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The first thing most people do after buying a brand new gaming PC is to decide which operating system best suits their customization requirements. Well, honestly, most people just got Windows and finished it. However, there are more options, and people should be aware of this.

In the modern PC gaming era, gamers have a large number of operating systems to choose from. Although the obvious choice is Windows, there are other options that can provide you with a unique and more personalized overall experience.

In today's article, we will take a closer look at the top operating systems available for gamers on the market today. We will explore why you can choose one over the other, and determine which one best suits your gaming needs.

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For all intents and purposes, the operating system is the core of your PC or laptop-it is the software component that performs all the basic functions on your computer. The operating system manages your computer's hardware and software resources and provides public services for computer programs. Without an operating system, all you have is a bunch of components with limited functionality, unless you plan to use the new GPU to defeat non-socially distancing people. The

computer operating system is the basic part of the PC, allowing all programs to run, including games. You can also manage the hardware resources of your PC, use the functions of peripheral devices, and schedule tasks.

When computers appeared, the only operating system that people could use was MSDOS, a fairly basic system that was brought to life thanks to the slight success of CP / M.

Fast forward More than 40 years later, operating system games have become completely turned into a different beast. Today, users can easily gain nearly endless customization, functionality, and versatility. Additionally, developers continue to improve their operating systems to ensure the best user experience.

As we enter the new decade, gamers and general PC and laptop users have many different options when choosing an operating system.

For those of you who have only heard of Windows, here are some of the most popular options on the market today.

Let's start with Windows. Anyone who has used a computer may have found or used the Windows operating system. It is by far the most popular operating system and provides a very user-friendly interface that almost anyone can understand.

Windows has made great strides in recent decades, with iterations ranging from Windows 1.0 (as early as the early 1990s) to current Windows 10. The current version is the most advanced and offers many features that other operating systems simply cannot.

Apple's Mac operating system is another very popular operating system and is pre-installed in all Apple products. The latest version of Mac OS is Mojave, an updated version of OS Catalina.

Apple enthusiasts will swear by Mac OS, saying that it is the best operating system to date. For some people, this statement is absolutely correct. It provides impressive images that other operating systems cannot provide, and it is absolutely impeccable in terms of virus protection.

Although most people buy Mac computers to increase productivity or complete work tasks, they actually provide support for various games from different platforms.

Therefore, choosing a Mac computer to play games is a 100% viable choice. In other words, it does have its limitations, and we will resolve these limitations soon.

Finally, we have Linux, which is the least traditional of the three operating systems for PCs and laptops. When you think of gaming operating systems, Linux is not the first name you think of. That being said, Linux provides support for a large number of games that can be found on various platforms.

Unfortunately, the Linux learning curve is extremely complicated, which means that if you plan to learn it, you will have to spend time learning how to make the most of it. That said, if you think you're tech-savvy and like some of Linux's other features, you'll be happy to know that you can run games on it, albeit inefficiently.

So which of the above operating systems is better for gaming? Well, this one is very easy. It must go to Windows. In terms of customizing apps and games,

Windows is by far the easiest option to use. Compared to the other two operating systems combined, it not only supports more games, but also runs them more efficiently - FPS data has increased almost across the board.

Although MacOS is the perfect choice for games, they are not the most powerful when it comes to hardcore games. Unlike Windows PCs, which allow unlimited customization and updates, Mac laptops are not. When you buy a Mac, you buy a laptop that cannot be upgraded. This means that unless you plan to get the most powerful model in the range, you will find it difficult to compete in performance with Windows desktop PCs; it's that easy.

Linux doesn't really get the mention of the best gaming operating system, it's not tailor-made for mainstream games at all. For most people, it is too difficult to learn and does not provide as much support as the other two options.

For me, if you want the best gaming PC experience, choose Windows.

Here are some popular pages that we created on the operating system, including

If not, a little light from the area that is considered a bit confused. At the end of the day, when you enter the game, the best operating system to choose from is a window. In addition to supporting a wider range of games, the components that can be equipped with desktop PC will also provide better performance.

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