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Although most gamers are right-handed, there is still a high demand for high-performance, well-balanced, and reasonably priced left-handed mice. With the growing popularity of esports, especially now that no one is allowed out, the demand for lefties has increased.

For this reason, we decided to search the internet to find the best left-handed gaming mouse. We'll take a look at some of the latest products released by reputable manufacturers and compare them to one another to determine which ones are truly the best.

So, considering all this, let's not waste any more time and go straight to the best left-handed gaming mouse in 2021!

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Razer's Viper Ultimate is among the best in this best guide, for good reason. It outperforms the Logitech G Pro in many different areas, including build quality and sensor performance.

Razer Viper Ultimate is one of the newer mice in this guide. It offers many cool features and materials of construction that other mice simply cannot match. This 20k gaming mouse offers the highest level of precision, excellent grip, and a few extra features that make it unique.

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This Logitech fan favorite comes with a super comfortable design, excellent gaming performance, and build quality that can stand the test of time. If you are looking for a mouse that can do it all, look no further.

I believe you have heard the name of G Pro in many forums or technical conversations. This mouse revolutionized gaming mice, leading manufacturers to think twice about weight, size, and design. The

Logitech G Pro won our best second place in this guide, but it’s just insignificant. This is still one of the best gaming mice money can buy, and it will become the first choice for many people.

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This popular shape has been improved from the original foundation and now provides better wireless connectivity, gaming performance and desktop weight distribution.

's heaviest product and Logitech's second product is G903 Wireless. This gaming mouse is loved by fans and has been used by the general public since its initial release. Although this is one of the heavier gaming mice that appear in this guide, it still provides excellent performance in many different types.

is not the most suitable mouse for FPS shooting games, but it can accomplish everything else at the highest level.


from Amazon This may be the cheapest mouse in this guide, but don’t give up this very effective gaming mouse because of it. Sensei 310 is very popular for many reasons, but the most important is its excellent gaming performance.

Speaking of budget mice, you really can't beat it in terms of gaming performance. Steelseries sells it as the first gaming mouse equipped with a true e-sports gaming sensor. Although we added a little salt, it is a very good sensor and an excellent sports mouse.

For this, and many other reasons, it is one of the best mice under $50.

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Zowie S2 Divina is very popular among WePC internal teams, mainly because most of us like to play FPS shooting games. This mouse feels tailored for fast-paced games and can handle almost everything we have to invest in. The

Zowie S2 Divina is by far one of the best gaming mice on the market. Not only does it provide near-pixel-perfect accuracy, but it also has shapes and textures that make this mouse feel like it’s stuck to the palm of your hand.

Although it is not the cheapest mouse you have ever seen, it is much cheaper than our first three mice.

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Whether you are looking for the best gaming mouse money can buy or an inexpensive option under $ 50, choosing the gaming peripherals that best suit your needs can sometimes be a difficult and difficult process. time consuming.

It takes hours of product research, performance benchmarking, and user feedback review to come to a clear conclusion on recommended content.

If you are not technically competent and find it difficult to take the time to complete the above requirements, you may end up purchasing a left-handed gaming mouse that is not suitable for you at all. Chapter

Don't Be Afraid, Friend! At WePC, we like to take the pressure off your research and turn the entire process into a comprehensive buyer's guide that's easy to follow. That's right, our team of PC enthusiasts have done all the hard work for you!

Testing our recommended products is an important part of the overall selection process in our best guide. This is one way to ensure that the product we recommend is without a doubt the best option in its particular category.

To ensure that a product is "the best", it must show excellent performance in our tests and show better quality and functionality than the competitors it faces.

Most of the products we recommend at WePC have undergone a rigorous testing process, covering everything from price and performance to quality, efficiency and build aesthetics. Every product has been pushed to the limit and watch it perform under intense pressure to ensure it becomes the first place we dreamed of. By doing so,

allows us to provide you with the most accurate product performance assessment and ultimately determine if it is worth your hard-earned money.

One of the best ways to ensure that your next hardware or peripheral purchase meets your needs is to understand the key factors and issues


Let's start discussing the most important element of the gaming mouse in terms of performance and precision: the sensor. The sensor is located on the bottom of the mouse and is used to track your movements while gaming or browsing the Internet. The

sensor has made considerable progress in the last ten years, and the latest products have almost reached a high point that can no longer be improved upon. Today's sensors provide pixel-perfect precision, impressive tracking acceleration, and long service life. When you get killed in a competitive game, you (as a player) can no longer blame your sensors. Unfortunately, now everything depends on you.

With that said, when comparing advanced options against the budget, there is still a significant gap in sensor quality. So knowing what level of performance you need can save you a few dollars. For example, if you're playing a fast-paced shooter like CS: GO, you might want to get the best sensor on the market. Or, if you are a casual gamer who likes to play MMO and exploration games, you may not need such high quality or sensors.

Having said that, almost all the sensors in this guide provide excellent gaming performance, and there are only subtle differences between the recommendations shown.

DPI, or dots per inch, is a unit of measurement used to determine the sensitivity of a mouse. Although this does not play an important role in the actual gaming performance of the mouse, it is worth discussing because many manufacturers use excellent DPI as the real benefit of gaming.

For example, the DPI capability of the mouse used by today's professional gamers exceeds 12,000 DPI, and some of them have now reached 20,000 DPI. That being said, if you check their settings, they won't actually use more than 1200. The simple answer is because 16,000DPI is too sensitive and almost inaccurate.

Most gamers today use an average of 400,800 DPI, so be careful when you see two mice with competing DPI numbers.

One thing that really affects game performance now is the size and weight of the mouse you plan to use. You may have noticed that the weight and design of mice are getting lighter and lighter, which is a continuing trend. Take Roccat Kone Pure Ultra and Cooler Master MM711 as examples. The main reason for this is that in those fierce battle scenes, a lighter mouse is easier to manipulate and more agile.

Having said that, not all users like a lightweight mouse. As one of the most popular gaming mice in the past 15 years, Logitech MX518 is much heavier than many of today's mice, weighing more than 100 grams. Ultimately, the weight you choose depends mainly on your personal preferences, but if the rules are in place, I would recommend a lighter mouse for FPS shooting games.

should be very serious about making a mouse, mainly because the price of a mouse nowadays is much less than $100, and you don't want to spend money on a new mouse every time you get angry.

Unfortunately, many of the "premium" mice on the market today cannot be manufactured in quality to match their impressive price tags.

Finally, all mice in this guide have been considered based on the quality of their construction and the materials used. However, if you plan to conduct some independent research on your own, make sure that the mouse you choose has the ability to stand the test of time. There may be few

Grip styles, and they are far apart. Having said that, we all have our favorite styles, and not all mice are adapted to this kind of grip.

The way you hold it literally refers to how you hold the mouse. Every time you hold the mouse, your hand will occupy a specific position, which means that in certain holding methods, certain sizes feel inappropriate.

The three main gripping methods are grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip, all for different sized mice. Obviously, this is not the only factor that determines the size of the mouse you should use, but as a general rule of thumb, a smaller mouse is more suitable for fingertip gripping, while a larger mouse is more suitable for finger tips. legs and palms.

As you may have noticed, we don't actually provide any actual left-handed gaming mice on this list. That's because there are not so many left-handed gaming mice out there. Usually, manufacturers will release a left-handed version of their gaming mouse based on its popularity-the Razer Deathadder left-handed design is a typical example. However, in most cases, they only release smart mice that can be used by left- and right-handed users.

Fortunately, this is not a bad thing for left-handed users. Thanks to the versatile and dexterous design, they can still choose from a large number of balanced, comfortable and high-performance mice.

Now that we have had the opportunity to review the important factors to be considered for left-hand gaming mice, let's take a closer look at the mouse provided!




focus + (light)


74 g


medium (126.73 X 66.2 X 37.81 mm)

battery life

,470 hours





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HERO (optical)


80 g


medium (125×63 X 40mm) device

battery life

60 hours





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HERO 16k


110 g + 10 g optional


medium to large (130 x 67 x 40 mm)

battery life

140 hours





Right-handed and left-handed players feel more comfortable. The sides are textured to help maintain your grip style, while the buttons have a slightly recessed finish that allows your fingers to sit comfortably for hours. A well-thought-out design that can meet the challenges of comfort and grip. In terms of gaming, the

is on par with the best gaming mouse on the market today. It is equipped with Razer's own Focus + optical sensor, which is a variant of the PMW3399 optical sensor. It would be an understatement to say that this was perfect. It has excellent tracking, pixel perfect movement, and can handle even the most severe tilt hits. Use this mouse to eliminate all the glitches that have affected your gaming performance.

Another big advantage of this mouse over its strict Logitech competition is its weight. Although Logitech weighs 80 grams, it weighs only 74 grams. This makes it more versatile and agile than most of the other products on this list. These materials are also of the highest quality, providing zero flex under extreme pressure. There's no obvious feel to shaking this thing wildly, this is something a wireless mouse rarely has. The

split trigger main button is responsive and precise, with good touch and driving force. Razer also updated these switches to their proprietary optical switches. Compared to mechanical alternatives, this mouse has higher precision.

Finally, we have battery life. If you think this may be a negative area, please think again. Viper provides approximately 70 hours of continuous game time, making it one of the best batteries in the game!

What else can I say? This mouse is indeed one of the best mice that Razer has made for a long time.




HERO (optical)


80 grams


Medium (125 x 63 x 40 mm)

Battery life

Battery life

4 4 hours 4 4 hours 4 4 points Amazon 4 4 4 4 hours 4 4 wireless 4 4 wireless 4 4 black 4 4 4 buttons 4 4 4 point speed

One of the best sensors on the market

Really smart (detachable side button)

combined with G Powerplay mouse pad Unlimited power when in use

Ultra-light (80 grams)


Very expensive

Logitech G Pro gaming mouse is one of the most popular mice in 2020, for good reason. It has not only accepted 2 years of collaborative design work with e-sports professionals, but also provides excellent build quality, excellent connectivity, and a large number of cool features that can be enjoyed by both left-handed gamers and right-handed players This kind of fun.

In terms of design, the Logitech G Pro doesn't really bring many benefits except for its dexterous form. Its fairly basic oval shape is made up of subtle curves and slight humps. The buttons are quite discreet and this mouse has no sound or games. That said, this is the simplicity of this mouse. Everything else it provides is of the highest quality.

The outstanding feature of this mouse must be Logitech's latest HERO optical sensor at its core. It is currently rated as one of the best and most accurate sensors on the market today. Unsurprisingly, it provides absolutely perfect performance when gaming, and is 10 times more efficient than other leading sensors.

As you may have noticed, this mouse offers wireless versatility, which is generally undesirable when it comes to gaming peripherals. In other words, wireless technology has progressed exponentially in the past 510 years, and many gamers now choose wireless components instead of the wired alternatives of the past. This mouse is also equipped with Speed of Light technology, which means that you will never be at a disadvantage when playing games with wired components.

Although the design of the G Pro is very simple, the material used in this mouse is not. It consists of a lightweight 80 gram frame, which feels very strong and sturdy. This is truly a feat when you think there are no holes in the case and it offers wireless versatility. Battery life can last up to 40 hours after a single charge, but if you pair it with a Logitech G Powerplay mouse pad, you'll never run out of battery again.

Overall what we have here is one of the best gaming mice released in the last 5 years. The only downside to this product is its high price.

See our full Logitech G Pro Wireless review here




HERO 16k


110g + 10g optional


Medium to Large (130 4 4 4 mm) 4 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours



11 44 44 Amazon Store


Wireless charging

Smart design, suitable for left and right handed gamers

Excellent build quality

One of the best sensors

1444 1








4SPE The costly duration of the

's battery is heavy. The

works best with a Powerplay mouse pad.

For many years, many people have known and adored this form, be it games or daily tasks. Yes, it is the Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse. If versatility, build quality, and programmable buttons are your goals, you can't go wrong with this epic product.

Judging from the products in this guide, the Logitech G903 may be the most "fun" of its kind, providing sharp-angled disconnected main buttons and RGB activation. Although this is one of the heaviest mice on the market today, don't let it fool you, it supports this weight with superior build quality and durability. This mouse feels great. When placed in countless

For the other two mice in this list, G903 is also equipped with wireless technology. Fortunately, Logitech took the time to equip it with the impressive LightSpeed technology. The G903 has excellent responsiveness and an excellent 140-hour battery life, surpassing everything in this guide, and has one of the best wireless brackets. One of the classic features provided by the

mouse is the optional weight, which can add to its already sturdy design. Sometimes, you need to add a little extra weight when trying to perform small movements. Remember, this mouse also adds an additional 10 grams of weight, which can be added to the bottom of the G903.

In the end, this may not be the best mouse for FPS games, but for other types of games, it is undoubtedly one of the best gaming mice.




TrueMove3 (optical)


92 grams


Medium (125 x 61 x 39 mm)


Black 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 PRO 4 4 Button 4 4 4 PRO 4 4 4 No. 4 4 Button 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Button 4 4 4 4 Button 4 4 Amazon 4 4 4 4 Button Effective

Good driving sound with every click

Very good build quality

Separate trigger button provided


The main frame material feels a bit cheap.

Finally, we provide the best left-handed gaming mouse for users on a budget. Although this is the cheapest on the list, don't think it is the worst so far, because honestly, this is an excellent gaming mouse that allows others to run for their own money.

Steelseries Sensei 310 has a good following, users still use it and choose more advanced options. The sensei 310 is a clever redesign of the Rival 310, bringing the same performance as its right-hand sibling. The new design is very suitable for right-handed and left-handed users, with matching buttons on both sides. Although the design is a bonus, in my opinion it is a bit small and only suitable for paw and finger users.

Inside the shell of this excellent gaming mouse, we found the highly regarded TrueMove3 optical sensor. This is a variant of PWM3366, equipped with all the precision and durability of the manufacturer. Steelseries advertises this mouse as "the world's first true esports sensor." Although this may not be strictly true, it does have true 1-to-1 tracking for ultra-low latency.

Overall, here we have a very cost-effective gaming mouse that not only saves you a few bucks in your back pocket, but also provides enough precision to save you money on a few cross shots.

See the full Steelseries Sensei 310 review here




3360 (optical)


90 grams


Medium (122 x 59 x 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 pieces) 4 buttons 4 4 4 4 buttons) Advantages

One of the best smart ways

Very accurate sensor

Simple "plug and play" configuration

Lightweight design


The mouse wheel is not adjustable and the sound is very good Large

Overlay shiny, it will become slippery under extreme sweat. Go right handed wired mouse

, you will find a good mouse as good as BenQ Zowie S2 Divina. This mouse has a bright pink design and provides more than just a beautiful appearance. High gaming performance, perfect sensors and excellent grip are just some of the features that this simple and effective mouse brings to the desktop.

From a design point of view, Divina S2 is very basic. Having said that, its dexterous design is very suitable for left-handed and right-handed users, and it feels great even during long gaming sessions. The subtle curves and gentle slopes of this mouse are suitable for most gripping methods, providing users with a comfortable posture, which will only increase confidence during use. The

sensor is the popular PWM 3360, which until recently was considered the best sensor on the market. Thanks to its pixel-perfect tracking and ability to handle obsolete clicks, this sensor provides excellent gaming performance. These switches are manufactured by Huanuo and have excellent service life and a pleasant starting sound.

Although this mouse is not the cheapest mouse you can find, it is certainly one of the best in terms of gaming comfort and performance. Choose it as your next gaming mouse and you won't be disappointed.

So there you have it, our full ranking of the best left-handed gaming mice on the market. We have tried to keep our reviews as short as possible, but for some people who still find them a bit difficult to digest, here is the final abbreviated summary for you!

If you want the best left-handed gaming mouse money can buy, look no further. Viper Ultimate is not only one of the best mice released by Razer over the years, but also one of the best gaming mice on the market!

Although this mouse did not win our first place, Logitech G Pro Wireless is still one of the gaming mice on the shelves in recent years, if not the most popular. If you are willing to spend money to buy this high-end gaming mouse, you will not be disappointed.

Logitech's second product is the wireless G903, this mouse has not changed since its first release. Although this is not the best for fast-paced shooting games, it is an excellent choice for those who wish to use wireless technology. The

fan favorite still plays an important role in today's game peripherals market. It provides first-class game performance and excellent design at a very reasonable price.

When it comes to a left-handed wired gaming mouse, you'll find it fine

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