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There are some very liberating things about open world games. You are not limited to a fixed story or mission, you can explore the world carefully crafted by the developer by yourself.

open world games are some of the most beautiful and beautiful worlds with the most beautiful graphics. You will have the opportunity to explore while playing the game.

Today, we listed some of the top picks for the best open world games of 2020. This may not list all the best open world games, but we have collected some favorites that we recommend to play.

Best Games of 2020: 10 of Our Most Anticipated Games

Check out our top picks for the Best Games of 2020 on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Is your favorite on the list? Click below to understand!

Release Date: Nov 10, 2015

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout 4 belongs to the action RPG genre and is the fifth work in the Fallout series. The game takes place in an open post-apocalyptic world, which takes place in 2287-210 years after the nuclear disaster in the United States.

Play a role called "the only survivor" who wakes up from the low temperature stagnation in the radiation shelter. The purpose of the game is to find missing children in a desolate environment, while completing various secondary tasks and obtaining the experience points necessary to improve and survive. The 4,444 open world scenarios allow you to develop and manage settlements, as well as use quest materials to craft tools and weapons.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 GOTY version

Release Date: October 26, 2018 (November 5, 2019 on PC)

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar Studios

One of the most important games of 2018 is The Greatest Games expected "Red Dead Redemption II" and "Redemption" did not disappoint. The game broke several records and generated sales of $ 725 million in the first weekend alone. It is definitely a game that you cannot miss. The story of

tells the story of Arthur Morgan, a desperate man who must survive and make a living in the dying Westfall. You must fight rival gangs and government forces through a series of robberies, hunting missions, shootouts, and narrative side missions.

One of the main features that really stands out in this game is the beauty and detail of the open world. You can spend time exploring the terrain, meeting characters, and hunting wild animals on horseback.

Release Date: Sep 17, 2013

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar North

At this time, it may not be necessary to introduce the Grand Theft Auto series. The story is set in the fictional state of San Andreas and tells the story of three criminals who must carry out robbery while avoiding the authorities and powerful criminals.

Players can roam freely in the notorious open world, or they can start missions as part of the narrative. Most missions involve robbery sequences, gun battles, or driving games. But be careful not to be on the wrong side of the law (too many), because the "wanted" system still exists. Commit too many crimes and law enforcement will hunt you down.

Although exploring the open world environment in this franchise has always been fun, recent installments such as Grand Theft Auto 5 have added some extra activities to get into trouble. Activities such as skydiving and scuba diving have expanded into an already large open world. Even if you are already familiar with franchising, there will always be something new to enjoy.

Release Date: October 5, 2018

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Quebec

As the 11th major work in the famous Assassin’s Creed series, Odyssey is another open world game, this time based on ancient Greece as a background. Set in 431 AD. C. narrates following a mercenary to fight for both sides of the Peloponnesian War.

This issue focuses more on the narrative and role-playing aspects of the series, with more branch tasks and dialogue options, and multiple endings.

Of course, there are many opportunities for battle, including naval battles via Greek warships in the Aegean Sea. No matter where you decide to explore the open world, the environment is surprising and immersive.

If you want to take a break from the main mission, you can explore or even learn about the history of Greece through an exploration tour. This feature is very suitable for history lovers. You can even ask Herodotus to teach you the history of the Peloponnesian War.

Release Date: September 1, 2015

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions

The last one is the stealth game, which is the ninth part of the Metal Gear series. The story takes place in 1984 and tells the story of the punished mercenary leader "Venom" snake, who must venture into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan to avenge the killers of his army. The

game requires you to stay undetected and use maps, weapons, invisible objects and binoculars to avoid enemy guards.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is widely praised for its open world and players’ freedom to explore outside the main mission. You can take transportation, walk, ride horses, helicopters, and even explore the world through rock climbing.

Although you expected Minecraft to appear on this list, we decided to choose an open world that works with the main mission and narrative.

All of the games above have clear goals and tasks, but give you more to explore and fully immerse yourself.

Of course, there are many other open world games that we missed on the list. If you see your favorite is missing, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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