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Of the specific characteristics of OK for extreme shelters, you can let it come out of your cow's disease inner madness without fear of destroying your expensive team.

ASUS was at a huge length to make sure the thermal is on, if thermal is executed. EKIII cooling water block, super wide copper supplies, M.2 heat sink, dedicated PCH, the four fan connectors, the folded registration chipset fan, even a header of the water pump To accommodate custom loops, this beast not overheating.

Not only is the OC distribution board. From WiFi 6 and Gigabyte LAN connectivity, up to USB 3.2 gene 2 support, it is quite impressive on all fronts. Intuitive AI Suite 3 is also exquisitely designed. The performance of Fayette perfectly the request that has become easier than ever.

Aesthetically, it is a fairly neutral board, but it is not a flare. The LiveDash OLED panel allows a very fresh and personalized graphic screen of colors, but if the sound is too hot, you can configure the performance information you see.

Budget Build

Form Form


Overclocking Support

Overclocking Support









AMD Shop



Header of the water pump six pcie

slots robust heat sink

core, audio, and memory features

excellent price (cheaper in the same specification)

robust heat sink

core, audio and memory

, probably

B450 Chipset, MSI




SATA Ports 5 and 6 shutdown PCIE

slot, this means that no one is limited. R7 CPU. The only one you want can take advantage of the maximum PCIE GEN 4. The bandwidth of the connection is reduced by half.

Despite relatively low prices and the B450 chipsets, Gaming Plus Max is left to walk with bits and sets the base for some intensive overclocks, and more improved by MSI has been in the cooling installation.

This heat sink is heavy Dee. In fact, we say that they say that the tropical tropics say that the sinks, and are supported by five Fanwears that extend around the motherboard, but the sixth fan, water for some reason needs to connect the pump. The headers are duplicated as additional fan headers.

Other features include other features, core reinforcement, topics capacitors, 6 SATA port interfaces, four PCIE X1 slots and two full side PCIe, with other features. There is a slot. If you are using a PCIe port, you can use SATA 1 to 4 ports, but ports 5 and 6 close

with Rayzen 7 5000xSeries. It is clear that AMD has hit another nail. Intel's coffin. Not only do you overcome Intel in all technical blows, but are also more affordable, 10,000 years! And, you can choose and save AMD CPU, you can go to one of these base plates, everything that is all that Zen 3 Ryzen CPU sang.

Boards that are perfect for your configuration and game needs are completely dependent on you, but in our opinion, the Asus X570 is your best. The Heardend X570 Board seems to have all the functions, such as the PCIe Gen 4 slot and the quality power design, but it is much at the price of the wallet. If it is serial overclocker, the cross opens the world of taking performance.

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