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It shouldn’t be too difficult to find the best gaming chair for less than $100-mainly by choosing the best option that works for you. The end result is a choice of five different price ranges, all competing to be the best gaming chair under $100 in 2021.

According to your needs and budget, any of them can be regarded as the winner of the title. Although our main choice is the HomCom racing chair, you can choose another option.

No matter which way you go, you will definitely find the best gaming chair under $100 in this article. At least the one that best suits your budget and needs.

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Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

As an economical gaming chair, the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair still feels very high quality. Its full tilt and excellent support for the waist and neck set it apart from the competition.

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If you are looking for a chair that is suitable for home gaming and office use, the BestOffice Ergonomic High Back Office Chair is your best choice.

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The use of high-quality materials and excellent recline adjustments helped make the BestOffice High-Back Racing Chair high on our list. Considering the price, the included backrest and headrest help make it feel more premium.

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If your budget is your biggest concern, then the Giantex high-back racing style is the ideal choice. This is the cheapest chair we recommend, but it can still support you well.

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Although this chair does not have the best Amazon reviews, it is worth considering if you are looking for a cheap gaming chair. The high-quality materials used make it feel more advanced than it actually is.


from Amazon Unfortunately, the price range of this gaming chair means there are some disadvantages that you can't avoid. Before making a purchase decision, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them so that you do not encounter annoying surprises.

First of all, the transportation of these can be very bad. Since they are usually located abroad before ordering, it may take a week or more for the gaming chair to be received. Many budget options for chairs, monitors, and other

products are outside of the United States. If you live in the United States, shipping time is your common disadvantage. Of the five options on this list, only one is Prime compatible to ship the HomCom Race Car Style.

The following is a sad reality: a $100 chair cannot achieve the quality and strength of a $500 chair. This is something that will not happen. However, you can still get a budget chair at a good value for money. Although many of them are sourced from overseas, their quality is usually better than what you would expect when you walk into a retail store and buy a chair at the same price.

Therefore, we still recommend them. Be aware that they can start to wear out earlier than true premium options.

Last but not least, some unavoidable compromises must be made in this price range. This compromise generally occurs in the following areas:

Most of the chairs on this list choose high-quality materials, except for load-bearing chairs. Some high-end products managed to achieve additional features and high-quality materials, but still sacrificed carrying capacity. The weight limit of the

chair determines two things: whether you can actually use the chair without worrying about breaking it, and how strong it is.

Ideally, you want to buy a chair with a weight limit that far exceeds your own weight. This means you never have to worry about breaking it, and your seat will always feel firm and stable, without shaking or unreliable.

Unfortunately, for larger and heavier people, many of the chairs on this list do not meet that standard. Even if your weight is below the recommended 250-pound range for most chairs, you still won't get the most stable seating experience.

Moreover, the chair will still wear out over time. Many chairs in this price range have a relatively low weight limit. Please consider your weight before buying.

Although the seat height of these chairs is mostly what you would expect from an office chair, it is important to pay attention to this number. Seat height refers to the distance of the seat from the ground, measured in inches.

For a typical 20-inch seat height, most adults are very satisfied, especially if you can choose to adjust it up and down a few inches. However, if you are particularly tall or short, every inch of height adjustment is crucial. Please consider the seat height range when purchasing

. Ideally, you want the length of things from knee to leg.

has some other features to consider. This includes being able to recline on a chair or provide additional cushioning for the head and lower back. The

adjustable armrest is also a common feature, but it doesn't generally appear in this price range.

Also, remember a few things, such as the material and construction of the chair. PU leather is very popular in this series as a comfortable and easy to clean material.

In general, a gaming chair should last at least 2 years. That said, making sure you buy products from quality, trusted brands should see this number grow exponentially. Like high-end chairs, the best gaming chairs that cost less than $ 100 use better materials, which means they should be able to withstand everyday use.

Helps your back, neck, shoulder, head and waist support.

The short answer to this question is yes. It is not important if you are a console player or try to play your competitive ePort to the next level. The game chairs will eventually make your life a little easier. Not only do they offer comfort, armrests and rear support for a healthy attitude. But they also live longer alternatives.

Chair Model


The maximum load of

350 pounds

350 PLO


19.5 "x 21.5" x 54 "

Color options

Red, Blue, White, Gray, Black

Sitting Length

20" 24 "

Color Options

Black, Brown, White, Black


250 pounds

250 pounds

Sitting Level

19 "~ 23"


Blue, Red, White

Weight Capacity

250 pounds

Height Sitting

17.25.`444 Color Options

Color Options

Black, Blue, Gray, Red

Weight Capacity

550 pounds

Height Session

18.11 "21.25"

Color Options

Color Options


260 pounds


18 "Height Sitting





350 pounds


19.5 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21.5" x 54 "x 21 .5 "x 54" x 21.5 "x 54" x 21.5 "x 54" x 21.5 "x 54" x 21.5 "x 54"

Color option

Red, Blue, White, Gray, Black


20 "~ 24 "

Shop Amazon


It comes with the lumbar column and the neck support 4 444 very affordable

has a full application


that can


4. The armrests are not pardded

Debooko Anti-Engineering Gaming Schaid has many features you can find in the first quality game chairs.

This is a high quality polyurethane leather and a thick padding that high back is also covered with breathable premium leather that helps promote adequate air flow around the back. In addition, there is a thick memory form in the chair.

Unfortunately, the armrests are pillows, who believed that someone will be a premium function? -I have a concave shape that fits most of my arms. The neck and lumbar support also help improve the appropriate session.

If you feel you want to sleep, the computer chair can take up to 180 degrees long-lasting. Besides that, there is also a roll of superior silence that helps avoid scratches on the floor.

This is a strong smell of the box, so you can place it together when you can free the air in some of your car boats or something like that.

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