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Gainward leaks full specs for four nvidia ampere geforce rtx 30 series gpus

When looking for the best PC case for your next release, everyone needs to keep a few key aspects in mind. Ensuring proper airflow for your components is one of the most important factors, and many of the best PC case manufacturers can easily solve this problem. The thorny issues that need to be solved, such as aesthetic design and acoustic performance, are not so easy to tackle without increasing costs. However, the best PC case tends to strike a balance between these three.

Build quality and performance are just two factors that influence your decision. You need to consider the form factor, if you are interested in viewing the system through a tempered glass panel, and the budget constraints you have, because all of this will affect your decision.

In our search for the best PC case, we made sure to include high-quality models from reputable manufacturers. Plus, whether you want to use a full tower, MiniITX, or a cabinet made entirely of tempered glass, our recommendations have a spacious interior and promote excellent airflow. If you are interested in understanding the difference between them and other cases, read on. You can also view our collected PC case reviews here.

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Lian Li O11 Xl lives up to its smaller predecessor in terms of functionality and appearance. Tempered glass side windows require no tools, and their smart design outperforms competitors. This may be closer to the level of consumer enthusiasts, it is worth having a water cooling system. The perfect combination of

brushed aluminum and smoked tempered glass gives this case the look and feel of other cases that are not available on the market. It supports liquid cooling, has enough space inside to install your liquid kit, and has many cable management options.

Make sure you pick a set of fans to match your build, but other than that you're happy, arguably one of the best PC cases currently available

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NZXT H510 is another great addition to the guys at NZXT. This mid-tower case defies the popular Meshify C by Fractal Design and has the classic, sleek NZXT look that we all love. Like its predecessor, the H500, it is again packed with features, including fans, PSU protectors, water cooling support, and an impressive cable management system.

You really can't beat the aesthetics of this mid-tower computer case. Too amazing As many people know, NZXT is easy to build for beginners and veterans.

Although the fan runs at full speed, the chassis remains relatively quiet. Except for the small NZXT logo on the front panel, the simple-looking H510 doesn't have the brand's logo, but it still oozes quality.

We recommend this case on many of our best PC versions due to its excellent airflow and style.

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Enthoo 719 is one of the best full tower chassis on the market, with rich features and an affordable price. In addition to value, this Phanteks beast is visually stunning, provides excellent water cooling support, and can accommodate dual system setups.

Phanteks Enthoo 719, originally called Enthoo Luxe 2, is one of the best PC cases currently, and almost missed the top position with the Lian Li case. This PC case gives enthusiasts a good value for money; quality is one of the highest.

This may seem simple in photos, but in real life, it is truly beautiful. The thick tempered glass panel adopts a hinge design, and the internal space is spacious, which can accommodate dual system settings. In this case, you need to buy the fan separately, but with the sleek design, lots of water-cooling support, and reasonable design, you can't go wrong.

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This NZXT PC Case is MiniITX, which means it has a smaller form factor than the other cases on this list. It has a tempered glass window that you can see inside the system, its size has excellent water cooling potential, and a nifty cable management system. The

NZXT H210 is a well-designed case that is incredible in terms of aesthetics and functionality. You need your older brother H510. Despite its small size, it has a smart SSD bracket, PSU cover, water-cooled bracket and tempered glass side panels. The

case has a large radiator and fan installation capacity, which is impressive for a case of this size. You can easily configure custom circuits or air cooling solutions according to your preferences. It comes with two 120mm fans pre-installed to provide you with plenty of airflow out of the box.

If you are interested in building a low profile computer, or if you don’t like a large and bulky case, you should consider the NZXT H210. It has all the functions you need in a compact enclosure designed by miniITX.

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Fractal Design is known for its incredible build quality and love of providing useful features to our builders. The Define 7 PC case follows this trend and is an update to the excellent R6. This is one of the best acoustic effects at present, and most panels use heavy-duty sound insulation materials.

One of the simplest design cases we have launched, but its function is different from other cases on the market. Its massive size supports liquid cooling and has a host of cable management options. This case series is very popular with consumers who like quiet operation, and Define 7 definitely does. The performance in this case is similar to the old Fractal Design Define R6, although its cooling performance can be problematic, the acoustics are not.

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Thermaltake View 71 is worthy of the name, tempered glass on all sides. This

The interior of this caliber may require a water cooling system, but no matter what you build, it will look great. In addition to the

's great looks, Thermaltake's chassis is out of the box, giving it good heat dissipation performance. Also, the build quality is very high and the shell is one of the easiest complete towers to build.

If you're looking for something sturdy to handle multiple radiator and fan setups, pick this four-sided tempered glass beast.

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Phanteks Eclipse P400 brings many things at an affordable price. The build quality is high, which is nothing new to Phanteks, but it is always nice to see. This mid-tower PC case achieves a good balance between beautiful design and cooling, while also adding water cooling.

In terms of price, Phanteks P400 is hard to match. This PC case has an exquisite appearance, with a tempered glass panel, a steel body, legs and a well-thought-out interior. All materials feel high quality, and this cheap housing is very easy to construct, even for beginners. A great budget PC case.

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All of the computer cases on this list are for a reason - we didn't pick them out of thin air. First, we ran a search to find out which PC cases gamers like, while trying to balance the most reviewed cases with the least expensive ones.

reviews from different manufacturers and reviews from other companies in the PC gaming industry were taken into account.

Next, we'll learn as much of our recommendations as possible so that we can take a closer look at build quality, test its build difficulty, and understand how they effectively cool components.

From graphics cards to PC cases, we like to use all the hardware we recommend. Testing products is an important part of our overall selection process, and is a way to determine the most suitable job for a particular option.

PC Cases must pass our test, which consists mostly of a lot of PC builds, and a few other boring stuff, but most (if not all) of the recommendations will go through a rigorous testing process.

For PC cases, we need to evaluate build quality, structure, thermal performance, and finally value.

This process allows us to provide you with accurate judgments about the execution of your case and whether it is ultimately worth your hard-earned money.

When buying a case, you need certain things, such as support for heat dissipation or motherboard. But there are other things you really want or value, such as improving the quality of life.

First, you will want to know which parts you want to use in your box. You will want to know the dimensions of your motherboard (ATX, microATX, miniITX), the length of the graphics card, how many drives you will use, how many fans you need, whether you have installed a heat sink, etc.

Before buying your box It is important to consider all these factors. This is why we will discuss these things in more detail.

Before purchasing a chassis, you need to understand the dimensions of the motherboard. The three most popular form factors are ATX, MicroATX and MiniITX, each of which is smaller than the first. Smaller

means less space for components and generally fewer functions. If you don’t need too much, that’s not bad, but if you are creating a high-end game version or a mid-range version that you plan to upgrade in the future, then you might want to stick to the classic ATX plank.

Because there are different sizes of motherboards, there will obviously be smaller boxes that cannot accommodate larger dimensions. However, a larger case can usually be installed with a smaller motherboard, but please be sure to check compatibility before buying.

computer cases are mainly divided into three types (although there are more), each of which is compatible with different types of motherboards: In addition to the

form factor, there are some cases that are similar in size but not suitable for design. Take the outdoor PC case as an example. It provides a very unique case for water cooling enthusiasts that can create some amazing loop designs.

If it is not your CPU cooler, your processor will reach a dangerous temperature. Although PC components are designed to operate at relatively high temperatures without being damaged, this does not mean that you want them to become too hot. Overheating of components can damage them and significantly shorten their service life.

When assembling the computer, there must be good air circulation. Most cases come with installed fans, and some even have built-in LEDs. If you choose to use an integrated cooler, it is also wise to leave extra space for aftermarket fans or radiators.

I recommend at least two chassis fans, but three or more are ideal. If you only use two, you will want one of them to take in cold air and the other to take in hot air. The system will maintain a constant flow of air through your components while drawing in cooler air and expelling hot air. The

fan settings vary depending on your situation and the level of airflow required by the system. For example, heavy overclockers need more airflow into their thermal components than ordinary builders.

Of course, some computer cases are designed to use negative air pressure (they only have exhaust fans), but this will attract dust where it is not needed, so be careful.

Knowing how to choose the best water-cooled case can be tricky. Water coolers often have large radiators and pumps, so you need a case that provides enough space for the water cooler itself, let alone a large radiator fan.

Generally speaking,

I prefer the SSD / HDD mounting bracket. This system is no different, in some cases it is actually a more efficient way of using space.

A good chassis has many cable management options. Most cases have holes on the back panel so you can pass cables, but some cases are better for cable management than others. For example, the hole may be there, but not in the ideal location. In some cases, there is not enough room for cables under the rear panel.

A poorly managed cable not only looks bad, it also restricts airflow. We put together this quick video to show you how to properly manage the cable in one of our inexpensive PC case options, Fractal Design Focus G.

. Nobody wants to be disturbed by noisy chassis fans. If your boxes have fans, make sure they aren't too loud, trust me, you'll thank me later. Many popular cases, including all cases in our summary, have been reviewed online. Before purchasing a case, be sure to check its reviews. During the test, many reviewers will not only notice the cooling performance of the fans, but also their noise levels.

If you are building a computer, you are probably investing a lot of changes. Damage or destruction of your components is the last thing you want to do, which is why it is important to buy a sturdy chassis (if you move your PC frequently, this is a bigger problem). The side panel windows are nice, but make sure the glass is strong and the housing is strong. If you are interested in tempered glass PC cases, please read our guide to the best tempered glass PC cases here.

Let's take a quick look at our selection of PC cases and take a sneak peek.



motherboard supports


Dimensions (H x W x D)

513 x 285 x 471 mm

Fan includes

N / A



460 x 210 x 428 mm

includes fan

2 x Aer 120 mm

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Motherboard supports

EATX, ATX, Mini IE EBX45X45X45X45X45X45X45X40

drive bay


includes support chassis fan


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Mini Tower

Motherboard Bracket

Mini ITX

Dimensions (H x W x D)

x 4 4 4 4 mm 4 4 mm 44 mm including 2 Aer F120 120 mm fans

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Motherboard Support


Dimensions HXWXD

547 x 240 x 444 mm 4 Including 44 mm fan ic X2 GP14 140mm

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Complete Tower

The motherboard supports


Dimensions ( HxWxD)

592 x 274 x 574x



RGB fan 4 fan motherboard supports


Dimensions HXWXD

460 x 210 x 470 mm

Fans includes

2 x 120 mm

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4x EATX 4x

44x 4x 4A 4D

44 TX 4D

44 4 TX 4D)

513 x 285 x 471 mm

includes fan

N / A

Amazon buy


Excellent indoor The design

is very beautiful

high-quality structure and materials

uninterrupted tempered glass 4


4 drives are hot-swappable 4

drives are more suitable for cold construction

Lianli O11 Dynamic has been a great success once it was launched, and this X version L is no exception. Has the same non-standard design and one of the best designs on the PC case market. This computer case is of course designed for water cooling, but that doesn't mean you can't get a standard build there, you just want to make sure you have a valid number of fans.

This spacious case can support MiniITX to EATX motherboards. If you also want to install EBB, you can purchase an optional accessory. The

is larger than its predecessor and it is now easier to install the most ambitious system inside. The chassis is also equipped with hot-swappable drives, which is a great feature compared to your standard cage / bracket installation. There are four internally hot-swappable 2.5 "/3.5" and six internal use for 2.5 "SSDs. The

casing feature is primarily designed for custom water cooling systems, and some cutouts have been added for different system configurations. Also, almost everything is tool-free and easily accessible, which is very rare in PC cases. There is a lot of support for radiators and fans. The front-end I / O ports are pretty standard, but it's good to see the USB TypeC involvement. There are eight standard expansion slots on the rear of the

. You can choose to install the GPU vertically and support high-end GPUs up to 169mm. Overall, this is one of the best PC cases we have seen, with excellent GPU cooling, hot-swappable drives, excellent radiation/fan support, multiple power supply support, and one of the most beautiful designs. LianLi.



motherboard supports


size (H x W x D)

460 x 210 x 428mm

fan includes

2 x Aer 124 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 One 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Aer performance

Clean and modern design

Water cooling bracket

Vertical GPU mounting option

Cable management bracket



Elite version is too expensive

Airflow configuration attracts dust where it is not needed

Screws are too tight

Limited front I/O port

NZXT is no stranger to high-end chassis. This mid-tower H510 is another impressive model of the brand. At first glance, you will immediately recognize that it is from NZXT

You can get the situation. The tower is not only huge, but also durable and looks very high-quality. In addition, the price/performance ratio of this case is almost unparalleled. The

PC case supports motherboards from EEB to MiniITX, and can even support dual system configurations. Yes, if you are an anchor/content creator, you can get everything you need and place it in this complete tower.

Some people may think of this as an "inexpensive" full tower, but don't be fooled, it's a sleek chassis. Behind the huge panel of unbroken tempered glass, any type of building looks great. Water cooling is not required, but the main function is very useful to support custom cycle settings. Additionally, there are a host of drives to choose from, with 11 locations for 2.5-inch SSDs and 12 locations for 3.5-inch drives.

Due to the large number of radiator and fan support options, Phanteks Enthoo 719 is equipped with a fan hub. Contains a simple function, but when you need to classify cables in this version, thank you very much. It looks great, works better, and is a gorgeous full-tower PC case.

Check out our full review of Phanteks Enthoo 719 here. Type

Mini Tower

motherboard supports

Mini ITX

size (H x W x D)

349mm x 210mm x 372mm

fan includes

2 x 2 x 120mm Aer F44 4 4 XT 4 4 XT 4 XT fan, Amazon design F44 4 4 XT 4 4 XT Good Mini Tower Airflow


Some people think it is a bit noisy

NZXT H210 has similar functions to its larger sibling, but is packaged in a smaller form factor. NZXT’s design is once again outstanding, and this MiniITXonly case is actually a bit larger than most competing models on the market.

With H210, you will hardly find many design features that are different from H510. This comes with tempered glass, cable management brackets, and some SSD mounting options. In addition, it has a similar color scheme and has impressive water cooling support. The

case is pre-installed with two Aer 120mm fans, so please make sure your ITX board can accommodate this fan. Otherwise, please choose H210i with V2 smart device.

It may not be the same compact size as a case like Thermaltake Core V1 or Fractal Design Node 202 for PC, but its unique size on this mount means you can get impressive build and ATX size on your PSU.

is pleasing to the eye with its beautiful steel and tempered glass design.

Check out our full NZXT H210 review here.



motherboard compatible with


Dimensions HXWXD

547 x 240 x 475 mm

with fan

3 x Dynamic X4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 simple 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 mm Acoustic cable management package

Use high quality materials

Modular top plate

Retain optical support

Excellent build quality


Soundproof doors are not good for thermal performance.

Performance is similar to previous models.

Fractal Design has released some incredibly good PC cases over the years, and this latest update follows this trend. Define 7 is essentially the latest update to the brilliant R6, for those who like quiet operation. The interior, color options, and tempered glass options have remained the same, with a few tweaks, making it one of the best quiet PC cases I've seen in recent years.

You can't evade Fractal's build quality, it will immediately hit your face. In addition, the brand will continue to add useful features when a gap is detected, and although you may not always need it, it is great to have these additional options.

We see light-colored glass on these, and now the interior is coated with a beautiful white coat on the tempered glass model. Of course, if you choose a non-TG version, the interior is still that metallic gray. In this case, the EATX standard is met, but you will not be able to use the incision. When building in this case, to get the best effect of use, choose the ATX form factor. The sound performance of the

is very close to that of its predecessor, and the further improvement in quality of life makes everything different. Cooling performance is affected by the front chassis door, but you will most likely grab one of them to reduce system noise. The front, sides, and top are made of high-strength soundproof materials to give you excellent acoustic performance.

This well structured chassis is equipped with a modular design, suitable cooling support, water cooling support, and transmission options. A truly amazing case, one of the best cases of quiet operation.

View our complete fractal design definition 7 comments here.


complete tower

motherboard supports


size (H x W x D)

592 x 274 x 577 mm

including fan

3 x 140 4 4 Amazon 44S 4 4 4RGB 44S 4 4 4 4RGB 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 The Thermaltake 71 sight is a full-tower monster, mainly made of steel and tempered glass. This case not only looks great, but also comes with a variety of functions and heat dissipation support. This is one of Thermaltake's high-end solutions, with four glass panels and excellent build quality.

This and Enthoo 719 are good full-tower options, but obviously this must be our best tempered glass PC case. This provides surprisingly good thermal performance and is clearly carefully designed by Thermaltake. The

build quality is very good, and even before the internal build, its visual effects are amazing. Speaking of construction, in this case, the whole process is simplified, too much

x 470mm

includes fan

2 x 120mm

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Phanteks Eclipse P400 provides PC developers with a more affordable choice without compromising build quality or performance. Phanteks always offers high-quality options, and the P400 is not only pleasing in appearance, but also rich in features.

You can meet the needs of tempered glass, pre-installed fans and stylish design, but more importantly, you can get instant cooling performance. This meets the thermal test and all the very affordable prices.

P400 supports motherboards up to ATX specifications and has many heat sink/fan installation options. In addition, this case is very easy to build, making the experience pressure of new builders less. The

does not support optical drive bays, there may be more cable level points, but at best it is a minor issue. There is a reason to use this protective shell in some of our PC versions, it is one of the best PC protective shells you can get, and will not let you down.

plus some of our featured PC case reviews: The

humble PC case is seriously underestimated in any build. Usually regarded as an afterthought, it actually has a huge impact on system performance, so it is a good idea to allocate more budget to your building than you originally thought.

In the final analysis, how much you should spend on a chassis actually depends on the type of building you dream of. If it is a relatively quiet low-power system that does not generate too much heat, you don't need to worry about fancy designs.

If you are developing a mid-range version, you don't need the most expensive chassis on the market, but it is easy to find a chassis that allows your hardware to reach its true potential.

On the other hand, a case worthy of a gaming supercomputer needs to have the best airflow, perfect cable management, sound insulation, and attractive aesthetics, and this will cost you. The idea that the

large PC case is inherently better than the compact design is a myth, stemming from the idea that if the case can hold more fans, it will cool its components more efficiently, thereby improving performance.

The fact is that a smaller box can keep your CPU and GPU cool by optimizing the airflow. If the airflow of the entire chassis is sufficient, you don't necessarily need a lot of fans. You can even improve the performance of micro-buildings by installing some liquid cooling to make them surpass the performance of the mid-tower.

Having said that, the larger case provides more headroom for the tower CPU cooler, which is definitely a bonus. They also provide more adjustment space, making you feel like King Kong every time you reach out to make adjustments, but the best reason to choose a larger enclosure is scalability. Obviously, the little

chassis can't hold that much hardware. Of course, you may have proficiently measured every aspect of the build to make sure it will fit your little chassis, but what happens when you're ready to upgrade? The

Meshfocused chassis provides better airflow than the solid closed front panel design, simply because air is easier to enter. Closed panel designs generally only use small ventilation areas to promote airflow and is sometimes just a bit restrictive.

This is not to say that a well-made solid front case can't compete on a closed grid level, but if you look at any "best airflow cases" list, at least 90% of the front panels are good. Remember; however, a grid does not always mean better airflow.

If the screen is blocked by a bunch of unnecessary or poorly designed filters, the airflow will be forced like a solid panel box.

At the risk of breaking records, whether a full-tower case is worth your money depends on the type of computer you are building. If the player is building something similar to a NASA supercomputer, they will usually only choose a complete tower. The extra space provides you with plenty of space to place high-performance hardware, install a large number of thick thermal solutions, and open the door for future upgrades.

If you don't want to build a computer that is powerful enough to one day break free from the shackles of subordinate existence, come forward, and lead the machine revolution, a complete tower chassis can't really bring anything important to the table. They are very expensive, and when empty, they are heavier than a small shell, which can take up your entire structure and stick out like a thumb.

For the general body type, it is much better to choose the medium tower large box. It will fit larger and more modern GPUs without too much trouble. If you choose manual overclocking, then the advanced cooling system will have enough space.

Like any other brand, Musetex has many different quality options on the market. Due to their eye-catching design, RGB brightness, and of course the inexpensive price tag, they have attracted a lot of attention recently.

Although some minimalists may find them a bit fancy, from the outside they appear to be high-performance, high-priced cases, but in fact, you can hardly find a case that costs more than $ 110.

Although you shouldn't automatically cancel them just because you can afford them , they will not compete with their Corsairs, their NZXT and their Fractals. We think they're great entry-level products for mid-level cases, perfect for gamers looking for eye-catching beauty on a budget.

outdoor boxes have some advantages, but their design also has many disadvantages.

They are susceptible to impact and moisture. The

usually looks like some kind of display in the Alien Art Museum. The open chassis can really make your build stand out, but without a complete panel, you can't eliminate the noise of the hardware. In view of this, it is best to replace as many fans as possible with liquid.

If you want to know the best open-frame computer case, you must read our article:

They may be small, but SFF boxes are almost always well made. Fewer materials are needed to make them, but overall these materials are of the highest quality.

Also, as objects get smaller, higher precision and different technologies are required for production. You may also notice that SFF cases are really rare.

Since there are not as many cases constructed by SFF as other formal factors, their scarcity is closely related to value. They are like rare gems, and the tower in the middle is just pebbles.

You should not expect that smaller means cheaper. The last reason is that manufacturers must maintain their profit margins. These little things are more difficult to produce and not as popular as the standard ATX mid-tower case. A slightly higher price will ensure that making SFF cases is worth the resources you invest in making them.

There may be some experimental case designs that are not available to consumers. Suppose the price tag will make you run up the mountain and live a simple life in the Amish community.

As far as the public is concerned, the most expensive is the In Win WINBOT Spherical PC Case, priced at 1K. Secondly, we have Corsair Obsidian Series 1000 D, which will cost you 645 USD. Although

is often overlooked, the importance of the PC case cannot be underestimated. Your case protects the remaining components and provides them with airflow to ensure they operate at a stable temperature, so it is important to find the best PC case available.

Now, no matter what your needs are, whether it is airflow or water-cooled structure, you have everything you need to choose a good chassis. Have you used our best PC case selection? We'd love to know what situation you choose to suit your build, if you have any other suggestions we should investigate!

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