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Epic games store achievements now up and running for certain games

Last updated: June 4, 2021

There is nothing worse than buying the latest gaming PC and owning a second-rate desktop. You never have enough space to move the mouse, and the keyboard is always hanging on the edge, which is not practical. Well, we have encountered the same problem in the past, and we think this is a problem that needs to be solved.

In this article, we delve into what we think are the best gaming desktops this year, and take you through some of the basic areas of making great gaming tables.

The following tables are specially selected for gamers based on their advantages (although they may also be suitable for non-game players!) and have been categorized by design, price, and function. If you are looking for the best gaming table money can buy on the market, look no further, we have already served you.

Best Game Table The

Coleshome L-shaped table is a streamlined and economical L-shaped table with a simple and effective design. The

Colshome has layered monitor support, but there are no real extra features beyond that, just a pure desktop! It's an ideal choice for those who want to squeeze gaming and / or office computer setup into limited spaces without breaking the bank, and it has a versatile look suitable for any environment.

An advanced height adjustable electronic table with many optional accessories

Seven Warriors has released a sturdy game table with some nice accessories to help you organize your work / play space more effectively.

Adding a good quality desktop mouse pad adds value to the overall package and the overall structural quality of the table is reliable. The high load capacity makes everything perfect.

A more economical and affordable height adjustable table suitable for e-sports players

This Arozzi Arena gaming table is fully height adjustable and is equipped with a large ergonomically designed desk, which is very suitable for those who only focus on maximize people's performance. The

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is certainly not the most feature-rich option on this page - it has no RGB capabilities and has minimal cable management accessories. However, this desk has an ergonomic design and manual height adjustment, for those who want to configure the desk space more carefully adjusted to maximize its responsiveness in fast-paced first-person shooter games. For people, both are ideal options. Waterproof and custom-made colored fabrics are another important feature.

Sturdy two-tier table with wireless charging pad and power socket

ZLine Designs Series 1.2 Performance L table is a sturdy metal gaming cabinet with a large charging port and integrated color LED lighting.

This sturdy L-shaped metal desk has a two-layer structure that allows multiple monitors to be placed high, and is equipped with an integrated mouse pad (although you can cover it with your own mouse pad at any time). The most impressive is the series of built-in power outlets that desktops have, including USB chargers and even charging pads for wireless devices.

Best Budget Gaming Desk

Despite its low price, the Eureka Ergonomic X1S gaming computer desk is still a sturdy device with excellent additional features and limited blue LED lighting. Although the

Eureka Ergonomic X1S gaming computer desk is expensive, its carrying capacity is the most impressive one on this list. Most importantly, the table is equipped with a console controller and headset stand and a bootable cup holder, as well as several blue LED lighting areas (unfortunately, the color cannot be changed). It may not be finished with the quality of some more expensive products, but it is certainly great and practical.

Easy to build gaming table with full surface mouse pad

Excellent waterproof table mat, sturdy base and simple structure make this compact Arozzi Arena Leggero gaming table an extremely attractive product. The

Arozzi Arena Leggero compact gaming table is an impressive product from a well-known brand in the gaming table market. This special Arozzi product is equipped with an easy-to-clean waterproof board, a sturdy base and is particularly easy to build and dismantle. Although it doesn't have the added features of some of the other products on this list, its simple design will be an attractive quality to many people.

Bizzoelife Rugged and Durable LED Game Table The

Bizzoelife Z Shape E sports racing table is a very sturdy table with high load-bearing capacity, sufficient LED lighting and gaming aesthetics at an affordable price.

This Bizzoelife Z Shape E sports racing table is suitable for all gamers. Its Z-shaped design not only provides excellent stability, but to a certain extent it is the highest maximum load-bearing capacity of any table on this list. There are many types of RGB LEDs on this table, and although they may not suit everyone’s taste, if you are after the appearance of a game, this will be a good choice. In addition, the only real disadvantage of this table is the lack of height adjustment.

Steel frame gaming table with electronic height adjustment

The soft elegance of this ApexDesk Elite series table shows the fact that it is not designed for gamers; however, it can be ergonomically shaped and large in size. It satisfies your gaming needs well. The fact that the height of the desk can be adjusted electronically gives it an advanced feature that you won't find anywhere else on this page. The table is not cheap, for this price you need a higher maximum load, but other than that there are few complaints.

People can explain the quality of the table in many ways, but fundamentally, our team believes that the advantages of the table, especially from a game point of view, come down to 3 specific areas. Chapter

Breaking down ... well, here are the areas to consider when looking at desktop features:

From a gaming standpoint, for me personally, these are the key areas manufacturers need to address before considering aesthetics and architectural quality. The design needs to be practical enough to accommodate everything the game player needs, otherwise it wouldn't be classified as a gaming table at all.

The importance of aesthetics in the technical field seems to increase year by year. If you compare any technology from any era, you might see a huge increase in aesthetic design, the closer you get to today. Gambling tables are no exception. The

game table is not only functional, it must also look important. With a new era of gaming awash in RGB and exciting new layouts, tables must follow suit and adapt. You'll hate RGB bombs, tempered glass, water-cooled gaming beasts that sit on white plastic tables. It just doesn't look good. That being said, when we choose the best gaming table, the gaming table design ranking is quite high.

Finally, we come to the last one, the most important aspect of some hardware additions, features and prices.

I combined these two categories into one because I believe anyone can buy a feature-rich desktop with enough money. However, what separates many desks is the price-to-feature ratio.

A desk with 6 functions worth $500 is far inferior to a desk with 5 functions worth $300. All this is to find the right balance between good, high-quality features and affordable prices.

Some cool features on the desktop that we recommend are as follows:

For most people, this is the most difficult part of buying a new product, but don't be afraid. The team spends countless hours browsing, shopping, and testing available hardware products to ensure that the recommendations we provide are up-to-date and accurate. If the guts are sniffed out, they are the ones who do it.

Therefore, we believe that all our desktop recommendations have been carefully considered and use these 3 (4) areas as good reference points.

Well, this is a very good question, it has appeared a lot.

For us, the answer is simple. If you want to gain an advantage in the competition, we believe that an excellent gaming table is absolutely essential. You simply cannot price a comfortable and ergonomic desk.

Let us take the surface as an example. If you have never used a large game console before, you may not understand the benefits of using a large game console. Using a small surface will automatically limit mouse movement, which means you must either: break the keyboard when you rotate it 180 degrees, or increase the sensitivity to accommodate lack of space.

Now if you have 2 extra feet to play with, you won't encounter this problem. You will have a lot of extra space to fully manipulate the mouse with the sensitivity you want. If you are playing FPS, there is no substitute for precision. The large gaming table increases this to 100% and gives you more confidence, even if external factors will not waver in the fierce battle. Another feature of the

game table is that it can change its height. Now, if you play seriously, you will fully understand the importance of having a perfect height, so to speak. You can’t change from a 30-inch desk to a 25-inch desk, it won’t work. So having the ability to change heights is very important to us. The build quality of the

gaming table will be 9 times better than your cheap desk. They are made of high quality strong and durable materials, which means that your movements can become very aggressive without worrying that you will collapse anytime soon. The

game table brings a lot of little things that no one else has, but for me, these are the main benefits of the game table.




Coleshome The L-shaped desk is an inexpensive but effective L-shaped desk made of MDF and mounted on a metal frame. Despite the relatively low inexpensive cost, the desk and metal legs have minimalist appeal, meaning this table is perfect for a home office or dedicated gaming space. The tired monitor stand and the space under it provide additional options for people running multiple monitors. The L-shaped desk of

The Culshome is relatively compact, which means that if you have a small room and place it in a place with limited space, this may be an effective choice for pasting it in one of the corners, and this is One of the most important things that are good for the product, but if you are looking for something with the most desktop space, look elsewhere. Unfortunately, the desktop loading load is also limited to about 50 kg, which may be a problem for some people.

Nevertheless, for those seeking an L-shaped surface to maximize the use of limited space, this is still a sturdy cheap desk.




The Seven Warriors 60-inch gaming table is a great choice for those who want everything they need for a one-time gaming setup: the removable full-size mouse pad that covers the desktop is of good quality and waterproof (as you might expect) And 2x headphone hook, single cup holder and USB dock are welcome additional features. The

table has its classic game design and

The foot stability adjustment is in fact the only thing stopping us from giving you a warm recommendation. Plus, the 60-inch Seven Warriors is a solid gaming table.




This table discards all fancy lighting and features and sticks to what is best for you as a gamer. The developers obviously spent a lot of time breaking down what a great gaming table is, and it really comes through in the details.

is different from some of the heights on this list. The height is fully customizable and can be changed by unscrewing the locking screw on each leg. This is a great feature for me, and I need to keep up with the perfect gameplay, especially in FPS where precision is paramount. The downside to this feature in this table is that manual adjustments can be a bit difficult for one person, which means that quickly switching between different heights is not an option; If you want this feature, you may have to pay quite a bit. Pricing is more for electronic height adjustment like some other models on this page, and Arozzi Arean offers a more affordable option. The

table is divided into 3 independent parts, which means that it can be removed and moved very easily. The build quality is excellent and you can see that this will continue for several years to come. The huge playing surface is another big plus, completely encased in a waterproof microfiber layer, which can be used as a cushion if desired.

The Arena has 6 different colors so there will be one to suit your mood and the aesthetics of the arcade. This design makes Arozzi so proud that they are currently awaiting patent approval for this design, which you don't normally see on your desk today.

As of this writing, the current price is $ 299, and for us, what you receive is very cheap.



Disadvantages This

ZLine Designs L-shaped gaming table is called Series 1.2 Performance L Desk. This table uses a sturdy metal frame, is heavy and not the easiest to assemble, and we find it difficult to align multiple pilot holes. Despite this, even a little effort cannot solve it. Apart from that, this table has nothing to complain about. The

table has plenty of room on top of both main surfaces, and the top surface is large enough to accommodate most displays and anything else you want to store there for easy access. There is a mouse pad built into the table, we thought it was enough, but if you want to use a better mouse pad, you can always put it on top.

This table is without a doubt the most feature-rich on this list: it is equipped with a headphone holder, two normal power outlets, two USB charging slots and, what is more interesting, there is also a charging plate for devices. wireless. They are unlikely to be seen among many competitors.The controllable color LED lighting is located under the top layer of the desktop, although it does not provide full RGB functionality.

Although the gray and metallic beauty of this table may not be everyone's taste, and there are not many places to hide cables, if you can accept it, you can't go wrong. This table from ZLine Designs!



Disadvantages The

Eureka X1s gaming table is our budget choice, but don't let it fool you. It comes with a lot of cool add-ons that you can't find on other desktops. The

table, like most, is very sturdy, with an X-style design that feels very sturdy. The table is made of steel and MDF, but it feels very fit. It has several LED light zones, which undoubtedly adds to the beauty of this table. The light is set to blue and cannot be changed, having said that, it is a good choice anyway. The

desk is equipped with several cool features, such as a cup holder, headphone holder, and console pad holder. This thing can hold anything you throw, while still having enough space to hold a huge cushion, your gaming equipment and monitor.

is our budget choice, it is naturally the cheapest in this guide, but as we said before, in terms of price, you will get an attractive desk with cool features and nice Service life.




Arozzi shape is one of the most popular brands in the gaming table industry. You may have heard of the Arozzi company before, because it produces a variety of gaming chairs, microphones, and even simulator stands.

However, in this article, we will focus on their impressive Leggero compact gaming table, which we think is well suited for serious and laid-back gamers. The

Leggero is equipped with a really intuitive and easy-to-use design that can be installed in no time. Since this table is made of steel and MDF, the table itself is very strong. The surface is very large and has a full-length waterproof fabric skin that allows the mouse to glide over it effortlessly. Although the design of the

is simple, it is very beautiful and fits my figure very well. It's a shame the table doesn't have RGB, because I think the aesthetics will benefit greatly. However, your money has not been wasted, it has been fully used to ensure that this table will stand the test of time.

Overall, Leggero is an excellent all-round desk, not only beautiful in appearance, but also with quality in mind when manufactured. If you are looking for an easy to use desktop, it will provide you

In our best guide, price is also an important part of how you rate the counter. For this reason, Bizzo received additional points because of its excellent price/performance ratio.

The "Z" shape of this table design not only makes Bizzoelife look great, but also adds solidity and practicality without the need for additional support. The height of the

table is 29 inches, but since the 1 cm foot can be increased if necessary, it can be adjusted a little. The feet can also prevent the table from scratching and leaving marks on the floor, which is very beneficial as you might imagine. The

has no matte finish, but it is completely waterproof and slightly textured. The huge 47-inch gaming surface is the attraction of this table, and it provides consumers with the largest gaming surface of any table on this list. In terms of mouse operability, a gaming surface of this size will definitely exceed anyone's needs.

Bizzo, as we said, has 2 LED lighting zones that can respectively produce 7 colors. They sit on the sides of the table and generate a lot of light, which is a huge advantage for cheap style tables.

This is not our budget choice, but compared to the other options we chose, it is on the cheaper side. For this reason and excellent build quality, Bizzo missed it first, but not by much.




Although this article is specifically about gaming tables, Apexdesk managed to break through without being marked as such. We can thank some great features and cool aesthetics for this.

From a distance, you might think that Apexdesk is just a desk with some extra features. Well, my idea is half right, but it's not entirely correct. We recommend this to gamers, and mainly look at it from the perspective of the game. These features seem to be very suitable for gamers.

The design of this table is not overly flashy, which means it can adapt to almost any environment perfectly. It is made of sturdy materials and has an excellent sturdy base that can hold up to 100 kg. The

takes up a lot of space, 71 inches to be precise, and it provides users with enough space to place multiple monitors, a huge mouse pad, and anything else they think they need on the gaming station.

A very cool feature, and one of the main reasons it made our top list, is its ability to change height at the touch of a button. Apexdesk has a built-in electronic height adjuster, which can be controlled by a controller located under the desk. You can't really pay to be the correct height, this table really fits every user there.

This is an interesting question, because I'm not sure if you can make it too big. Perhaps one that is not physically suitable for your home? No, kidding aside, I think there is a range that is the best surface width for gaming monitors, which is 65 to 75 inches. Chapter

Why? Well, as mentioned above, computer game tables should be practical and practical. A 65-inch table can accommodate 2-3 monitors and a huge mouse pad, which means it can be adapted to the needs of each gamer. 75 inches will accommodate the same triple monitor setup, however you can also put your PC on top. This is ideal for presenters who want to show off their dazzling RGB gear separately. In my opinion, anything beyond this will be a bit outrageous.

It really depends on the type of game I think you're playing. If, like me, you are an avid FPS gamer, I definitely think that a larger desktop will improve your overall game. I've used a small table full of people before, it was rubbish. However, once I upgrade to a larger desktop, it gives me peace of mind and more confidence, which means I can focus on the content of the game and reduce interference outside the game.

Other gaming platforms will not benefit as much as FPS, but it will make the gaming experience more enjoyable, so there may be a chain reaction.

In short, yes.

I mean, most desktop computers can support the weight of your general-purpose monitors and desktop computers. However, if you want to upgrade to some heavier components or a dual-monitor setup in the future, it may be difficult for you to adapt to the increased weight.

Keep this in mind when buying a table. If it is 4,060 kg... I might reconsider.

This is our complete breakdown of the best gaming desktops available in 2021 and all of their products. We try to provide something for all types of consumers by recommending desks with different prices and functions. However, if you think we missed a trick, please feel free to leave us a message below and let us know which desktop you think is best for our list.

In the final analysis, if you plan to buy a gaming table, it really comes down to 3 basic principles: function, design, and price. All of the desks we recommend have been simplified using 3 principles as a rough guide and provide comprehensive, value-for-money services.

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