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If you like supporting small developers, here are some great indie games for you to try. Even better, these aren't usually close to the price of a typical AAA game. The retail price is usually between 10 and 20 pounds, these items are very profitable. One of the best-selling genres in

indie games is the roguelike genre. In these games, your death usually means the end of your career and there is no progress other than the unlock that is saved. Although we have included some of them on our list, we have made sure to include a few other types as well in case they are not your typical style.

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Release Date:

Nov 4, 2014



Publisher: Nicalis

Type: Roguelike

As promised, we will be using roguelike to remove this list! The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a game where you play as a young boy, Isaac, who is forced to go down to the basement, where he must kill various monsters in order to survive.

Hundreds of unique items are provided here, and each run you take will be completely different. Although it was a tough game at first, the more games you participate in, the better you will be. Soon, you will remember the enemy’s patterns, the strongest elements, and interesting synergies to help you achieve sustained success.

Each race has many characters for you to experience, and all characters have interesting biblical style connections. If you are successful enough, you will be able to unlock additional characters and even other ways to victory.

Release Date-

Windows, macOS, Linux-January 23, 2019, PlayStation 4-May 21, 2019, Nintendo Switch-June 6, 2019, Xbox One-August 14, 2019

Developer -


Bundle 44 Editor genre-Roguelike,

deck building Next on our list is another roguelike, which mixes some deck building to keep it fresh. In the course of three separate actions, you will have to ascend the steeple to collect cards, relics and potions, which will help increase your chances of survival. However, falling into one of the many enemies will force you to start climbing again.

has four different heroes to choose from. Each hero has its own cards and special relics. Each race can feel a completely different feeling while still being a challenge. At the end of each level, you must also defeat a boss to enter the next level. If you want to succeed in Slay the Spire, it’s important to understand which cards and relics have synergy.

Release Date-Windows, OS X, Linux-August 15, 2013, PlayStation 4, Xbox One-January 12, 2016, Nintendo Switch-September 6, 2018, iOS-December 11, 2018


The Fullbright Company, BlitWorks (Nintendo Switch)

Publisher: The Fullbright Company, Majesco Entertainment (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One), Annapurna Interactive (Nintendo Switch / iOS)

Genre: Adventure, Exploration

If you are looking Easier and history-based enjoyment of indie games, Gone Home is an excellent game. Although it's a bit shorter than what you usually see in the game, this title focuses on the struggles of family life rather than touching moves.

After returning from a long-term visit, he found that his home was completely abandoned and there was no sign of welcoming his family. He will spend time wandering around your house, checking clues to understand what happened.

There is not much spoiler, what you end up with is a poignant and touching story that will make you want more.

Release Date-

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux-April 27, 2015, PlayStation 4-July 12, 2016, Xbox One-July 15, 2016



Publisher-Private Sector

Genre-4 Simulation 44 Space cartoon, rocket launch game may seem simple at first, but if you go beyond aesthetics, you will find an in-depth simulation of rocket science and its physics. In standard sandbox mode, you have no real exploration goals. You can achieve this by building any type of rocket or space plane to launch your Kerbins from...Kerbinsphere!

However, it is not enough to install the largest booster. If you want to go further, you must take a piece of paper from the NASA book to keep a stable track. Adding stages to your rocket, adding solar panels to its electrical system, and parachutes for its safe return will help propel it farther and farther. There are several planets in the

system that need to be explored, each with different orbits, atmospheres, and gravity levels. If you want to visit them, you have to become a very smart rocket maker.

Release Date:

Sep 15, 2015


Toby Fox

Publisher: 84

Genre: Role Play

Since its release in 2015, the latest title on our list has become a fanatic classic. Undertale has a very fascinating story and pixel art graphics that really set it apart from other titles. Since every decision you make has a huge impact on the endgame, you need to think carefully before acting.

If you want additional challenges, you can even choose to face the game as a full pacifist. All the enemies you come across are carefully crafted and beautifully crafted. Most importantly, the boss is right in certain situations.

Although we can easily write 3,000 words about the best indie games, we have tried to keep this list short and simple. Have we lost any of your favorite things from this list? Let us know what you will include in the comments section below. We like to hear your thoughts.

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