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Logitech is a solid company in the peripheral market that offers impressive products in a variety of products that gamers need. Compared to great features, they prefer function and quality, and are no strangers to keyboards. For those looking for a new motherboard on the market, it can be tricky to know which is the best Logitech gaming keyboard, because they come in so many models.

Whether you're looking for a new wireless gaming keyboard, a more compact TKL option, or something that won't break the bank, WePC can present you in this article.

Let's learn more about the best gaming keyboards Logitech has to offer.

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Logitech G915 is not only one of the best motherboards of the brand, but also one of the best wireless gaming keyboards on the market.

G915 is Logitech’s flagship gaming keyboard, and one of the best peripherals they have made in recent years. This 100% motherboard uses an amazing low-key design, dedicated multimedia keys and Gkeys (macro). In addition, it looks and feels luxurious, and Lightspeed technology makes it work like a wired model.

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Logitech G513 is one of the best wired gaming keyboards of the brand, with the best features, responsive switches, and durable manufacturing quality.

Logitech G513 is an excellent wired gaming keyboard with RomerG switch that responds quickly and satisfactorily. This 100% keyboard comes with a wrist rest, which is one of the higher quality wrist rests you can get at this price.

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No need to enter the Logitech G Pro gaming keyboard, this is the top plate. This TKL model is the best product Logitech has to offer, giving you a compact, high-quality option to participate in these gaming activities. The

G Pro Gaming Keyboard is the perfect TKL keyboard, suitable for those who carry peripherals to participate in activities or those with little space at home. The 80% size of Tenkeyless looks great and the board is very responsive, making it ideal for competitive players.


on Amazon. Logitech's best budget option is G213, a high-quality diaphragm. This full-size keyboard brings premium features to your dining table at a very affordable price. The

Logitech G213 gaming keyboard may be a budget option, but it still contains some inexpensive features. The board comes with RGB backlighting, multimedia keys and excellent build quality. This may be a thin film, but the switch is very reliable and does not feel too soft. This is a really great gaming keyboard and the price is under $ 50.

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Choosing the right Logitech gaming keyboard can be a long and frustrating task, especially considering the number of different options available .

It is important to make sure you get a keyboard that is tailored to your specific needs, after all, you don't want to waste money. That being said, this process generally requires nearly endless research, comparisons, and user reviews. Don't worry, WePC can help you.

We did all of the research before finally narrowing down the options and bringing them together in one place.

We like to use all the peripherals that we recommend. Testing products is an important part of our entire selection process and is a way of ensuring that specific options are the best for the job. The

product must pass our tests. It's mostly about a lot of games and a few other boring stuff, but most (if not all) of the recommendations will go through a rigorous testing process.

When using the Logitech Gaming Keyboard, we must evaluate build quality, structure, performance, and ultimately value.

This process allows us to provide you with accurate information about how the keyboard works and whether it is ultimately worth your hard-earned money.

Whether you are buying the best Logitech keyboard or a new gaming mouse, making the right choice is important to your bank balance and game results. In order to smoothly complete the process and ensure that you get a keyboard that suits your needs, we will first consider a few key factors. The

gaming keyboard is available in a variety of sizes. First of all, we need to determine which size is best for your needs. Want a full-size Logitech gaming keyboard with numeric keypad media controls and macros, or are you looking for something more compact to fit a smaller desktop? The

full-size (100%) keyboard is the most common and has all the features you might need. These boards have dedicated function keys and arrows. The complete dashboard also comes with dedicated multimedia controls that allow you to play, pause and control the volume of multimedia/PC applications.

Or, for those who like something more compact, you can get a Tenkeyless (TKL) board. These types of tables range in size from 80% to 40% of full-size tables. The TKL keyboard can provide high-quality options for gamers with limited space, and still cleverly pack many functions into a smaller frame. Remember that you will lose the numeric keypad, so if you use this feature frequently, please remember this before purchasing.

For hardcore gamers involved in LAN activities or even playing at a friend's house, the smaller TKL board is an ideal size for portability and generally makes life easier for them.

Whenever we talk about mechanical keyboards or membrane keyboards, you may have heard of switches, which are the little rods under each key. The switch is responsible for registering the keys and sending this information to your PC. The most common style on

mechanical keyboards is called the Cherry MX or MX style.

You will notice the differences when playing games, but it is important to note that these are proprietary, so finding replacement keys may be more difficult than using other gaming keyboards. The

linear switch has the least noise among the three, but there is still sound when typing. As we all know, linear people are the fastest to respond, even if there is almost no difference in the game, they are very popular among competitive players. If it is a transmitter, you may need to consider a mute switch, which is difficult to achieve on Logitech brand keyboards, but you can also buy a muffler ring to help solve this problem.

Clicky switches are just like their sound, loud and clicky when activated. Some people find it very satisfying to use. That said, if you type a lot or plan to use this keyboard in the office, you may need to reconsider because these keyboards tend to be loud. When you press the key, the touch switch

provides a light touch. In addition to the tactile bump, you will also hear a click to let you know that you have activated that particular key.

What you decide to do is ultimately up to you, because it depends on personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer. There are many differences between the

mechanical keyboard and the membrane keyboard, but only below the surface. Most gamers tend to prefer mechanical keyboards because they are durable and responsive. In other words, some gamers still prefer the smooth and quiet feel of the membrane switch, so the choice is entirely up to you.

mechanical switches tend to be louder (or even quieter), but it is worth noting that the membrane keyboard may break faster because the membrane layer will flatten over time. Mechanical keyboards are easier to clean because they can be easily removed.

Of course, the main advantage of a membrane keyboard is that it is more affordable, but you have to know that a higher-quality keyboard is always worth it. Once it appears, you can't stop.

The question of choosing a wired or wireless Logitech gaming keyboard has never really been used to enter the calculations of gamers. In the past, the convenience of wireless keyboards was overshadowed by latency issues and technical unreliability.

As they said, the past is a thing of the past, and Logitech is at the forefront of some impressive wireless technologies in its mouse, keyboard and headset. Wired keyboards are still the favorite of most serious gamers because they will never malfunction or require charging. With this in mind, if you want to enter the field of e-sports, you may want a wired keyboard, but you may be tempted by Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology.

This technology allows wireless peripherals to even emerge in the minds of e-sports professionals on the big stage, because they provide some of the best latency-free technology we have seen. Therefore, when you combine the reliability and convenience of the latest wireless gaming keyboards, some gamers are almost irresistible. Remember, you have to charge the wireless keyboard, so don't forget this, otherwise you may short-circuit your device overnight.


full size (100%)




slim GL switch, clickable, linear and tactile

wrist rest

not included


from Amazon



full size switch (type

) RomerG


RGB lighting

Wrist rest

Memory foam wrist rest

Buy Amazon


Keyless (80%)


Romer G switch


4 4 44 44 44 Model Amazon 44 44 44 44 Excluding Amazon 100 %)





Wrist rest

Not included

Buy from Amazon


Full size (100%)


4 RGB 4 4GL type 4GL 44 4GL 44 4GL 4GL Switch 4 4GL

No Include

Buy Amazon


Amazing low price design

TG key and dedicated multimedia key

Very luxurious mechanical keyboard



Very expensive

Logitech's G915 ng keyboard wireless gami is their flagship model. This is the king of wireless gaming keyboards. Of course, it looks great, has low-key features, and runs smoothly. The

keyboard is one of the slimmest keyboards, thanks to its low-profile body and accompanying low-profile keys. In addition to the ultra-slim design, there are some impressive features hidden under the boots. This mechanical keyboard incorporates Loigteches' respected Lightspeed technology to provide latency-free performance. The board also includes Bluetooth, built-in configuration files, and programmable Gkeys (macro). However, the function does not stop there, we have seen a dedicated multimedia key that gives you all the comfort you need.

Logitech advertises that this motherboard has a battery life of more than 30 hours, enough to play games every week.

For typing, the keyboard is still comfortable, easy to use, and there are few errors during testing. The understated design might get used to some people, but it's just a very fancy mechanical keyboard. There are multiples or RomerG that change from click to linear, linear is best suited for games. The

has fewer keyboards that can compete with the truly outstanding G915 motherboard, let alone a wireless gaming keyboard.


Full Size (100%)


RomerG Linear Switch


RGB Lighting

Wrist Rest

Memory Foam Palm Rest

Buy on Amazon


Very Satisfied RomerG4 Linear Switch

Looks Very Professional and Comfortable

Quality aeronautics Aluminum alloy top case


No macro keys

Best wired keyboard from Logitech

The Pro Mechanical keyboard is actually a model without ten keys. The size of the board is 80% of the full-size board, and it has been sold for sports due to its responsive switch and compact size that is easy to carry.

This TKL board is ideal for tournaments. Its compact size and low start switch provide the most sensitive performance in the game.

This circuit board provides reliable functions in a beautiful shell and is durable. Don't let the lack of flashy features let you down. If you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the perfect board. The

RomerG key switch is responsive and is a great alternative to the Cherry MX key switch. This keyboard feels great for typing and gaming.


original size (100%)





wrist rest

not included

Amazon stores

budget PROS

RGB backlight


multimedia keys included

good build Quality


lacks high-end features

lacks macro keys

membrane keyboard has many shortcomings

The price of the Logitech G213 gaming keyboard is very impressive, fortunately for us, the list of G213 advantages does not stop at this.

In addition to the backlight, this keyboard also has a dedicated multimedia key and a splash-proof design. After all, it is especially important for players who want to stay hydrated when playing for a long time. In addition to the backlight provided here and the overall high quality inherent in Logitech products, you can also use Logitech gaming software to extensively customize every aspect of this keyboard. However, this keyboard lacks one key function: a mechanical switch. If the price of your gaming keyboard is around $ 50, you may want to consider a mechanical gaming keyboard that is a bit higher than this price because it will provide a significantly better gaming experience.

These are the best Logitech gaming keyboards currently sold by the brand. They provide a high degree of consistency, reliability and quality. Logitech is known for its features and performance, so you can be sure that your new Logitech keyboard can handle almost any gaming task. In addition, Logitech’s build quality is excellent, which also provides you with some value-for-money life.

For the top product of Logitech gaming keyboard, the eye-catching low-key G915 is the best choice. This mechanical keyboard has a visual impact, and its many features make it an ideal choice for anyone.

For cheaper alternatives to higher models, we recommend the wired Logitech G513 RGB. This mechanical keyboard has a satisfying switch, stylish design, and a very comfortable wrist rest.

For more compact options, why not choose the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard? This mechanical table is a TKL model, which means that it is easier to transport or ideal for players with limited spaces. The motherboard is durable and responsive, making it the perfect choice for any competitive gamer.

If you have a lot of money or can't justify spending all your money on a gaming keyboard, the Logitech G213 may be the perfect choice. This full size film plate comes with RGB lighting and media control and is inexpensive.

Here, the best Logitech gaming keyboard is an all-in-one. What Logitech motherboards do you think should be on this list? Which Logitech motherboard do you want to choose? Go to the WePC community and share!

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