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Recently, more and more of us are working from home, so the retail consumer chair market that was once limited to computer enthusiasts, home office workers and long-term gamers has expanded dramatically.

Herman Miller is an American company known for producing high-quality, ergonomic office chairs and other furniture, although it has recently expanded to produce a series of products focused on gaming. Of course, the boundary between “office chair” and “game chair” is extremely blurred; in the end, when sitting at a desk, both give priority to comfort and support, adjustability, and of course, the aesthetics are also very high. important. The

Herman Miller Aeron chair is probably the most famous chair of the brand, with its iconic mesh structure. This chair has been used as part of the set design of many Hollywood movies and TV shows, and has been endorsed by presidents and pop stars.

Whether you're looking for a loud and custom Herman Miller gaming chair, a more refined Herman Miller office chair, or something in between, this guide will help you choose the one that suits your needs.


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Aeron is the flagship chair of the Herman Miller brand. The breathable mesh material is easy to clean and designed to provide the highest level of ergonomic support for anyone sitting at a desk all day. Its strong and durable construction means that Aeron can be used for decades. The

Herman Miller Aeron is one of the best designed and most durable office chairs money can buy. Although some very tall people may find the back a little short, for 90% of people the sizes offered are different (A is generally for children and short women etc, B is for most 5 feet 10 inches The following users, C is suitable for taller people) will provide enough comfort for days sitting at the desk for more than 8 hours. Aeron is sturdy and durable, has very high value retention, is breathable and easy to clean, and offers a variety of accessory options, provided you can afford it.


Embody is the second most popular chair model in the Herman Miller brand. Embody uses a high backrest and padded fabric material to provide users with ergonomic support. Herman Miller is known for sitting at his desk for long periods of time. The

Embody has the highest backrest of any chair in the Herman Miller series. Like Aeron, it provides excellent ergonomic support, but unlike Aeron, the seat and backrest are made of fabric padding instead of mesh. This has its advantages, that is, it increases comfort, but it also means that it is less breathable and easier to dye and wear. Embody has a variety of different colors to choose from, and you can choose from three different materials.

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The full mesh Mirra 2 chair is an updated version of the now discontinued Herman Miller Mirra, with upholstered seats, although the previous version can still be purchased second hand. Both chairs have some of the best lumbar support adjustments in Herman Miller chairs, come in a variety of colors, and are generally cheaper than Aeron. The

Herman Miller Mirra 2 is a full mesh design, very reminiscent of Aeron, but with fewer adjustable options, slightly different shapes, and most importantly a cheaper starting price. The original Mirra is very similar to the newer version, although it has upholstered seats and all the advantages and disadvantages of its pure mesh design. Both chairs are more difficult to buy than the other models on this list, and the original Mirra can only be used second-hand. This means that compared with Aeron or Embody, these two chairs have fewer third-party accessories, although the waist support of the two Mirras is slightly more adjustable and the color gamut is wider than Aeron.

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Herman Miller Sayl is a mesh back chair with padded fabric seat. It has the greatest customizability of any Herman Miller chair, and offers a variety of fashionable colors, you can customize it according to your taste, and it is also one of the most affordable chairs in the Herman Miller product line.

Sayl is the shortest chair on this list, so it is not suitable for taller people. Compared to the other Herman Miller chairs on this list, the adjustability and ergonomic support it provides are a bit limited, but because of this, Sayl is a much cheaper chair. The upholstered seat and mesh back provide the comfort of the former but the breathability of the latter, assuming you don't mind the staininess of the fabric seat. Of all the Herman Miller chairs on this list, Sayl also offers the widest selection of colors and aesthetics.

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Almost all Herman Miller chairs come standard with a 12-year warranty, including parts and labor, whenever you buy a new one. For office chairs / gaming chairs, this is a unique time period, reflecting the quality of the brand and its durability. Be sure to keep all documents from the receipt when you purchased the chair and do not remove the label attached below as this will provide evidence of the warranty start date.

If you pick up a second-hand Herman Miller chair, it is officially said that the warranty does not cover you; But many people find that as long as the label is intact and you can get the original receipt from the previous owner, you can still restore it, just don't mention it's second-hand! In the end, this is a gamble, and it just depends on how lucky you are to work with your local dealer / handyman.

Note: Before connecting any accessory (such as the headrest) to your

Other head restraints.

Herman Miller is an iconic chair brand with excellent build quality, and for these two reasons, they are not cheap. Depending on the type of chair, if it's a special edition, and how crazy you are about add-ons / additional customization, the price for a Herman Miller chair ranges from $ 600 to $ 1,900. Ultimately, considering the ergonomically designed backrest these chairs provide (what is more valuable than your health?), Coupled with a 12-year warranty, it can be said that they are of great value over time as long as choose what features you really need. For well-known furniture brands, Herman Miller

chairs have a unique high-value retention. Usually more than 80% of the original value is returned when reselling. In rare cases, it may be higher than the price you paid. Therefore, unless you break your chair and cannot replace it within the warranty period, it is very feasible to sell your Herman Miller chair when you need/want it. As mentioned above, keeping the original documents and warranty labels intact will help maintain the resale value.

In the final analysis, consider the Herman Miller chair as a great long-term investment, with a high initial purchase cost. If you are short of money, a cheaper offer is more suitable for your needs, or the Secretlab chair provides a good choice, occupying the mid-price range, and offering up to 5 years of extended warranty. However, if you only want to buy a chair that can be used for at least the next 12 years, and may save you expensive trips to see a physiotherapist in the future, then it will be difficult for you to find a better choice than Herman Miller!

Unusually, the market for second-hand and refurbished Herman Miller chairs is even larger than the market for new products. Due to the widespread use of these products in offices and businesses, they are generally sold in large quantities when the company goes bankrupt. Retaining the quality and value of the chair is another reason. When buying a Herman Miller chair online, make sure the chair is new and has a 12-year warranty, as long as this is exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for a second-hand version, be sure to consider everything in the previous section before purchasing. One of the selling points of the Herman Miller

chairs is that they provide strong support for sitting at your desk for long periods of time, whether for work or play. Its excellent ergonomic design is well known, and each chair listed on this page is expected to provide you with long-term sitting support for about 8 hours or more.

With the exception of the Herman Miller Aeron chair, all Herman Miller chairs are one size. One downside to this is reportedly that for some particularly tall people, some shorter models may not provide enough back support. If applicable, we will mention it in the comments below.

For its Aeron, Embody and Sayl chair models, Herman Miller released a "game version" of these chairs. Despite some creative marketing, the only difference between these chairs and non-gaming chairs is aesthetics, and their prices are usually higher. If you have spare money and aesthetics is particularly important to you, we can only recommend these chairs; otherwise, stick to the Herman Miller non-gaming chair.

Chair type


Maximum load (A / B / C)

60 kg / 100 kg / 130 kg

Dimensions (A)

40.9 x 65.4 x 98 cm

Dimensions (B) 42.4 x 44.0 cm (C)

42.7 x 71.8 x 109 cm


Chair type


Maximum load

159 kg


45.7 x 74.9 x 114, 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 kg 4 Amazon chair maximum load 4 size

43 x 68 x 109 cm

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chair type


maximum load

159 Kilogram


More difficult to find at retailers

Buy Amazon

Office chair type

Maximum load (C) 60kg / 100kg / 130kg

Size (A)

40.9 x 65.4 x 98cm

Size (B)

42.7 x 68.6 x 104 cm

Dimensions (C) 4.444 444 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 Comfortable discomfort 8 hours free seat +


12-year warranty is brand new

Breathable mesh

Easy to clean

Very high value retention

Di Different sizes


Even the largest size may not be suitable for very tall people

Lumbar support adjustment can be more flexible

No cushion

Plastic is harder on the uncomfortable side

Cost of many adjustment functions Higher


Aeron is a classic Herman Miller chair. Its mesh material is a sign of design. It can be seen in the Avengers movie as Tony Stark's favorite office chair, and it also supports Hugh Laurie as the frame of the grumpy Dr. House. The

mesh material is breathable (making it more suitable for those of us who have warmer bodies and are more prone to sweating) and less absorbing odors than traditional fabrics. It is also easier to clean. All of this adds up to its longevity, very high resale capacity and value retention (more than any other Herman Miller chair, excluding special edition chairs). As long as the warranty label is intact, Aeron may sell second-hand items for 90% or more of the original price. Aeron is known for its sturdiness, which is also aided by the non-woven mesh design, and you can expect one of the chairs to have excellent durability.

Of course, the mesh feel is not for everyone. Some people prefer softer chairs, and for those

Folded over the chair, the hard plastic on the side of the Aeron can affect your comfort. It should also be noted that while Aeron can provide a variety of adjustable options that allow you to customize your seating experience for maximum support, these are more expensive than the base model. If you want an Aeron with all adjustable trim, look for a "full load" version of the chair. In the end, Aeron's "game version" is basically a completely black version that costs a few hundred dollars more, which is to say, not worth it.

Chair type


Maximum load

159 kg


45.7 x 74.9 x 114.3 cm

Amazon Store


generally provides 8 hours of uncomfortable seating 444 44 seats 44 seats 44 seats 44 seating options 44 new materials 44 years

custom color scheme

high value

all-inclusive in price


only one size

limited waist support fit

not very breathable fabric

fabric may retain stains and odors


Herman Miller it differs from Aeron in some notable ways. The seat has a higher back, which makes it more suitable for people who are over 6 feet 2 inches tall or who may struggle with the larger Aeron (although it should be noted that some people at this height think that Aeron C is very suitable) With Aeron, the difference is that Embody is only one size, so people with a short stature may feel that it is a bit larger. The second big difference between

and Aeron is that Embody is made of cloth rather than plastic mesh, which has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it provides a softer seat for those who want it. On the downside, the fabric material is less durable, harder to clean, less breathable, and over time, as it passes, it becomes easier to absorb the odor. . There are three options for textile materials. Ascending order of price: Medley is an entry-level material with a rougher touch and poor durability. Sync is softer and provides more fillers but poor air permeability. Balance is the most air-permeable and has the highest gloss. But it may be a little slippery.

Overall, Embody provides an ergonomic level of support similar to Aeron when sitting for long periods of time. Like Aeron, lumbar support is good for most people, but some people may find it lacks adjustment. Unlike Aeron, all adjustable functions are included in the standard configuration of Embody, which means that each Embody is "full load".

Finally, compared with Aeron, Embody offers more color variant options, which can provide more aesthetic customization for those who need it. The Embody gaming chair (released in cooperation with Logitech) is once again functionally the same as the regular chair, but in our opinion, the aesthetic difference is more obvious than that of the Aeron gaming version. Whether you think the extra money is worth it depends on you!

Chair type


Maximum load

159 kg


43 x 68 x 109 cm

Buy on Amazon


usually provides 8 hours worry-free seat + 444 mesh new 4 year warranty

foam version 1

Myrrh 2 Cheaper than Aeron, but similar in function

Good lumbar support

Custom color scheme


One size

Size may not be suitable for taller people

Few third-party accessories

Myrrh may leave stains

at retailers It is difficult to find 44 original Mirra chairs ("Mirra" for short) that have been discontinued by Herman Miller and replaced by Herman Miller 2, but you can still buy second-hand and refurbished versions of the original Mirra online. The original Mirra is a bit similar to Aeron because it uses a mesh design, but has fewer adjustment options. The biggest difference is that the seat part has foam padding under the mesh, which provides more cushioning but is easier to absorb stains and over time The passing smell. Mirra 2 eliminates the Mirra upholstered seat, making it closer to Aeron in design (although it also has less fitting functions). The

Mirra 2 is usually about 20% cheaper than Aeron, which makes it attractive to many people. Nevertheless, compared to the other chairs on this list, Myrrh 2 may be more difficult to buy because of its smaller sales range at different retailers. For this reason, both versions of Mirra have fewer accessories (such as the Atlas headrest mentioned earlier).

There is only one size option for both Mirra, which is similar in size to Aeron C. Therefore, very tall people may again find that the Mirra or Mirra 2 chair is not high enough to meet their needs. However, Mirras has excellent adjustment flexibility in lumbar support compared to Aeron or Embody. Mirra and Mirra 2 also have different color gamuts, which are wider than Aeron's color gamut, although there is currently no game version suitable for chairs.

Chair type


Maximum load

159 kg


Hard to find at retailers



from Amazon Long time without discomfort, but less than other models

12 years 44 Breathable backrest

with lining Padded seat

Wide range of color customization

HM chair is relatively affordable


One size fits everyone

Size may not fit taller people

More limited fit

Hard to find at retailers

Sayl chair Herman Miller Is the cheapest

To support you, most people are unlikely to get the same level of comfort as the other models on this list for more than 8 hours at their desk. However, the color

for sale has a wide range of customizations and is by far the best of the other Herman Miller chairs on this list. The Sayl gaming chair is again a pure cosmetic upgrade and requires more money, but at least it looks more impressive than Aeron's. Finally, although Sayl is more common than Mirra or Mirra 2, it is harder to find Sayl in retailers than Aeron or Embody.

This is our buyer's guide for the best Herman Miller chairs; we hope it will help you decide which one is right for you. Be sure to check out our other guides on Secretlab chairs and the best budget gaming chairs. If you would like to see additional content added to this page, please let us know in the comments below.

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