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Merax is another company you may come across when looking for the "Holy Grail," a gaming chair that gives you the comfort you want without spending a lot of money.

Just as the inventory levels of all gaming chair manufacturers were affected during the pandemic, more and more people are looking for comfortable furniture to spend their days with, so you may need to try harder to find inventory. reviewed the best Merax products to help make your buying decision easier.

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Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

A low-cost racing seat option, available in a variety of colors, and includes a pedal for activation.

This Merax has a retractable foot / leg support, which may appear fragile, but is carefully supported. The seat is definitely on the "player" side, and its bright colors are flashing, but if that's why you want to set up the room, you're in luck.

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This recliner chair is not suitable for everyone, but if you have enough space and configurations to benefit from such a multi-functional chair, then it is here.

You need a large enough table to hold such a chair, but if you like to use your computer to watch movies or games from further afield, its Lazyboy appearance and functions may attract your attention.

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For those who desperately want a gaming chair but don't have the funds to make a high-priced decision, this is a low-cost option

Let's face it, if this is the chair series you're looking for but what will you get? We can agree to commit your money here is pretty good.

Buying from Amazon

It is important to realize that you will be buying furniture that you expect to last many years and more importantly, when you sit down at your computer, it gives you a degree of comfort that you may not have done before . Therefore, before clicking "Buy", please note the following. Price

The cost of

gaming chairs can vary greatly. Big name companies will charge higher fees for their products, but this is for a reason. Generally, the quality of the materials used is much higher, and this is how cheap manufacturers can drastically reduce prices. This adjustment also reduces comfort. Excluding the extra support pads, the quality of the foam used in the seat and back parts will not be as high and you may lose shape faster than you want. The seat itself may not tilt or even feel less solid.

What we're saying is that we certainly don't always recommend that you buy higher priced items, but when it comes to gaming chairs, you generally get what you pay for. It all depends on how happy you are to commit.


In recent years, the massive gamification of gaming chairs has certainly changed. We are no longer just different bright green chairs with an orange streak to them, but now you can get high-quality gaming chairs that won't look out of place in any corner of your home. You must decide whether you want a larger upholstered "boss" office chair or stick with the racing style that has been so popular in recent years. It is also worth considering that you can renew your chair before the end of its useful life, so bright yellow racing chairs may not be suitable in the future.

Compared to traditional office chairs or computer chairs, most gaming chairs have less weight limitations. That's because these chairs are already floor-based, so they are unlikely to collapse if they have a strong frame.

The only real exceptions to these rules are Intex inflatable chairs and X rocker bottom seats. The weight limit of an inflatable chair is much stricter, because if you pass it, you are at risk of bursting, while the base of the other chair may fall off on its own if you put too much pressure on it for too long.

However, with the exception of those chairs, you may weigh more than 350 pounds and use these chairs on the floor. They should also be quite comfortable, but if it is particularly wide, you can also check the measurement. The height and weight of the

gaming chair are the same as any other chair. Most

can only support up to 250 pounds, and some can support up to 400 pounds. Similarly, some chairs are small and can only hold up to 5` 5 inches in height, while others have a high back that can support more than 6` in height.

Choose a gaming chair that can support at least 20 pounds more than its current weight. And since you are unlikely to lift your other foot any time soon, just choose a chair that is close to your height or a little taller.

One thing many people forget when buying a chair is that it needs to be small enough to be close to your desk. This means that you must have a good knowledge of the height and width of the chair. The

feature is another good thing, but the main problem here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people want gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If you are interested in this and don’t mind some additional setup steps, then you should probably choose to do it.

However, if you are not interested in this, please do not waste your money.

The products provided by Meerax have not turned the world on fire and they certainly will not let you down. With supportive head and waist pillows, and an expandable footrest that looks more fragile than it actually is, what you get here is actually a very good deal.

Like many of these cheap chairs, the manufacturer recoups some of the cost to make the chair affordable in the materials used, but as long as you know you're not getting the best, that's fine. You should probably read the content of this article.


color choice will help to adapt the chair to many different scenarios, although the racing seat is still a "gamer" and obviously won't put some people off, which is why this type is very popular.

A good seat at a reasonable price compared to many other products on the market today.




23.62 x 23.62 x 43.3 inches

Maximum load

275 lbs



Reclined at 1345 degrees 44 branches 4 branches 4 branches 4 legs 4 legs cheap 4 legs 4 legs 4 legs 4 legs 4 legs The actual price for 4 small pillows is


movement problem is not suitable for many

room setups. Most people think this is not practical, and this is correct. It is not the type of gaming chair that you can hang in front of the table and feel comfortable. For starters, it's on a pedestal instead of wheels, so there's no easy way to change its position instead of standing up and hanging it wherever you want with your body.

If your setup is more flexible, this may be ideal. It has a manly Lazyboy style with a cup holder and side pockets, which compares it to many other chairs we've seen recently. If you want to buy something like this for yourself, I would consider playing simulation games on it. In the past, I used X Rocker to do similar things as a simulated seat for long Elite Dangerous sessions. Just put on the VR headset and relax, and you will be in a very distant spaceship. The wife was very moved.

A seat like this requires unique needs, but if you have this need, this is a good choice, and the price is much lower than the high-quality gaming chairs on the market. Welcome.




71.1 x 50.8 x 133.4 cm

Maximum Load

300 lbs

Amazon Store

When you finally buy a chair, you should expect the quality of the workmanship and the materials of the set to degrade seriously when you buy the set manufacturing and materials in the market But it is very good. There is no doubt that the price of a high-end model seems to be too high for the vast majority of people who just want a gaming chair that they can trust without having to pay for life. There is no doubt that Merax has focused on this area of the market and has provided you with cheap and nice products that cannot compete with it in terms of quality, but in terms of the value for money they provide, if you end up No matter replacing it within a year or two, rather than a lifetime. The

seat is equipped with supportive pillows and a variety of color options, but one thing to consider is that the armrests are not adjustable, which can be a problem for some people. Based on my setup, it actually works for me. However, if you absolutely must buy a gaming chair at the lower end of the price range, you might be doing worse than just looking at this one.

For us, a good gaming chair is completely a must. Several key areas can be used to determine the right candidate. The following is a list of areas that we consider most important when choosing a high-quality chair:

In the end, if the chair you are buying meets some of these basic criteria, it is likely to be a winner. However, finding a chair with all these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, which means you have to spend unlimited time researching many different options.

This is where WePC enters the equation. Our team of computer enthusiasts is researching and testing the best hardware deals on the market every day and focusing their energy on this guide to find the best gaming chair.

It is always difficult for critics like me. There are many options to do the best without having to spend my own money often. So how can I conscientiously suggest that you buy something much cheaper that will not last for a long time?

Although there are many people who just want a new gaming chair without the financial heartache associated with advanced models, this seems to be the demographic target for Merax to successfully target their seats. They are not the strongest, nor do they feel the best, but I compare them to a $ 500 chair. In fact, the prices for these seats are very good, as are the $ 40 office chairs that I have used at IKEA for many years. years. If this is your budget, you will be happy when your Merax arrives.

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