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This desktop has many of the features you expect from a high-end desktop, but the price is only a small part of it.

Gaming Pro Carbon is made of the "military grade" material that MSI likes to describe, so you know it will stand the test of time. It has a central supercharger, designed for Ryzen chips, which means you can squeeze the maximum overclocking level from the chip. The

board has multiple radiators to ensure that all components are always kept cool. It is also equipped with RGB to make the aesthetics more attractive.

Expected build

Mid / high end AMD build

form factor ATX

overclocking support






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only requires basic functions, you don't need any fancy help to get it up and running and running. Or maybe you are just looking for a cheap AMD motherboard for Ryzen APU build in the market? Either way, MSI Arsenal Games B450 Tomahawk MAX can meet your needs and more. For more than

years, AMD has provided quality hardware on a budget. Intel has the high-end market and AMD has the low-end market. This means that the quality of AM4 motherboards within the budget range is of the highest level ... in terms of budget products.

In any case, the b450 Tomahawk is one of the most popular motherboards, for good reason. It has some great features, like core enhancements, that can provide more power to its components, which is especially beneficial when using Ryzen chips.

Thick coated heat sinks scattered throughout the board ensure that the temperature is always kept at the lowest level, especially when trying to extract the full potential from these chips.

Expected Build

Cheap Build

Form Factor


Overclocking Support






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Cheapest MSI B450 motherboard is the cheapest motherboard on our list of games, we The cheapest on the list is the MSI B450 completely misled by the price tag. MSI had to make some compromises to achieve the low price range, but retained the main features that players care about most.

is equipped with 64GB compatible 4.133MHz RAM, this motherboard is very suitable for AMD Ryzen build. Having said that, you can still use the powerful features to pair this board with any third-generation Ryzen CPU. You don’t even need to update the BIOS. MAX means that this motherboard has been updated to the latest BIOS, so you can simply insert your new chip into this motherboard without worrying about it not booting.

Unfortunately, Gaming Plus only provides 1 M.2 slot, which means that if you consider using multiple M.2, future expansion will be very difficult. Although it seems to appear on the shelves at such an affordable price, it is easy to get them out of the cart.

One of our favorite motherboards at WePC, perfect for anyone looking to build a decent gaming rig for the first time.

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