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Although console gamers are very happy to use their old controllers to play their favorite games, many people may not realize that by replacing the keyboard and mouse, the performance potential of the entire world can be unlocked. The

PC player settings allow users to be more flexible, more accurate and faster in those decisive shootouts. Switching to keyboard and mouse can actually increase your game performance by a factor of ten, especially when used in games optimized for keyboard and mouse settings.

Having said that, we decided to compile a short list of the best keyboard and mouse combinations for PS4. Our list is compiled based on selection criteria, including performance, price, build quality and design.

Although this guide is for PS4 users, we are also very happy to use all these combinations in PC settings. Chapter

Don't Say Much, Go Straight To The Well!

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This simple (but effective) combination gives you everything you need to try and take your game to the next level. Equipped with a mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad, this combination can provide it all.

Although not everyone likes the Razer product, we think it is the best in today's article. Her vacation set is a combination of the Abyssus Essential mouse, Cynosa Chroma keyboard, and Goliathus mouse pad. A fantastic all-round combination that is sure to meet most people's needs.

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Although the Corsair gaming performance is not as good as the Razer set, the Corsair Void Pro wireless headphones may affect your decision.

This bundle includes the Corsair K55 keyboard, Harpoon mouse, MM100 mouse pad, and Void Pro wireless headphones. I think this is the perfect balance between gaming and everyday peripheral use.

is also the only package on this list that provides headphones for more accurate spatial perception and immersion in the game.


on Amazon. One of the best value bundles in this guide, offering a high-precision mechanical keyboard and a smart mouse.

For users who have a limited budget and want the highest level of gaming performance, there is nothing more. This excellent gaming combination provides a mechanical (high-response gaming) keyboard and a smart mouse, which can meet almost anyone's needs.

Although the keyboard is the most prominent peripheral device in the package, the mouse does have some cool features that will certainly attract many users.

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Cooler Master offers its MasterSet game combination, which is a cost-effective entry-level suit. With full RGB access and an ergonomically designed mouse designed for grip users, this unique packaging undoubtedly provides something that no other product has. The

MS120 keyboard is one of the best products in this guide, providing a mechanical memory switch described as the "best of both worlds". The mouse has a compact design that is ideal for gripping users, and is equipped with a Pixart 3050 optical gaming sensor for precise and excellent tracking.

Overall, this is a unique package with good value for money.


on Amazon Finally, we have our budget option, the Asus Cerberus game combination. Normally, you would not expect Asus to be at the bottom of the best list, but its lowest product is still our budget choice.

Cerberus Gaming Combo is a combination of Cerberus gaming keyboard and mouse-ASUS' answer to entry-level gaming peripherals.

In terms of design features, they don't really offer anything special, but in terms of build quality and shape, the combination of a mouse and keyboard feels great.

is a great choice for junior gamers who want to experience the PC gaming experience.

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Choosing new peripherals for your specific needs (whether it's a PC or a game console) can be an extremely difficult process, especially when you consider the many different options currently flooding the market.

requires hours of product research, performance benchmarking, and user feedback review to reach a truly correct final conclusion.

If you are not a tech-savvy and trying to take the time to complete the above requirements, you may end up buying a keyboard and mouse combo that is not suitable for you at all. Chapter

Don't Be Afraid, Friend! At WePC, we like to take the pressure off your research and turn the entire process into a comprehensive buyer's guide that's easy to follow. That's right, our team of PC enthusiasts did all the hard work for you!

In our best guide, testing the products we recommend is an important part of the entire selection process. This is one way to ensure that the product we recommend is without a doubt the best option in its particular category.

To ensure that a product is "the best", it must show excellent performance in our tests and show better quality and functionality than the competitors it faces.

Most of the products we recommend at WePC have undergone a rigorous testing process, covering everything from price and performance to quality, efficiency and structural aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to understand its performance under tremendous pressure and to ensure that it is worthy of the top spot we dream of.

Doing so allows us to provide you with the most accurate product performance evaluation, and whether it is ultimately worth your hard-earned money.

One of the first things that every gamer should consider when buying a new mouse is the sensor it is equipped with. The sensor is the most important factor that affects the performance of the mouse and determines the accuracy of its movement. The

sensor is located at the bottom of the mouse and tracks our actions while playing games or surfing the Internet. Sensors have made great strides in the past decade

The best sensor. However, if you are playing an MMO or RTS style game, the sensor will not have much of an impact on your game. Another thing to consider for the

sensor is its DPI. This represents dots per inch and is a way to measure the maximum sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse will be. That being said, I don’t worry too much about DPI. Most players will not exceed 1200 in today's game.

The second most important factor to consider when buying a mouse is its shape, size, and weight; in other words, its design. The design of the mouse plays a key role in its overall performance, because not all mouse shapes are suitable for various hand shapes/holding methods.

But don’t be afraid, mice come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they do fit all kinds of hand shapes and gripping methods. As a general rule of thumb, for most playing styles, we recommend that you wear a shape that is comfortable for your hand. However, if you want to play competitive shooter games (Call of Duty, etc.), we recommend that you use a mouse with a lightweight design.

Having a lightweight gaming mouse will make you react faster, possibly more accurate, and the actual gaming time is longer, thanks to the reduced pressure and pressure on your arms.

Build quality is a fairly simple factor to explain, it is the physical structure and material quality of the mouse. Because the price of a mouse can now exceed $ 100 (best wireless gaming mouse for example), you need to know that your mouse will stand the test of time. You don't want a high-end mouse to break down in two months.

Fortunately, all of the mice we chose have been tested for robustness and longevity. Although not all of them fit our "premium" rating, they are all well suited for their respective prices.

Finally, we have ergonomics. Usually this means that the product is designed to better interact with humans - in this case, your hands. However, in mice, this generally means that they are specifically designed for right- or left-handed users.

Ergonomics play a key role in your decision-making process, because the well-designed mouse design can give you extra grip and increased precision.

Non-ergonomically designed mice (right-handed hands) continue to be very successful in the consumer market. However, compared to the first, many people prefer ergonomically designed shapes.

When buying a keyboard, the first thing you (as a gamer) should consider is the switch. Switches are now available in various styles, each with a different feel and impact on your game performance. The

switch is located below each key on the keyboard and is a mechanism for sending keystroke signals to the PC/console. There are two main types of switch technology, membrane and mechanical, the latter is the most desired by gamers.

Having said that, for many fans, the general idea is that the switch may not have much impact on your game performance. To be honest, this is also my idea. However, going from membrane to mechanical switch is like day and night. This difference is not only obvious in the game. Keep

as short as possible. If you are looking for quiet performance and fluffy keys, a membrane keyboard is just what you need. Some typists prefer this type of keyboard.

If you are looking for fast action, instant tactile response, shortened travel time, and don't mind clicking when typing, a mechanical keyboard is a 100% choice. When considering your next keyboard, the

form factor is quite important, mainly because the smaller form factor doesn't physically have the same number of keys as a full-size keyboard.

When we refer to the dimensions of the keyboard, we are referring to its size and the number of keys it must provide. The main keyboard form factors are:

full-size is the most versatile keyboard size available, providing a full set of letters, numbers,

, and function keys, including a numeric keypad. The

A TKL keyboard provides almost the same functions without a numeric keypad.

However, 60% of the keyboard makes things more interesting. At this size, many keys are compromised to reduce the overall board space. The user lost most of the function keys and numeric keypad.

users can actually choose to be smaller than this, using a 40% keyboard can really minimize things. Having said that, I think even 60% of people are pushing games. Although you can still play games with relative ease, these motherboards are not as versatile as TKL and full-size alternatives.

Just like the mouse we mentioned earlier, when it comes to the materials used and the overall build quality, the build quality of the keyboard is a self-explanatory factor. Like a mouse, a keyboard can now cost as much as $150. To be honest, you don’t want to spend money on a new keyboard every time you get a little angry.

We conducted a robustness test on each keyboard to see how they perform under stress. All our recommendations are adopted based on their results compared with prices.

keyboard Razer’s

chroma Cynosa keyboard



mouse Razer’s




add-on components

Razer Goliathus chroma mouse pad

buy Amazon


Corsair K55


membrane Corsa3344 fish Fork

sensor path plug-in ins


sensor accessories

Corsair sensor

MM100 mouse pad, Void PRO

stereo headset buy Amazon


Redragon K555



Razer Synapse software.

Let's look at the mouse first. This is Razer Abyssus Essential. For me, it is a great all-around mouse that offers excellent grip, impressive beauty, and an interesting and elegant design. It is equipped with a highly accurate 7,200 DPI optical sensor that provides excellent tracking, minimal acceleration, and good gaming performance. Although this is a fairly basic mouse, it feels great for FPS shooter games due to its lightweight design.

Go to keyboard, the kit provides Razer Cynosa, its entry-level membrane keyboard. Although this is not mechanical, it still offers a lot of game potential. The dome switch feels very sensitive and requires a low medium driving force. It is equipped with a full RGB backlight, and each individual key can be customized in the Synapse software.

Finally, unlike many combinations in this list, the Razer combination also comes with a mouse pad: Razer Goliathus Chroma. The mat provides a smooth surface and is very effective in games, especially those games that require precise positioning. It is also equipped with Razer's RGB lighting system on its edges, which completes the overall appearance of the package.

Overall, we have a great package here that can meet almost all requirements.


Corsair K55




Corsair Harpoon




MM100 Mouse pad, stereo PRO


Next, we have the Corsair Pro wired game set, which combines everything you might need to start using your favorite game. This bundle not only comes with a mouse, keyboard and mouse pad, but also a headset!

The core of this combination is the excellent Corsair K55, a keyboard with great value for money and excellent gaming performance. Unfortunately, like the Razer set, the K55 is not a mechanical keyboard, it is another membrane product. That said, this keyboard has been custom designed to feel like a keyboard. The dome switch on the board is responsive and is equipped with a mechanical drive. Now I'm not saying this is as good as a mechanical dash, because it isn't. But compared to other membrane alternatives, it is good too. The keyboard is RGB and can be customized in the Corsair software suite for excellent aesthetics. The

mouse is Corsair's Harpoon RGB Pro, and we have tested this mouse in many other scenarios in the past. Although this mouse is entry-level, we still think this mouse is excellent value for money, especially when considering its lightweight design and sensor performance. The sensor is PMW 3320, yes, it is a bit outdated. However, for fans who do not want to go bankrupt, this will suit them very well. Harpoon is packed with fascinating RGB and a layout that should please most people, even if it's a bit small. The

bundle is also equipped with a Void Pro headset and MM100 mouse pad, so you can get started and run. The mouse pad provides a smooth surface, ideal for tracking and precision. This headset has been tested in the past and won our approval for its immersive and spatial perception.

Allinall, this package may be one of the most profitable packages. If you are looking for everything you need to get started, look no further.


Redragon K555




Redragon M710



buy Amazon



one of the cheapest mechanical keyboard

most avoid blue switch

extra mouse Pad

comes with disadvantages

mouse is very basic

very strong button click

Redragon keyboard and mouse combination is one of our favorites, mainly because it provides a mechanical keyboard superior to the competition. This may be one of the cheapest combinations in our guide (beaten by the Asus combination), but don't let it fool you. The Redragon combination still shows a very high cost performance and excellent performance. The

keyboard is Redragon’s very popular K555 RGB, which is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards money can buy. Provides a switch equivalent to Cherry Blue (Outemo Blue), which provides a very good ride, excellent response and tactile feeling. K555 provides brilliant RGB, 12 multimedia keys, waterproof design, and molded keys for increased comfort. However, it does not stop there, the keyboard is also equipped with a very comfortable wrist rest, which helps to eliminate some of the stress generated during long gaming sessions.

Move to the mouse, we have Redragon M710 RGB. This is an entry-level mouse with a fairly basic design. With that said, there are some cool features that can meet your needs. First of all, the RGB on this thing is very dynamic, dwarfing the higher priced alternatives. The sensor provides 10,000 DPI, 20G of acceleration, and an ergonomic design to provide comfort and confidence for your game. As an added bonus, the user can change the weight of this mouse through the variable weight on the bottom of the case. So if the M710 RGB doesn't meet your weight requirements, just add more until you find the weight you need.

Basically we have an entry-level keyboard and mouse combo, which is well suited for novice gamers who want to try PC-style setups.


MS120 Gaming keyboard

Mechanical / Film



"BestOfbothworlds" style switch showing the mechanical operation and response. An internal design of the membrane vault switch is accompanied. The keyboard is a full-size keyboard that applies all the function keys, along with the general number pad. RGB Highlights that provide a variety of pre-established settings that provide a solid and aesthetic to meet your needs. The mouse

is a powerful mouse of the game that has a PMW3360 sensor with one of the best game sensors of the last five years. Mastermeuse MM520. The sensors are very sensitive and are an almost pixel structure, its movement is tracerated at the highest level. This set was suitable for everyone's personal needs because the mouse is a personalized design for Clawgrip users.

He said that I said, and as long as he looks like this, I feel that this mouse is doing a very good job in most game scenarios.

Well, what we have here is another very good offer in the place of the keyboard and the mouse combo market. It falls under a price of $ 100. It has a very good value for money.


Cerberus Gaming Keyboard

Machine / Membrane



Cerberus Gaming Mouse


N / A


No Add-on

Shop Amazon


Nice Entrylevel Combo

Most of the Game Style

Game Design

Ambidextrus Best Building Quality



Finally, this keyboard combo guide and Mouse-Asus Cerberus Gaming Combo is making a budget. This can be the cheapest offer, but still has many features and benefits you may be looking for. So let's immerse yourself in that. The mouse

is a mouse of the ASUS game` Cerberus. Nice design, precise tracking sensor (up to 2,500 dpi), and six programmable buttons for game binding. Asus has given this mouse pretty obvious game of game quite crazy. It is on the side of the game, but I still feel that it looks enough to be used in most general scenarios. The ambitra form is also 6 kindable buttons for the game that needs it while it houses this mouse to the left and right users. The sensors are quickly accurate and offer 2,500 PPP, which is honestly more than most users. It also comes with four feet of rubber that allow the exact fit of thermal heat. The

ASUS paired with a game keyboard of the Cerberus membrane plate that provides some great features, such as splashing and RGB waterproofing. The plate is a full size plate that comes with all functional keys and numerical pads. It offers at 19kro (roll key. This is best to play MMO-style titles that require specific Button Bashing elements. Unfortunately, the switch is a rubber dome membrane and provides a sponge and light job. What I said we have Difficulties for the worst feeling switch used so far, still intensified from a real intake level membrane board. With a background light design that offers four modes, you can customize it at your choice, it is just a limited thing.

Finally, what is here is the Etrintlevel and Mouse keyboard combo. What I said, this can be an excellent option for those who try the configuration of PS PS4 if you want to disperse money money.

Well, for all people, we hope that we enjoy this complete breakdown to the best keyboard and mouse combo for PS4 players. All keyboards and mice are tested in the WEPC study and are recommended according to the various factors. We try to cover several price points to make sure there is something that coincides with the budgetary requirements.

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