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Flick stick controls now available via steam input beta

Although the weapon of choice for console gamers is still a trusted controller, some people choose to switch to a keyboard and mouse, at least in some games.

No matter how many people are loyal to the mango, although it has advantages in rhythm games, racing games, etc., there is no doubt that the keyboard and mouse have enormous advantages in speed, precision and versatility in games like the first. person shooting.

In this case, we have developed a short list of the best keyboard and mouse combinations available for PS5. Our list is compiled based on selection criteria, including price, responsiveness, build quality, and design.

Please note that these are only the best examples of PS5 compatibility that we are aware of at the time of writing this article, there may be combinations that we generally prefer to use with PS4, for example it does not currently work on PS5. Next year, the list of compatible keyboards and mice for PS5 may be expanded with more software updates.

We will be caught anyway!

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

The Razer Power Up Bundle is equipped with a Cynosa Lite keyboard, an affordable solid membrane keyboard, an excellent standard Razer Viper mouse, and finally the Kraken X gaming headset Lite.

Our most value-for-money combination, and the best choice overall, is the Razer Power Up Bundle, which is not only equipped with a mouse and keyboard, but also equipped with headphones that can be used with your PS5. Cynosa Lite keyboards only use membrane switches, not mechanical switches, which may not be suitable for some people, but their quality is very good. The Razer Viper mouse is one of the best mice on the market and the highlight of this combination. Finally, Kraken X Lite is a budget-oriented headset, but it is one of the best headsets currently available.

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Razer Turret wireless mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse is a high-priced but high-quality option for right-handed users, with its own retractable mouse pad.

This Razer Turret Combo is certainly not cheap, but the keyboard’s built-in expandable mouse pad makes it particularly useful when playing games on a sofa with the keyboard on your lap. Both the keyboard and mouse are of high quality, and the RGB chromaticity is first-rate, although the use of the latter function is limited by the PS5 function. High-quality keyboard and mouse in all aspects.

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This Logitech Lightspeed combo is a great option for those who want a quality mechanical keyboard and mouse at an affordable price. The G613 keyboard is very quiet for typing and the G305 mouse is a high-quality kit.

This bundle comes with the Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a cheaper, larger motherboard with no backlighting or RGB, but it comes with fairly quiet mechanical keys and a reliable wireless connection. The mouse in this combination is the G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, which is a well-built, high-quality low-latency kit, although some people may find it a bit too small.

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You can't find a cheap mechanical keyboard that is more suitable for use with PS5 than Redddragon K555RGBBA. M710RGB is a basic but robust gaming mouse.

This Reddragon keyboard and mouse combo is by far the cheapest option on this list. The Redddragon K555RGBBA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a surprisingly good mechanical keyboard and the best of the pack; Typing with the responsive Outemo Blue switch is really nice and it has built-in multimedia keys, though it's not a quiet typing experience. The M710RGB gaming mouse is somewhat more basic, a typical budget price, although it does have the advantage of dexterity.

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is different from the PS4, which has only two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the console (the professional version has a third port on the back). The PS5 has 1 Superspeed USB C port and 1 Hi-Speed USB A port. port on the front and 2. A Superspeed USB A port. This means that you should have enough slots to connect wired and wireless peripherals.

Bluetooth connection is not currently available for wireless headsets, but PS4 has this feature. Fortunately, Bluetooth coverage is a feature of the PS5 mouse and keyboard, assuming that the product you are using is compatible with the console.

Before purchasing a keyboard or mouse for PS5, you must first verify that they are truly compatible. Even if you successfully use the keyboard and mouse on the PS4, there is no guarantee that it will work on the PS5; in fact, the list of peripherals available for newer consoles today is relatively limited. However, the PlayStation 5 is fairly new and future software updates may add support for existing peripherals that are currently not working, as well as keyboard and mouse versions that will be updated in the coming years.

At the time of writing, all selected keyboard and mouse recommendations on this page are compatible with PlayStation 5. The following is a list of all currently supported PS5 mice and keyboards:


Apple Magic Keyboard

Corsair k95 rgb Platinum

Keychron K2 - Bluetooth

Logitech G613

Logitech K360 4440 K360 K360 K4404

Logitech PS3 Media Board - Bluetooth

Logitech Mk735

Logitech MK270 Rapoo E9100M

Logitech G613 Red Lightspeed Wireless Keyboard Razer

Cynosara Wireless Keyboard

Razer Wireless Keyboard

Razer Wireless Keyboard K4545

We recommend that you read the "Things to Consider" section of these guides before making a purchasing decision.

In addition to some very limited fixes, the macro functions and button assignments on the console are more restricted than on PCs, and you will not be able to access the dedicated peripheral management software for the mouse and keyboard.

Therefore, you may not need a mouse with a large number of buttons because it is not possible to link so many functions to them. The other functions below are usually more important.

One of the few things you can do on PS5 is set up a quick repeat macro for one of the keyboard keys. Just go to "Settings"> "Accessories"> "Keyboard" and set "Key Repeat (Delay)" to "Short" and "Key Repeat (Speed)" to Fast.

is relatively self-explanatory, if you pay for any mouse or keyboard, especially expensive ones, you need to make sure they are durable. The price of the best gaming mouse can exceed $ 100 and the price of a keyboard is much higher.

All the options we choose have been tested for robustness and longevity. Although not all of these are classified as "premium build quality" by us, they are at least sufficient for their respective prices.

The most important component of any mouse is usually the sensor attached to it, located on the bottom of the mouse. This is the main determinant of mouse accuracy and response to user movement. If you are a fan of first-person shooter games, you usually want to place the sensor above everything else in order to have an advantage in reacting instantly. For slow-paced games such as RPG/adventure/MMO games or strategy games, you usually don’t have to bother to spend money on the best sensors.

Counts Per Inch (CPI) is the correct measure of the maximum sensitivity of a mouse, although the wrong DPI (dots per inch) label is sometimes used. Either way, they essentially represent the same thing, the basic unit number (count) used by the mouse to measure the distance recorded when the mouse is moved one inch. The higher the CPI, the higher the potential sensitivity of the mouse (obviously you can set it lower in your settings). Mouse gamers generally do not exceed 1200 CPI in modern games, so this is a good upper limit.

The second most important consideration when buying a mouse is whether its shape, size, and weight fit your hand and hold. Generally speaking, there are several different options to meet all needs. Because everyone's subjective preferences are different, it is difficult to give clear recommendations; if possible, try before buying. This is usually the ideal choice.

Generally, we would say to get a good-feeling shape suitable for most playing styles, a shape you can get used to. You can choose a more professional design to adapt to a particular game, but this requires more money and more mice to learn your muscle memory.

If you want to play competitive shooting games (Call of Duty, etc.), we recommend that you choose a lightweight gaming mouse. A lightweight mouse will improve your reaction time, and will allow you to play longer due to reducing the pressure and pressure on your hands and arms.

Finally, we recommend that you choose a left or right mouse instead of a smart mouse according to your needs. This is because the design of the one-handed mouse is more ergonomic to fit your hand better.

"Form factor" essentially refers to the size of the keyboard and the number of keys it has. Smaller keyboards have fewer functions, but may be more ergonomic, reducing the travel time required between each keystroke and hand pressure over time, as well as the footprint on the desktop. Smaller keyboards are also good for gamers because they reduce the chance of typing errors by eliminating unnecessary keys that can interfere, and make the keyboard more portable. The three main form factors of the

keyboard, in descending order of size are:

keyboards with a size of 40% also exist in smaller sizes, but we do not recommend using them because the level of functionality you lose due to the reduction in size is not worth it From our point of view.

has two main types of switch technology: membrane and mechanical, the latter is usually the first choice of gamers. These switches are located below each key on the keyboard and are the mechanism for sending keystroke signals to the PC/console.

mechanical switches are louder, but have better tactile response (that is, when you press the button long enough to cause the desired action), their travel time is shorter, and the activation speed is faster, thereby increasing Time for user response. There are many types of mechanical switches, each with varying degrees of resistance and tactile response, depending on your preferences. You can read more about these here. However, the

membrane switch may be the first choice for those looking for a quieter typing experience (no clicks) and those who want to use the keyboard for game-free typing and prefer this feeling.

Most of the keyboards we recommend here may be mechanical keyboards, but if you have a membrane switch keyboard that you know works, give it a try, the difference between the two may be exaggerated.


Razer Cynosa Lite

keyboard type

full size




Razer Viper


16,000 DPI



Buy Amazon


Razer Turret Keyboard

Keyboard Type



Mechanical-Razer Green (Touch &

key. The board uses membrane switches instead of mechanical switches, which may not be to everyone's taste, but they are used for gaming and the write speeds are relatively fast. Cynosa Lite is generally a reliable budget keyboard. The Razer Viper

Mouse is the premium product of the pack. It has extremely low click latency, excellent CPI, and fits well in your hands, even if your hands are right-handed and very light. The build quality of the mouse is very good.

The only option on this page is that the Power Up package also comes with a Kraken X Lite gaming headset. Although this headset is relatively cheap, it is still Razer's premium kit-it can be worn comfortably on your head, and has 7.1 surround sound capabilities, as well as a powerful built-in microphone.

As long as you don't mind using a wired keyboard and mouse, it will be difficult for you to find a better package in terms of performance and price.


Razer Turret keyboard

keyboard type



mechanical-Razer Green (touch and click)


Razer Turret mouse


16,000 DPI



buy Amazon


carefully designed

Durable metal base

Retractable mouse pad

RGB Chroma

Built-in wrist rest



Only right hand turret

Razer keyboard Quality package for those who can afford it. The retractable mouse pad slides in from the right side of the keyboard (it is limited to right-handed users, unfortunately) and can be adjusted to different lengths. Ingeniously, there are magnets inside the pad to prevent the mouse from slipping easily during gaming. The

mechanical keyboard has a built-in wrist rest, which is of sturdy quality. Typing is usually enjoyable and is equipped with a Razer Green switch, which provides a similar experience to the Cherry MX Blue switch, although the reset time is shorter. The Razer Turret Mouse

has a similar design to the Razer Mamba. It comes with a standard mouse button configuration, as well as CPI tuning controls and two additional programmable buttons. The maximum sensitivity of the mouse is more than sufficient. The RGB chromaticity on the

mouse and keyboard is top notch, but if you use it on PS5 this feature will be limited by the console. Nonetheless, this is a top-of-the-line keyboard and mouse combo with wireless connectivity for added flexibility.


Logitech G613 Lightspeed

Keyboard Type


Full Size

Mechanical - RomerG


Logitech G305 Lightspeed


12,000 DPI Wired / Wireless /


Buy Amazon


Quality mouse

Quiet mechanical keyboard

Reliable wireless connection

Built-in wrist rest


Keyboard has no backlight or RGB function

Keyboard is a bit bulky

Mouse may be too small for most people

This Logitech Lightspeed package comes with G613 wireless keyboard and G305 mouse, which are reliable products from premium brands. The

mouse is the highlight of the kit. It has extremely low click latency and excellent overall build quality as well as good ergonomics. In other words, it is a bit small, so if you have bigger hands and smaller mice, this may not be your choice. The

G613 keyboard has mechanical keys with RomerG switches, similar to Cherry MX Browns, but it is not very comfortable to use. Despite this, the keys of a mechanical keyboard are very quiet, so those who still want a mechanical but don’t want a noisy typing experience should find them a reliable choice. The keyboard has a built-in wrist rest, which can be said to be larger than ideal, but this is not a problem for some people. Likewise, the keyboard has no backlighting or RGB function, and people who aren't interested in RGB aesthetics won't mind too much, although it does make typing in the dark difficult.


Redragon K555RGBBA

Keyboard Type

Full Size


Mechanical-Outemo Blue


Redragon M710 RGB


10,000 DPI Wired / Wireless /




Very Affordable

Blue Color Switch Very responsive click

comes with additional mouse pad


Very basic mouse

Very strong button click

This Reddragon keyboard and mouse combo is excellent value for money, but we feel it is not worth sacrificing quality, and This combination is an excellent choice for beginners at a compromise between value and performance. The

keyboard is the highlight of this special package: K555RGBBA is equipped with a Cherry Blue equivalent switch (called Outemo Blue), which provides very good handling, excellent response and tactile feeling. K555 provides vibrant RGB, 12 multimedia keys, waterproof design and molded keys to increase comfort. The keyboard is also equipped with a very comfortable wrist rest, which helps to eliminate some of the stress generated during long gaming sessions. The

M710 RGB mouse is very basic-its dexterous design makes it convenient for multiple people to use different dominant hands, but it means that it lacks ergonomic comfort compared to specific dominant hand models. However, the RGB function of the mouse is better than many more expensive models because the colors are very vivid. Mouse functions include 10,000 DPI, 20G acceleration, and interestingly, you can use the interchangeable weight on the mouse base to change the weight of the mouse.

Basically we have an entry-level keyboard and mouse combo here, which is well suited for novice gamers who want to try PC-style setups.

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