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Joining an e-sports organization is the dream or future goal of many competitive gamers. Who can blame them, right? As if the salary and bonus are not enough, many high-level professional players can often enjoy the benefits of organizing the player's home to live and train. Imagine living in a player-friendly house filled with your teammates who get paid for playing your favorite games. Games, trains and transmissions. happiness.

As mentioned above, team housing is popular among senior teams because many people believe that it can give you a competitive advantage over your opponents. Although it is hard not to envy these professional players and the LAN parties they often participate in, we must remember that they are working hard to achieve greater success in their respective games.

professional e-sports is now more competitive than ever, and gamers are doing their best to do their best. The game house not only improves goals and reaction time, the e-sports team also hires managers, analysts and coaches to support players. Support staff can help develop competition schedules, training courses and strategies to help achieve the overall goal of success.

Let's take a look at some of the current and past team halls to see which organization has the best ball bed!

MIBR (Made in Brazil) is a counter-strike global offensive team under the e-sports organization Immortals. MIBR currently has a complete Brazilian lineup, including the core of the team that previously played for SK Gaming. The MIBR guys often compete in the United States, so they naturally have a team based in California.

Cloud9 is a large North American organization with more than a dozen different e-sports championship teams. The organization has won more than $2 million in prizes and remains a popular organization in the field of e-sports. The organization has some team houses for various games, which can keep the team connection factor without making the house chaotic. We saw an outdated Cloud9 lineup, but the video gave us a good idea of what it's like to be the Top 20 CS: GO team.

Team Envy, formerly known as Envyus, is an American esports organization that has participated in seven different competitions. Although living conditions are different now, the veteran French CS: GO lineup was already a home to hellish players in 2016. The core of that team is currently playing for Vitality, but the great home of Nice is great.

It is not uncommon for esports organizations to move from the gaming house model to the gaming office. These gaming offices are also called training facilities. It is a more professional form of esports and offers some very cool places to play these games. Using the game's office mode, it will allow players to live locally and travel to the game's office as if it were a normal job. This method has professional benefits and provides players with more personal space. Now, if you don't want to make counterproductive sleeping arrangements with your teammates at the last second of the day, you don't need to. In recent years,

Team Liquid has continued to grow and received generous bonuses for mastering a number of esports games. In this modern facility, we saw a "war room" dedicated to your main e-sports equipment for a little extra privacy. What surprised us was the kitchen of Team Liquid. That's right, the full-time chef prepares dishes for the players! Alienware and Liquid have teamed up to create an e-sports paradise where you can eat and play.

NIP (Pajama Ninja) currently has five professional e-sports teams, and a CS: GO Pro takes us to watch a video of their new game office. There seems to be a residence in this facility, which is a good addition, but I don’t know if CS: GO players actually live there. Swedish organizations seem to have moved to an office/facilities approach, and we see many major organizations doing this.

Astralis is a unique CS: GO organization from Denmark, one of the most successful teams in the past two years, with a large amount of tableware. It took us to the Dupreeh facility (one of the players) and showed us everything from the training room to the daily work area that can help promote the brand or create new content for the organization. Although compared to Liquid’s crazy fitness facility, this office looks more like a traditional office space, but it does have a very cool feature, and that is their guest playroom. Astralis will invite other top teams to Bootcamp for offline practice, which is not something that many teams can afford.

Na`Vi (Natus Vincere) is one of the world's leading organizations in the CES region from Ukraine. With seven professional e-sports teams and more than ten years of competitive e-sports, it is no wonder we see them running a cool game office.

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