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It seems we can start to relax the confinements around the world, but many of us are still confined to the four walls of our own homes, hoping to sit with friends in the sunny beer garden. So what is the best alternative to seeing people in real life? Of course I saw it online! However, since the lockdown has been extended to over 100 days at this time, we have processed as many zoom bar tests as possible. So, it's time for something different: video games.

We've compiled the top picks of the best PC games to play online with friends (not MOBAs) so you can stay in touch without going through another round of general knowledge.

Behind the cute and colorful beauty lies the essence of this game mayhem. Although the first version of the game only allowed couch cabins, Overcooked 2 brought online multiplayer games, opening up the fun of playing together for friends from afar. Depending on who you choose to play this game with can determine your relationship, so be careful.

You need to work as a team to keep a busy kitchen running and provide custom meals while you work overtime. As the game progressed, the levels got more and more difficult, the pressure got more and more strange and they promised to have many curses and outbursts of laughter.

Although this is technically a couch co-op game, all you need to play with friends around the world is your favorite voice application. However, this may be another game that can build or destroy your relationship, so please proceed with caution. You and your friends need to dismantle the bomb, fortunately you have a complete set of instructions. The problem is that only one person can see the actual pump and the other can only see the instructions.

Communication is critical here, because you need to accurately describe the bomb and instructions not to blow everything up. It's fast-paced, stressful, and full of fun. And while it was originally made for virtual reality, you can still enjoy it without a headset (but it's more fun to use!).

A cooperative survival game that can host up to five players at a time is one of the few non-competitive multiplayer games. When the game starts, all players appear on the map without any resources. With smart gameplay and good teamwork, you can finally start building structures to protect yourself and the farm to feed you.

This is a cruel survival game with 2D graphics on paper. It is as important as eating enough to avoid monsters. The character options are scary and cute, this may be why they became Funkos.

If you are looking for a multiplayer game that can take a few hours to complete, I have prepared this game for you! Civilization is now the sixth iteration, it's Civilization 5, and everyone keeps coming back again and again. Each player plays the role of a historical leader and builds their own empire from scratch. You control the army, develop technology and spread religion.

There are many ways to win in Civilization 5, you have to be cunning and plan to win with your friends. A great strategy game that can be played at night while voice chatting.

Destiny 2 has been a popular multiplayer FPS for some time, and with all the latest updates and expansions covering the next two years, it looks like it will continue for a while. And, with cross-platform play on the future development roadmap, you'll be able to play with more friends soon.

Not all online multiplayer games need to be competitive or fast-paced. Take Stardew Valley as an example. This pixelperfect simulator allows you to build your own farm with up to three friends, making your new community a better place. As the game progresses, you can also go to the mine to fight with slimes to collect more resources. This is a lovely game that can really help you through the long lock-up period.

Whether you want to relieve stress by shooting aliens with friends or spend some busy time, these are some of our favorite PC games to play online with friends. Of course, you also have all the popular MOBA games, such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and League of Legends, if they are more in line with your speed.

What is your favorite online multiplayer game? Let us know in the comment section!

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