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For PC enthusiasts, getting the best outdoor PC case is essential to complete an amazing build. The Openair PC Case has been around for some time and can provide you with a single, comprehensive view of your system. If used properly, the outdoor PC case can make the ordinary system build look great and can enhance the creativity of the build.

These may be the perfect case type to match your water cooling circuit design and provide you with a more beautiful case than some of the best PC cases. The main advantage of the

outdoor box is aesthetics, but there are a few other advantages that require attention. The outdoor features of these cabinets can provide your system with better heat dissipation and better heat dissipation. Although ventilation may be the best, you must take into account the increased dust and the lack of protection from the surrounding environment of the open box.

Obviously, if you plan to customize a water-cooled build, you probably don't have to worry about dust prevention. Any builder considering air cooling or AIO to build an outdoor enclosure will want to clean their system more often.

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The highly versatile Thermaltake Core P5 is a premium outdoor box with an excellent modular design. This feature-rich shell is covered with tempered glass side panels for excellent visual effects.

This interesting outdoor cabinet design method is excellent. Its open framework and modular characteristics can indeed provide motivation for some creative constructions of enthusiasts, but it is not suitable for everyone. Compared with an ordinary full-tower PC case, the Thermaltake Core P5 is definitely more difficult to build.

If you think you may encounter difficulties, please consider the Thermaltake View series, which provides large tempered glass side panels and excellent chassis visibility, but without the annoyance that P5 may bring.

In fact, there are not many outdoor suitcases on the market, and of course they are not so attractive. For a good water-cooled structure with a medium tower size, P5 is not very competitive.

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Although this may look like a box with a roll cage, it is actually just a very interesting design. This highly portable outdoor case is an excellent MiniITX choice for water cooling.

It may seem strange to see that the MiniITX outdoor chassis ranks second in this list, but InWin DFrame brings an easy way to the desktop in an interesting way.

Due to its small size, this outdoor box does not require complicated water cooling pipes to make it look great. It is sold as a suitcase option and is very suitable for gamers participating in activities, even if the handle is small.

If you can beat the high price with such a small thing, then this unique case has great potential.


on Amazon. Thermaltake Core P1 is the younger brother of Core P5. This elegant "coffee table" is the perfect home for a small water cooling system.

For smaller water-cooled structures, there aren't many outdoor boxes that are more suitable than Thermaltake Core P1. This small flexible PC case is a smaller version of the Core P5 and can be used in three different ways. You can place this watch box vertically or horizontally, but the best thing is that it can be mounted on the wall.

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The Cougar Conquer Outdoor Boxes are one of the most striking boxes on this list, and the reasons are easy to understand. To say the least, the angular cuts of the metal, dual radiator mounts, and exquisitely shaped glass make this case interesting. The design of

Cougar Conquer is definitely a mixture of love and hate. With its gorgeous angular metal parts and interesting modular shapes, you will definitely look back when you walk past it. But is it practical? Yes, Cougar Conquer can fully cool your components with its outdoor design, and there are many places to place the radiator. The

is very expensive, just like most outdoor-style PC cases, so it largely depends on your personal preference for the appearance of the system.

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This alternative to Thermaltake gives builders the option to use their system to create some interesting angles. This can be a good option for those who want to create interesting custom loops, it has two side glass panels.

Thermaltake Core P90 will not allow you to "run and shoot" in CS: GO, but it will give you the ability to combine some very cool versions. The

chassis isn't for everyone, and its 90-degree angle design isn't surprising. This outdoor PC case is best suited for water cooling environments and is of course also suitable for experienced builders.


from Amazon When choosing an outdoor PC case instead of a standard case, there are a few things to consider first. These can be very expensive and are only suitable for hobbyists who wish to cool water. That being said, all builders have some standard considerations, let's take a look.

motherboards have different sizes. The most common form factors are ATX, MicroATX and MiniITX. ATX is the largest of the three, and MiniITX is the smallest.

Obviously, a smaller motherboard has less space for its components, fewer functions, and fewer fan connectors. Small may be perfect for you, but it should be based on the components and dimensions of your case. If you plan to build a high-end PC, stick to an ATX motherboard in most cases.

is not only the size of the motherboard, of course, GPU, PSU, heat sink also has from small to large, so

Other people from the MiniITX department. The top three PC case sizes for the

(though there are more) are:

As a quick side note, be careful to use a small motherboard with a large case as front panel cables can sometimes be difficult to reach and manufacture. your cable management looks bad.

As you can imagine, for an outdoor enclosure, you have less protection for components. Under normal conditions, the dust will flow with the air and through your intake fan (unless there is a large gap and negative pressure in your case). The

uses an outdoor housing, no air intake is required, because its components are already cooled. Although this is good news for your temporary workers, it requires extra care and attention when it comes to dust. It is very important to clean the dust on the outdoor PC regularly, because in this case, dust can easily accumulate.

Dust accumulation can kill components, but remember that if your case is open, there are several other threats to consider. Be wary of pets near the open air system (for obvious reasons), and be especially careful around liquids, as there is very little to stop spills.

Cable management is important in all PC versions, but is often overlooked. Cable management is usually great for reducing heat and dust built up in the system, but for outdoor cabinets, the situation is slightly different.

Since everything is displayed in an outdoor display case, it is difficult to leave cables without destroying the entire design of the system construction. Although we recommend that these cases have routing options, it is much more difficult to manage cables than standard PC cases.

When using a PC case outdoors, you have to plan a little more than usual, because there will be many aesthetic challenges in the process.

Now, it goes without saying, let's see what the best outdoor boxes have.

Frame Type

ATX open

base supports

Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX

Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.444 569 x 241 x 507 mm

fans included

N / A Amazon

4 mm 4.444 Including fan

N / A

Shop Amazon


MiniITX Open Frame

Compatible Motherboard


Dimensions (Hx414448 x344d) x345445 mm x344d

Buy Amazon


Midtower Open Frame

Motherboard Support

MiniITX, MicroATX, ATX

Dimensions (HxWxD)

686 x 254 x 584 mm

with fan





44 444 44

444 444 FD 4 FD 4 Motherboard


44 444

Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX

Dimensions (HxWxD)

615 x 216 x 216 mm

Includes fans


Buy Amazon


ATX, open frame

44X, ATX 44X 4X44X 4X 4X 4X 4A

44 4X 4A Micro Type motherboard x 241 x 507 mm

Includes fan

Not applicable

Amazon Store


looks great after build

Includes GPU lift cable

Multi-function component orientation

Modular design

Supports 4-seater installation 4 CON

44 Number of AIO Coolers

Poor soundproofing

Easy to remove dust

Thermaltake's Core P5 is one of their ATX outdoor PC cases, and it can also be wall mounted. The Core P5 is one of Thermaltake's most popular outdoor enclosure options, hauling the expensive P7 to the pillars. The

Core P5 is sometimes called a coffee table, and its massive tempered glass side panel is a great place for you to enjoy a drink (don't try it at home!). This outdoor case supports ATX motherboards, can easily accommodate impressive systems, and has plenty of water-cooling space. The chassis is large enough to handle the largest GPU size and can fit up to 7 inches of CPU coolers. The

P5 supports heat sinks up to 480 mm long and has modular features that are ideal for custom loop builders. The shell has four tempered glass windows, which can be removed and close the shell almost completely. The

Thermaltake P5 is available in black and white, and has a vertical riser cable for GPU installation. Overall, the Core P5

is one of the best outdoor PC cabinets on the market, and if you can afford it, you will make some very cool custom loops.


MiniITX Open Frame

Motherboard Bracket


Dimensions (H x W x D)

508 x 317 x 571 mm

Including fan

Not applicable

44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 can be purchased with PROS design 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 unique design disadvantages

is a bit expensive

poor sound insulation

will get dirty

InWin DFrame is the most unique MiniITX open shell, this is mainly due to its Loud and highly portable design. Although

is a bit expensive, DFrame has a very small size. This outdoor PC case reminds us of sand dune off-road vehicles, and the roll cage is an inspired design. This InWin chassis can install 13.4 inches or less GPU, and there is enough space for a 6.5-inch CPU cooler. The

DFrame provides a colorful alternative to the carefully crafted Thermaltake Core P1, and is available in five different colors (most of which are as strong as our bright green here). Due to its small size and convenient handle, this outdoor case is very suitable for LAN construction. Even if this box has toughened glass windows and a roll cage, it is only 7.7KG. Chapter

So if you want, you can install an AIO cooler, but in situations like this, it's worth using a custom cycle to cool the water!

The design of this protective case is very beautiful, providing builders with a smaller alternative to the excellent P5 protective case. In this case, there is enough room to achieve a high-end build, and through modularization, there are many things that can pique the interest of enthusiasts.


Mid-Tower Open Frame

motherboard supports

MiniITX, MicroATX, ATX

Dimensions (H x W x D)

686 x 254 x 584 mm

including fan

3 x 4 4 4 4 FD 4 4 4 4 4 FD 4 4 4 4 4 FD 4 4 4 4 FD 4 Amazon high quality 4 4 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 4 S 4 4 S 4 pieces of high quality Cougar 4 tempered glass equipped with 3 LED fans


Poor sound insulation

is easy to get dusty

is bulky

When it comes to the outdoor PC case, you won't forget the Cougar Conquer design. This mid-tower sized box has a modular design and interestingly shaped tempered glass side windows. The design is far from as simple as DFrame, it looks more like a transformer than a PC case.

Cougar Conquer weighs 13.9KG, which is one of the heaviest boxes on the list. It is forgivable because it is not as open as other boxes. Graphics cards up to 13.8" and any CPU cooler with a height below 7.5" can be placed in this case. The motherboard can fit any size from motherboard to ATX, which means that the build you choose has great flexibility. The

box has two different radiator support options, with a clearance of 240 mm at the front and a clearance of 360 mm at the top. In addition to the heat sink option, we also saw three pre-installed LED fans for stylish cooling.

This may look like a large piece of metal and glass, but it is a great canvas for combining some cool custom ring designs. If you can afford it and don't care about luxurious design, Cougar Conquer is a good choice.


Half-Tower Open Frame

Motherboard Bracket

MiniITX, MicroATX, ATX

Dimensions (H x W x D)

615 x 216 x 216 mm

included with

fan without Amazon design

44 glass side panel

included With cable lifter

Modular design

Can accommodate 420mm or 480mm radiator


Poor sound insulation

Easy to get dirty

Super bulky

Very heavy (17.2KG)

Some unique outdoor PC cabinets are available and Thermaltake has one here very good. The Core P90 offers an interesting new way to blend in with its angular concept. As part of the Thermaltake "P" series, this outdoor box is unique in itself. Despite its large size, it can also be mounted on the wall! The

Core P90 is named after the 90-degree chassis design, and easily becomes one of the heaviest chassis on the list (17.2KG). With this type of shell design, you can get some really cool angular custom loops and make your build stand out.

Core P90 only supports graphics cards up to 12.6 inches. However, vertical installation is an option in this case, thanks to the included lifting cable. In this case, CPU coolers up to 7 inches are also good, with enough free space. The

The Thermaltake P90’s radiator bracket is 480 mm high, and its modular design is perfectly combined with two 5 mm thick glass panels.

If the unique design of this case does not disappoint you, then experienced system builders can use the P90 and its 90-degree angle to create amazing things.

It is very important to choose the outdoor PC case that best suits your needs. This situation will accommodate your expensive components and protect them (although there are not so many in this category).

The best outdoor PC case provides a unique design that other cases cannot match, and is very suitable for custom loop systems. All our suggestions will provide you with a truly stylish build, but make sure you have a little more budget.

Have you recently purchased an outdoor box? Let us know your build experience using one of them in the WePC community.

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