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For enthusiasts who want to build the ultimate PC, buying one of the best full tower PC cases of 2021 is not just an option, but a necessity. These monster cases bring a host of features and benefits to the desktop that are simply not found in the smaller case alternatives. They provide plenty of room for the largest EATX motherboards, dual-GPU configurations, a host of cooling configuration options, and even allow you to implement the most complex water-cooling configurations. They provided everything. Although the design of these PC cases is not sophisticated, they provide an unmatched design aesthetic for their advanced components.

In today's article, we will only look at the best full-tower PC cabinets on the market in 2021. We will test their design, heat dissipation, noise level, and overall build quality to ensure that they are not “worthy of our consideration, but also worthy of your consideration.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a top-notch full-tower case with full functionality , Or just a cheap option to provide additional space, please be sure to find a full-tower PC cabinet that suits your needs in our guide. Specifically.

Here are some of the best full-tower PC cabinets. Each of the following cases has it Spacious interior space, stylish aesthetics and a large number of cooling configuration options. We'll delve into every detail, but for now, this is the initial outline.

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Buy from Amazon

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Enthoo 719 from Phanteks is one of the most affordable full tower boxes on the market. In addition to the sleek design and large hinged tempered glass panel, the chassis also offers incredible mounting options for fans and fans. Also, you can basically customize this case to meet your exact construction requirements. Oh, it can also be equipped with dual systems inside! The

chassis supports large components such as the EATX motherboard, EATX power supply, 420mm heat sink, and various graphics cards. The price is not bad at all, under $ 200. The monster in this chassis is intended to contain serious hardware and is built to the highest quality, which makes this price worth it.

Check out the full Phanteks Enthoo 719 review here

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Corsair 1000D is bigger than most people think the whole tower is, which is why Corsair calls this situation a super tower. The PC is so large that it can actually hold two motherboards and two power supplies, which means it can hold two independent PCs at the same time.

This case is one of the largest on the list, mainly because the Corsair decided to make it capable of accommodating dual versions. If you plan to do some serious overclocking or want to configure multiple GPUs in the next build, this is the case for you. Obsidian 1000D can handle up to 13 internal fans and up to 4 heat sinks. If you plan to build a custom loop water-cooling device with oversized dimensions, then this may be the perfect choice.

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Thermaltake has been improving the quality of its case for some time. There are many products like this, their View 71 full-tower PC case. It offers four-sided tempered glass, a large number of cooling options, easy-to-use construction components and many more water-oriented features.

Although this case is one of the heaviest on this list, it is also one of the most attractive in terms of aesthetics. All four sides of the tempered glass work very well in creating a well-designed RGB environment. You can not only install the GPU vertically, but also install the AIO radiator vertically. It's not very suitable for heat dissipation, but it will definitely add to your build design.

If you're looking for a case that can showcase the internals in real flair, we recommend Thermaltake as a strong competitor.

View the full Thermaltake View 71 box review here.

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This simple-looking full-tower box features hinged tempered glass side panel windows, many cable management routing options, flexible installation units, and is affordable. Phanteks’

Enthoo may be “cheap”, but it is still an excellent computer case. This is a large PC case with many cooling and customization options inside. This makes it suitable for almost any high-end build.

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Winners are quiet! Another magnificent case was delivered. Dark Ba se Pro 900 is made of steel to provide adequate airflow and its modular design allows you to configure it in many different ways. Chapter

Silence! Dark Ba truly lives up to its name and offers one of the best environments for reducing noise levels. The accompanying chassis fan works well, especially in terms of acoustics (or lack of acoustics). Combined with the thick noise-canceling foam, you don't need to hear the loud hum of the fan even when it's set to high RPM.

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Whether we are reviewing a new monitor or the best GPU on the market, choosing the right hardware is always a difficult task.

It takes hours of product research, performance benchmarking, and user feedback review to come to a clear conclusion on recommended content.

If you are not technically competent and find it difficult to take the time to complete the above requirements, you may end up purchasing a full tower PC case that is not suitable for you. Chapter

Don't Be Afraid, Friend! At WePC, we like to take the pressure off your research and turn the entire process into a comprehensive buyer's guide that's easy to follow. That's right, our team of PC enthusiasts have done all the hard work for you!

try the product we recommend is


Most of the products we recommend at WePC have undergone a rigorous testing process, covering everything from price and performance to quality, efficiency and structural aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to understand its performance under tremendous pressure and to ensure that it is worthy of the top spot we dream of.

Doing so allows us to provide you with the most accurate product performance evaluation and ultimately determine whether it is worth your consideration.

When choosing a chassis for your new PC build, you need to consider more than just the immediate issues. If you are unfamiliar with building PCs, you have a lot to learn and this section is expected to make your life easier.

Before purchasing a chassis, you must first consider the dimensions of the motherboard, because a large motherboard cannot physically fit in a smaller chassis. The three most popular form factors are ATX, MicroATX, and MiniITX. However, they are used more in today's computers.

For example, you will not be able to install an EATX or ATX motherboard in a MicroATX or MiniITX chassis. Larger cases sometimes support smaller form factor motherboards, but this is not always the case, so be sure to check the specifications.

Smaller boxes have less space for components and tend to have fewer functions. If you are a minimalist, this is not a problem. On the other hand, large boxes are very suitable for enthusiasts who assemble high-end products.

computer cases are divided into three main types (although there are more), each of which is compatible with different types of motherboards:

Many people may already know that PC components emit a lot of heat. Components are designed to run at high temperatures without damage, but if their temperature rises too high for too long, they will still degrade faster over time.

This is where the fanatics of your case begin to act. Once the cooling system is properly configured, the chassis fan will adjust the internal temperature and pump warm air while sucking in cool air. The

fan configuration will vary based on your chassis design and the airflow required by the system. I recommend using the push / pull configuration mentioned above, that is, when some of your fans suck cool air into the chassis, the remaining fans blow warm air out of the back. With this setup, your components will be affected by a continuous flow of cool air, keeping your system and components at a stable temperature.

Also, if the universal fan doesn't cut through the mustard completely and you're still experiencing a higher-than-average temperature, you can always choose to integrate the water-cooling settings into your PC. These can be very complicated, which means that you will need a lot of additional internal space to route the loop. However, this is where the full tower PC case comes in handy.

Generally, the chassis comes with three different types of drive bays, each with its own purpose:

However, as physical disks have become less and less popular, many manufacturers have started to eliminate the drive bay 5.25-inch optics.

Compared to small cabinets, full tower cabinets usually require a lot of cables, which may be due to additional fans, controllers, RGB settings, and additional front I/O options. In either case, you must deal with these cables instead of messing them up.

Most cases of a certain type have many pre-installed cable management options, such as grommet holes on the motherboard panel or small serrated grooves for securing cables. When it comes to cable management, you are unlikely to encounter problems with full-tower cabinets, as they are usually very expensive, and this is considered very effectively in most designs.

These large boxes can be equipped with multiple fans, and these fans will quickly become larger. Nobody wants to hear the constant hum of an overworked fan in the background, right? Our recommendation is to make sure your chassis fan is quiet, or choose a chassis that has some noise cancellation in the designer tempered glass and thick side panels are good for this. When reading online reviews, pay particular attention to the dBa audio level of your fans. This is the sound of the fan that comes with the case.

ensures that the build quality of your case is solid. If you have side windows, tempered glass is the ideal choice. Plastic is good here and there, but you can't go wrong with a steel frame. For full-tower cabinets, the manufacturing quality usually matches the price, so even the cheapest cabinets usually have high-quality manufacturing.

Having said that, it is still important to ensure that the case you are considering is well made before buying. Otherwise, its construction may be short-lived.

motherboard supports


Dimensions HXWXD

595 x 570 x 240mm

Drive bay


Comes with EATX, ATX, MicroATX, MiniITX, SIEEB

Amazon / 444 compatible chassis fan 444 444 444 444 MiniITX motherboard, SSI EEB

Dimensions (H x W x D)

695.96 x 307.34 x 693.42 mm

Drive bay

11 44 44 Includes / supports chassis fan

Includes 4, bracket 144 44 44 44 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Amazon ATX motherboard, EATX

, larger full board, Amazon ATX motherboard, EATX

Dimensions (H x W x D)

592 x 274 x 577 mm


fan 3 x 140 mm RGB fan


compatible with

EATX motherboard, ATX, 4x4x44x 44x 434x434x43 434x434 uA x 551 mm

drive bay

444 12

Includes / supports chassis fan

Includes 3, support a total of 8

Amazon Store

The board base supports


size (Hx46448


words together)

Up to miniITX. In addition, this case also supports dual system settings, which means you can put the main motherboard on the top and install the auxiliary system on the power cover below. Although

is a full budget tower, it is Phanteks, which means Enthoo 719 has many advanced features. The shell function is mainly designed for custom water cooling construction, and provides some additional cutouts for different system configurations. In addition, the drive installation options are astronomical, providing you with 11 locations for 2.5-inch SSDs and 12 locations for 3.5-inch drives. The fan hub that comes with the

Phanteks is great, and it really helped me sort the RGB cables on the back easily. There are few changes here and there, but this Phanteks budget is definitely a bargain.

View the full Phanteks Enthoo 719 review here.

motherboard supports


Dimensions (H x W x D)

695.96 x 307.34 x 693.42 mm

drive bay

supports 11 44

444 fans

can support any build

EATX to MiniITX compatibility

480mm dual front radiator bracket

can hold two builds

excellent cooling performance


heavy duty

quite expensive

Corsair Obsidian 1000D is the largest of our largest tower cabinets. Its huge size has earned it the nickname "Super Tower", and it's easy to understand why.

supports extended ATX, ATX, MicroATX, MiniITX and SSI EEB. This box is nearly 700 mm tall and is a heavy beast and should only be considered for the largest constructions. Its huge internal space has enough space to simultaneously accommodate up to 13 chassis fans (8 120 mm fans can only be installed in the front of the chassis) and up to four radiators. The

1000D has a special three-chamber design with a convenient hinged glass panel on the side. The main feature of this full tower chassis is that it can accommodate an EATX version and a miniITX at the same time. The larger EATX / ATX build function is in the standard position on the rear panel, while the mini-build is in the power supply shield. The exterior of the

enclosure is surrounded by tempered glass. There are two brushed aluminum trim on the top, which can frame the glass well. The front part offers ample space for air intake through the dust filter. Looking at the rear panel of the chassis, we find that it has seven expansion slots for multiple cards. The

storage capacity is also considerable, because the chassis has enough space to accommodate five 3.5-inch HDDs and six 2.5-inch SSDs. Traditional 3.5-inch hard disk drives and 2.5-inch solid-state drives have their own storage cavity, both located next to the power cover. You will find space for two power supplies under the deck for those who want to use the dual build option. The

front I/O panel uses RGB lighting, built-in smart lighting and Corsair Commander Pro fan controller. The fan/lighting controller allows you to control up to six PWM fans and two RGB LED strips, as well as four temperature probes. With its amazing number of installable fans and RGB lighting options, the

is one of the best full tower cases on the market.


Complete tower

Motherboard supports


Dimensions (H x W x D)

592 x 274 x 577 mm

includes fan

3 x 144 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 RGB 4 4 RGB 4 4 4mm beautiful 4 4 4 4 4mm Amazon store quality 4 4 4mm tempered glass

very beautiful aesthetic

shows good value

supports well designed custom water cooling loop


weighs close to 20kg

alone As we mentioned earlier, Thermaltake is no stranger to making some of the best PC cases on the market today. However, this is one of his best examples so far. View 71 is equipped with an astonishing design, highlighted by four high-quality 5mm thick tempered glass panels (front / sides / roof). The tempered glass works very well with the RGB fan equipped with this case, and when it comes to the internal components, there is no room for imagination.

View 71 is a good choice for enthusiasts who want to show off their components. Behind the colored glass, you will find a host of aesthetics and construction oriented features. Users will enjoy a vertical GPU installation on the front of the case, helping to showcase their GPU. Additionally, Thermaltake equipped this case with the option to install an AIO cooler in the motherboard tray (next to the front fan). This is a fairly new design feature that we haven't seen in many cases in the past. The

motherboard tray can hold the most popular motherboard form factors, including EATX, ATX, MicroATX, and MiniITX; the latter feels a bit silly to be honest. When it comes to cooling options, you'll be able to fully customize your fan settings due to the various mounting options on the front panel, ceiling, rear panel, and bottom panel. Many hard drives won't cause this problem because they come with a ton of drive trays pre-installed out of the box. A big selling point of the

PC Case is the water-cooling compatibility it supports. Inside, you have enough space to install the most complex water cooling circuit, with three external gaskets at the rear. Oh, and the side panels are also installed on well-made hinges. Always an advantage.

Check out the full Thermaltake View 71 review here.

motherboard supports


Dimensions (H x W x D)

536 x 235 x 551 mm

drive bay


chassis includes 44 supports/supports 44 and buys 44 in total Fan at Amazon



It dissipates heat and supports the 1 360mm radiator on the top of the chassis and the 240mm radiator on the front. The drive bay can also be opened with a custom build to provide additional space.

On the rear panel, we see ample space for cable management, and the attached rubber grommets and Velcro straps can hold everything together. These cases are very easy to use and a dream to build, making them ideal for custom builds or large, laborious system builds. The

case has a magnetic dust filter. Some people prefer this filter because they can be opened and closed easily, but it is worth noting that they are of poor quality compared to some of Fractal Design's products. An important feature of this case is actually a very simple thing, that is the hinged side panel door. This may not sound like the best thing in the world, but it allows you to easily access your system when you need it without having to open and close the panel. The

has a solid structure, and you know that you get quality products from Phanteks because they have a good reputation in the box manufacturing business. Overall, this is a good choice, if you like a low-key, simple but powerful design, this may be perfect.

Motherboard bracket


Dimensions (H x W x D)

586 x 243 x 586 mm

Drive bay




Excellent Acoustic performance

Attractive design

Modular design


Cable management is not the best

Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 is surrounded by a steel frame with orange decorations between the hypotenuses. It supports EATX, ATX, MicroATX and MiniITX motherboards. Flexibility is a common theme here because the chassis has many cooling options and some modularity. The left side panel of the case uses

colored tempered glass, which adds a pleasing design to the case. The bottom of the case lacks ventilation, but there are two internal fan brackets that can suck in cold air between the two panels. The

motherboard tray can be installed at different heights on both sides of the chassis. Placing the tray down with a hole still provides enough space to install a single slot card at the bottom of the circuit board. The HDD storage system is also an area that you can customize according to the specific needs of the building. There is a hidden fan bracket on the side panel of the

motherboard, which can accommodate two 120mm fans. The noise-reducing foam in Dark Ba se Pro 900 reduces fan vibration and helps keep the cabinet quiet. The chassis comes pre-installed with three Silent Wings PWM chassis fans, but there are a total of ten fan installation positions. The silent beast

also supports water-cooled radiators, ranging from 120mm to 420mm. The radiator can be installed on the top, bottom or front of the housing. Whether you want to be silent or not, this phone case is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. The

full-tower PC cabinet is the largest cabinet that can be purchased. When it comes to the size of these cases, it is difficult to determine an exact number. The actual size will vary depending on the brand and model you purchased.

On average, the size of a full-tower PC case tends to be about 8 inches by 20 inches. However, some may be larger or smaller than this.

full-tower PC cabinets are great because they give you full control of the components you choose. With enough room for upgrades, you can purchase larger components without worrying about their size.

When comparing the full-tower PC case with the standard size, the size will increase. If you don’t have enough space, this may not be your right choice. The value of

full tower boxes is not worth seeing. Most players tend to have a preference for the size of the venue they choose.

It is worth remembering that the full tower PC case is large and takes up a lot of space. This is why many players choose the medium standard option.

However, if you want complete creative control of the PC, a full tower case is worth buying. It allows you to use larger components and gives you additional space to add additional cooling systems, such as liquid cooling and fans.

Generally speaking, larger PC cabinets tend to have better airflow, which is a huge advantage. It all depends on which components you plan to include in your build (if they are worth it). This is the case with

, our comprehensive review of the best full-tower PC cabinets available in 2021. If you are building a high-end gaming PC, you will need a cabinet option, drive bays, units, and additional features with enough space, cooling support, and cable management. Fortunately, these huge full-tower cabinets provide all the latest products.

We hope that this will not only help you understand why choosing a good full tower chassis is important, but also help you understand how to make better case decisions overall. If you have any questions about the full tower chassis, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Even better, why not go to our community center, where you can discuss everything about the case with like-minded people.

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