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Although most games are usually headphone related, there is nothing better than connecting a full audio system to your gaming equipment and immersing yourself in a wide range of frequencies. Even if you've played thousands of games, a high-quality audio system can make it feel like a whole new experience.

The powerful mid-frequency grabs the nape of the neck, the highs are pleasing to the ear, the highs are pleasing to the ear, and the lows are shaky, allowing you to really feel the game. Suddenly, what had been quite normal turned into a fascinating movie.

But what makes speaker settings suitable for gaming and where to start? Well my friend, you are in the best position to start looking for the best gaming audio system. We not only produced a short "things to consider" guide, but we also reviewed the five best gaming speakers currently available. Let's fight!

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These gaming speakers are more than just a sound system - physically and acoustically, they are pure works of art. It seems like a kind of resistance from the alien glass blowing master, you don't know whether to listen to the submarine or fill it with flowers. The

's mids and highs are stacked vertically on the infamous soundbar. These are the most suitable speakers in the world for space use. When you get hit with the sound of the game world, the low-power subwoofer will blow you away. With dedicated and easy-to-use satellite and secondary controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and a frequency response of 44 Hz to 20,000 Hz, the

Harman Kardon loudspeakers are ready to blur the line between the real world and the analog world.

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Logitech is the backbone of the computer speaker industry, and the G650 speakers are the product of years of experience. You can expect truly powerful and rich audio response that will take your gaming to a whole new level. Plus, they come with software with an intuitive equalizer, so you can adjust your sound profile to suit your ears.

is very similar to the Harman Kardon, and Logitech understands that this is not only excellent sound quality, but aesthetics as well. Equipped with two full-range circular satellite speakers with integrated RGB lighting system, which can display up to 16.8 million different colors, these elements provide the same performance for the eyes and ears.

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The Z623 system is very suitable for those looking for a somewhat more traditional environment. The speaker dial controls are located on one of the stone vertical satellite speakers and are mixed with smooth and textured black plastic finishes. They may remind you of your adult speakers, but there is one key difference ... epic sound quality. The

is comprised of THX certified satellite speakers. The cube-shaped subwoofer is powerful enough for you to really enjoy your game, and its squat figure makes it well suited for placing in a compact space. If you want to provide true cinematic audio for your game, then they are a wonderful, no-nonsense way to get it.


on Amazon If you want a great gaming speaker kit that can also handle your favorite heavy dance music, dark atmosphere, dubstep and trap, then Klipsch ProMedia is for you. With the epic potential of bass and smooth treble, you don't need to listen to this THX-certified sound, but instead bathe and revel in it.

Although this set does not have some of the modern configurations that our other listed speakers have, such as Bluetooth connectivity and RGB panel, it does have a trick in the form of a detachable control module.


from Amazon If you are a little relaxed now, these Cyber Acoustic speakers prove that you can still enjoy high-quality audio entertainment with your gaming gear. In terms of frequency width and high volume stability, you have to give up some high-end features, but despite the very reasonable price, you can expect LED light display, Bluetooth connection, clear stereo separation, and dedicated bass and treble control. If you ask us, it is really impressive.

They have both Bluetooth and wired connection functions. This is an uncommon multi-function touch on gaming speakers, but the outstanding feature is the LED light display function. With 7 color choices, you can make your synesthesia go crazy by matching your favorite titles and albums with the corresponding colors.

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At WePC, games are not only our work, but also our lives. We are not only dedicated to our specialty products at the professional level, but also at the personal level, so we know from experience that the product is worth your time And money.

These are not just speakers we are familiar with when writing reviews. We know these speakers because we are also always looking for the latest and greatest that can enhance our own gaming lives.

The characteristics we look for in speakers include value for money, sound quality, connectivity and style. We like unique and exciting things, but we also like small and thoughtful things. We test these products as rigorously as you do, because like you, we want to know what our options are. Today

Games puts more and more energy into the audio experience, music and sound effects have penetrated more and more extreme and experimental areas in terms of frequency. To fully understand these efforts, you need speakers with clear audio and wideband response. The

frequency response, in Hz and KHz, describes the range of tones that a speaker can provide without degrading quality. The most suitable frequency response in the game ranges from a low frequency of at least 50 Hz to a high frequency of 20 kHz. If you like a clear playstation, the

wireless bluetooth setup is a good choice. Some bluetooth speakers can even connect multiple devices at the same time.

Find a suitable speaker out of the box.

Some people don't really care about the appearance of audio equipment, which is fair; it is not strictly related, but in most cases, people care about aesthetics. The appearance of something can create atmosphere or inspire in its own unique way.

now has many different designs to choose from, so you should be able to easily find a whole that complements any established themed room. .

Computer desks are usually not the neatest area, especially if they are used for work and leisure time at the same time, so space can be a big issue when adding more hardware.

In order to realize its full potential, the speakers need to be placed very specifically. Adding them to the mix in any way will degrade performance and may even damage them, so you should choose speakers that are perfect for your environment.

The best gaming speakers have responsive, easy-to-use controls and are located within easy reach. Some people prefer to have a lot of control over the levels, while others prefer to keep it simple. This is just a matter of preference.


Volume and mute touch control

Amplifier output power

10 watts per channel RMS

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Channel 4444 2.1

Physical connection

USB, 3.5 mm

Bluetooth compatible?


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Speaker System

THX Certification 2.1


200 Watts (RMS)

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Physical Connection

3.5mm Bluetooth Compatible


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Audio Channel 4444 2.1





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volume and mute button control

amplifier output power

10 watts RMS per channel



looks surprising

thick plastic house


from Amazon Eight full-frequency drivers are suitable for mid-range and high frequencies

44Hz-20,000Hz Frequency response range

Sub-amplification down

Bluetooth connection

Tilt control sound direction

No distortion


Sub can rattle on your desk


Without a doubt, these are the most beautiful problematic games in the world, let alone this list. The exquisite sound creates vibrations in your body and vibrates your bones. In return, you are invited to visit the inside of the Brechtian speakers. The transparent walls provide you with images of all the electronic components and mechanisms, which is really cool! With their originality, these speakers lack the heavy-duty feel of other speaker designs with thick shell coffins, but the high-quality thick plastic shell is designed to withstand harsh storage and external shocks. In addition to the impressive appearance of

Sound Sticks, one of the most interesting features is the downward active subwoofer. The problem with common subwoofers is that the driver changes gradually, which affects the sound quality. The downward firing driven driver remains in place. At super high volume, it can get a bit harsh on your desk, but the sound itself won't.

Eight incredibly space-friendly full-range drivers are stacked vertically, hence the name "Sound Sticks," and can be easily tilted to optimize directional effects. These speakers use 20 watts of distortion-free amplification and intuitive touch control functions, which are in fact the best in the industry.

channel 4444 2.1

physical connection

USB, 3.5mm

is Bluetooth compatible?




Lightsync technology from Amazon, with 16.8 million colors

impressive sound quality

durable shell

smart minimalist design

you can adjust the sound through software

space friendly

powerful subwoofer-4044Hz 404Hz A Bluetooth connection

that can connect up to 4 devices at the same time Disadvantages

The software may sometimes have some faults

They are a bit expensive

Some people may not want to watch the light show

The set has two small but powerful full-range satellite speakers and is rugged The subwoofer is equipped with silencer legs to reduce desktop vibration. In terms of design, they are a bit minimalist, keeping them very elegant and formal with a sharp jet black surface. The

satellite speaker has a fully customizable integrated lighting system that can display approximately 16.8 million different colors and shadows, and more importantly, it can synchronize custom lighting displays to a single title, which is crazy! However, if you want to use optical synchronization technology, you must connect to your PC via USB.

The software that comes with these speakers is great. Not only can you use the equalizer to customize the characteristics of the sound, you can also set them to digital surround sound mode. This setting mimics the directionality of the surround sound system, which will prove invaluable when playing games such as COD and Battlefield, where the position of the sound plays a crucial role.

Logitech has surpassed itself in terms of sound quality. They are not entirely considered big names in the professional audio field, but these G5650 speakers can definitely compete with some industry leaders.

Speaker System

THX certified 2.1


200 watts (RMS)

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THX certified Incredible sound quality

Broadband response

Very easy to operate

Very small space

Very small space 444 44 444 44 44 444

Classic appearance

Rubber feet prevent movement and rattling

Durable structure


There is no Bluetooth connection, the cable may not be long enough for multi-monitor setup

Not the most beautiful thing in the world

Z623 speaker kit design is relatively simple. It is equipped with a cubic subwoofer and two satellite speakers with speaker volume and bass control, as well as RCA and 3.5mm jack inputs for connecting up to three devices.

This seemingly minimal design hides Logitech's thinking about detail. For example, if you look at the base that controls the speakers, it has two

The frequency response range of anyone else in the list, guess what? It is also the second cheapest. The

is similar to the Logitech Z623 kit, the Pro Media kit focuses on providing you with the best sound quality for your money. They do show some breakthroughs at extremely high volumes, but you never need to make them so loud.

One small problem we found is that the midrange driver doesn't seem to keep up with the quality of the subwoofer. The subwoofer is very powerful and feels a bit off-set, but on the bright side, the horn tweeter is a good fit. The

control module can be installed underneath the satellite or it can be slipped and placed in a separate location - Klipsch is the first company on our list to provide remote proximity audio. It is not wireless, so its mobility is limited, but it is still a very cool feature.

audio channel 44 44 2.1



Number of Speakers


Amazon Store


Value for Money

Impressive Midrange Driver

LED Lighting

Dedicated Bass and Treble Control

Wired and Bluetooth

4 Subwoofer Control 4 44 44 Subwoofer Control 4 44 44 is suitable for filling large rooms

If you recently have strict budget requirements, but insist on allocating a certain percentage of funds to high-quality gaming audio systems, these speakers are for you.

They have both wired and Bluetooth functions, which is a multi-functional touch that is not common in gaming speakers, but the standout feature is the LED light display function. With 7 color options, you can drive your synesthesia crazy and match your favorite titles and albums with corresponding colors. The

controls are located on the side of the subwoofer, in our opinion this is not the best position, and it can be very cumbersome to see and reach, but its response speed and smoothness are incredible.

Unfortunately, in this case, the old adage "you get what you pay for" is very appropriate. Although satellite speakers do an excellent job handling these media, subwoofers are lacking. The frequency response starts at 50 Hz and the bass will become very vibrant. However, even with a weaker subwoofer, the package can still provide you with value for money services.

A set of high-quality computer speakers can take the gaming experience to a new level. They fill the room with sound, and the way the subwoofer can move your body is fascinating and visceral.

If aesthetics are as important to you as performance, then the Sound Stick is your best option. If you like light shows, G560 can provide the best images. For standard and standard quality audio performance, the Z623 or Pro Media package is exactly what you are looking for. If you want to cut costs, the CyberAcoustics

package really can't go wrong.

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