xrocker-type seats, and then companies like Secretlab appeared and designed things in a slightly different way. However, racing-style chairs are still very popular, especially streamers and the like. We have to admit that this purple and white product from Vertagear really shines. Yes, the design is intermittent during the game, but if you like it, the colors will blend seamlessly.

We particularly like the design of the lumbar support and headrest, which perfectly blends with the overall design of the chair. Looks great.

is also very easy to build, and actually just slides together, so no need to summon a second hand to complete the complicated parts. Your maximum weight is recommended to be 150 pounds, so if you're heavy, a race-style chair may not be right for you. Otherwise, if you're looking for a touch of purple that exudes class and a touch of speed in your setup, look no further.



Maximum Load

275 lbs


30.5 x 28.25 x 48.25 inches

Amazon Store


Very Affordable

44 4 4 4 4 Seat cushion itself 4 4 4 4 4 Seat 4 Seat 4 Seat 4 Seat 4 Seat 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 Somewhat difficult, you might be wondering what we were playing when we recommended a purple gaming chair with a Overall rating of less than 4 stars. We know that not everyone has $ 400 to spend on a new chair. If that person is you, then you can consider this budget option. Is it as good as a Secretlab or Vertagear chair? Definitely not. It is a purple gaming chair, can you do your job with less money and reach a satisfactory level? Absolutely.

Needless to say, the build quality is not very good. I have to say, it's not so comfortable. But if you are someone who has been locked in a $40 kitchen chair or an IKEA office chair throughout the year, then this is still a considerable improvement.

is very simple to put together. I used it for about 20 minutes. As long as you don't think you will use it in five years or so, you will not make a mistake. Double the mat will be the last because the material is different from the standard. The professional chairs and hydraulic system on this page look a bit small, and sometimes you may be closer to the floor than you started, but keep in mind the reduced cost and what you get, which is of course a consideration.


PU Leather

Maximum load

300 kg


between 90 and 155 degrees

Buy from Amazon


Suitable for most sizes

Excellent tilt option

Disadvantage price One thing we mentioned in section

These Cheap chair manufacturers in the field have reduced the cost of materials used in chair cushions. This is the opposite. This premium chair from Pig Girl uses high-quality high-density foam to cover PU leather to provide a firm seat for your hips. Together with the Secretlab chair, this product can be tilted almost horizontally, which is perfect for a quick nap if you have space. Apart from the price, its biggest problem is that the design and colors are too niche for many people, but if you want a purple gaming chair that does not look like the color of a throne, and you are looking for something a little more on the market . Subtle, this may fit the bill. Just ready to pay!

I'm sure that we chose the Secretlab chair as the best chair we showed here, which is not surprising. Vertagear and PigGirl are good seats, but for different reasons, they did not get our approval. Secretlab is more comfortable than PigGirl's both at an incredible price, and the price is only half of that. If you want a racing-style chair, you might prefer Vertagear. Similarly, if you just don’t have

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