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As strange as the name implies, the elastic mouse cord is just a weight to hold the cable coming out of the mouse you are using. Anyone who uses a wired gaming mouse (especially competitive FPS or MOBA) to play PC games will understand the cable drag problem. Well, use one of the best mouse bungee jumps, which eliminates these problems by supporting the weight of the cable and providing weightless movement for the mouse. Basically when you use a decent stretchy mouse the wired mouse becomes a wireless mouse or at least as close as possible (trust me, I know, I've tried enough mice).

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of mouse bungee jumping and offer some suggestions of the mouse bungee I bought and tried to help you find the best mouse bungee on the market. If you're serious about gaming and don't have a wireless gaming mouse, then mouse bungee jumping is the next best thing to do.

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Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

The Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is currently one of the most affordable premium options on the market. There are cheaper alternatives, but none can achieve the build quality of V2. The

Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is a highly balanced mouse that tops the list. Compared to the other options in this review, it is very light, but still strong enough for the arm sights there. This mouse bungee jump is easy on the eye, with subtle all-black beauty, and it's great on anyone's desktop. The clip can easily attach mouse cables of various thicknesses and materials, and the entire base is rubberized to provide additional grip.

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BenQZowie Camade may be the best quality mouse bungee we've seen. This packs a punch on it, in fact it's the heaviest on this list and does a great job for anyone looking to remove resistance from the cable. The

Camade mouse bungee nearly missed out on first place, simply because of its much higher cost. Some people may argue that if you pull it hard, the increased weight of this elastic cable can damage the mouse cable, but this is a very rare problem that most people will never encounter. The heavy base can be firmly fixed on the desk, giving you everything you need for a cable-free experience.

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Casethrone is not as famous as other brands, the quality may not be as good, but it offers a lot at a reasonable price. The main selling point of this mouse bungee is of course the RGB lighting effect, which can be configured in a very elegant way.

Although Casethrones may not be as well known, they are still a good alternative to quality manufacturers of similar looking mouse bungee jumping. This spring-arm mouse bungee looks a bit like Camade, but it has RGB lighting and four different lighting modes.

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Whether we are the best bungee mouse on the review market or a gaming mouse, choosing the right product is always a daunting task.

It takes hours of product research and user feedback review to reach a clear conclusion on the recommended content.

If you are not tech-savvy and it is difficult to take the time to meet the above requirements, you may end up buying a flexible mouse that is not suitable for you.

But don't be afraid, friends! At WePC, we want to reduce the pressure of research and turn the entire process into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow buyer's guide. That's right, our team of PC enthusiasts did all the hard work for you!

Testing our recommended products is an important part of the overall selection process in our best guide. This is a way to ensure that the product we recommend is undoubtedly the best choice in its particular category.

In order to ensure that the flexible mouse is the "best", it must show excellent performance in our tests and show better quality and features than the competitors it faces.

Most of the products we recommend at WePC have undergone a rigorous testing process, covering everything from price and performance to quality, efficiency and structural aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to understand its performance under intense pressure and to ensure that it is worthy of the top spot we dream of. By doing so,

allows us to provide you with the most accurate product performance assessment and ultimately determine if it is worth your hard-earned money.

Before you start shopping for a mouse bungee, it is important to understand a few key areas to ensure you are investing your money in the correct model. Unlike some hardware or other peripherals, the bungee mouse does not have much, you just need to put it on the table, connect the mouse and go. Regardless, there are different styles of bungee jumping, and some of the quality can be a bit mediocre, so let's make sure you know what you need!

Yes, we know you only need to slide the cable in, just make sure there is enough slack in the cable to allow for large arm movements while playing games. The best elastic mouse cables on the market are very stable, so the last thing you want is an ultra-tight mouse cable as shown in the image below. The mouse cable may be very durable, but if you repeatedly stretch it to the limit, it is likely to be damaged.

Remember that the purpose of the mouse bungee cord is to eliminate cable drag, so the cable should be placed loosely on the mouse pad naturally, and never teach it.

As I mentioned, the mouse strap is essentially a cantilever that supports the weight of the cable and allows the mouse to move freely. Your

What needs attention is how the mouse cable is attached to the elastic mouse cable. Both Razer and Zowie use durable rubber clips on top of the hard spring, so cables of various diameters can be held in place while ensuring that the elastic cable is not damaged.

As mentioned above, there are many problems with the cable of a wired gaming mouse. Most importantly, the cable drags the edge of the computer desk when the weight of the cable or the texture / material of the cable is dragged or pulled on or away from the mouse. Is there any benefit to using the best mouse bungee on the market? Well yeah, let's take a look.

To be honest, I was hesitant before using bungee jumping, I never thought they would be as easy to use as they are; once I connected the cable to the bungee jumper, I quickly realized that they provided something similar to wireless when using a mouse. I feel this is particularly useful for gaming (I usually play CS GO and PUBG).

Okay, so you won’t eat chicken suddenly, but once you use bungee jumping, because the mouse feels wireless (no resistance, no pressure), you will find it easier to move, so aim for the head, quickly dodge bullets or just raise Quick response ability.

This may be a bit long, but the mouse bungee cord makes the table look more organized and less busy. We all know that a neat and orderly table can improve the mentality and make you a better player (right?).


Anti-slip spring arm and base

Weight (g)




anti-slip spring arm and base

Weight (g)



Spring arm and Amazon 4

Spring arm and base

Weight ( G)


buy Amazon


spring arm and non-slip base

Weight (g)


buy Amazon


Very pleasant all-black design 4

Balanced weight and functionality to protect the mouse cable from The impact of any accident

The entire base is rubberized for easy gripping

Value for money

Razer Stretch Mouse is one of the most affordable high-quality flexible mice we have tested, and there are cheaper alternatives, some of which are For the Chinese replica, we recommend the Razer bungee mouse, just for quality control. The

Razer mouse has a minimal elastic design. Surprisingly, Razer does not burden the RGB lights. In the end, I think it depends on the demand and price. The bungee cord is strong to the touch, strong when placed on a table, and the design looks very well thought out. The top cable clamp is made of hard rubber and is connected to a large metal spring to guide the cable to the ground clamp. Initially, I found that the top clip was hard, but once I opened the rubber clip, I found that switching from one mouse to another is quite easy, and having various cables and material diameters is not a problem. To be honest, the biggest problem comes down to the way the actual gaming mouse is packaged. Some cables are just coiled with a stiff curve, which means you have to try to remove the kinks to easily bungee on the mouse. Razer bungee jumping is not a problem, but it is worth pondering.

I tested the Razer Bungee with more than 20 gaming mice of different shapes and sizes. So far I haven't found any problems, so I am sure it will work properly. In the end, at such a low price, I think Razer Bungee is a good choice for those who want to eliminate cable resistance and have a "wired wireless mouse".


Anti-slip spring arm and base

Weight (g)




from Amazon Visually looks great

The strongest mouse elasticity I have tested

High-quality material and structure

It has a heavy retractable arm Bungee jumping, so it provides great stability


The most expensive mouse bungee in our enclosure

BenQZowie Camade is probably the most beautiful bungee we have tested. It sits very nicely on the table, which should be considered for anyone considering spending extra pennies. For those players who prefer a good move, but are limited by the cable tangled by anything, its robust design allows them to have confidence when making big moves.

Of course, you get what you pay for. This bungee jump is at the higher end of the price range for a reason, its quality of workmanship. It seems risky parting with the extra money, but it's one of the best bungee jumps I've ever used, and it's perfect for arm sights looking for a "wireless" experience! The design of the

Zowie Camades is as simple as most bungee jumps, but it is visually unique. BenQZowie has determined the appearance of this bungee jumper, and you can see that it is more expensive before using it. Its high-quality build and heavy weight give players a more consistent and reliable product, as evidenced by the number of FPS players currently using this bungee jumping. Our conclusion is to buy this mouse bungee, because it not only looks suitable on any table, but also can meet all your needs when playing

Mechanical device

Spring arm and non-slip base

Weight (g)




non-slip stable base

durable material

with RGB lighting and 4 different lighting modes

with retractable arm


pay extra for RGB

Quality not as good as Razer or BenQ

Casethrone mouse bungee jumping in the middle of the price In bungee jumping what we tested, its value

Players, because the big blow will cause the bottom of the bungee to shake. Another problem is the rubber grip designed to secure the mouse cable. On the Casethrone bungee jumping model, they use cheap smooth plastic to fix the cables, so users must readjust the cables from time to time when playing games.

Whether you are a casual PC user or a hardcore gamer, this mouse bungee cord is perfect for those who want to eliminate cable resistance with a little light. However, it is worth noting that the clip is more effective for knitting a mouse or a thicker cable. The

Gaming Mouse Bungee Cord allows you to secure the mouse cable. This prevents you from getting caught or tangled when you use it. This is very useful for the game, because it means that your game will not be interrupted.

During gameplay, the last thing you don't want to happen is the mouse line getting stuck or something getting stuck. Bungee jumping prevents this from happening and secures the cable.

eliminates friction caused by dragging the mouse, making mouse movement smoother and more precise. Many gamers choose to use the mouse's bungee jump for gaming, especially for shooting games or fast-paced games.

You should place the mouse elastic cable in front of the mouse, not on the mouse pad. It should always be positioned in front of the mouse because you want the cables to be straight, where the cables stick out.

Placing a mouse bungee cord behind the mouse will slow down the mouse and defeat the mouse's purpose of not being interfered with by the cable.

When you put the cable in the elastic cord of the mouse, it should be inserted comfortably. You should not force the cable, as this could damage it. In addition to this, you will need to have enough cables to be able to move the mouse smoothly.

However, too many cables will make it difficult to move the mouse. It takes a few tries to get the cable length right and right for you. You don't want to be short of cables or use bungee cords that are too tight, as this can damage the cables.

This is the best mouse strap currently on the market, which provides perfect stability and protection for your mouse cable. We have come a long way since the days when cables were clipped under the keyboard or wrapped around the speakers (although many people still do). If you play a competitive FPS, mouse bungee jumping is considered essential, because you can completely eliminate the possibility of cables getting stuck in intense games. In any case, even if you play casually, mouse bungee jumping can really organize the desktop very well, and can only help to complete the general settings.

is the Razer V2 bungee mouse that won by a narrow margin. This mouse bungee uses a rubber base to prevent it from moving on your desk, and is made of high-quality materials. It is an impressive product.

All our suggestions will eliminate the dragging of cables in your life and improve your overall gaming experience at a relatively low price. Is there any mouse bungee jumping that you think should be mentioned? What bungee jumping do you use now? Tell us in the comments or share it in the WePC community!

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