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Whether you are playing games or (reluctantly) working with a PC, because most of us sit in front of a computer most of the time, being able to use an ergonomic keyboard is a huge advantage. Although they have been around for a long time, ergonomic keyboards designed with comfort are now better than ever, and provide more than just an easy way to type.

But how do you find the keyboard that suits you best? What do you need to look for on the keyboard? What makes it ergonomic? There are usually hundreds of options to choose from, each insisting that it is the best. Loading your favorite shopping site can be overwhelming at first, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

At WePC, let us alleviate some of the pressure brought by buying new products. Today, we will look at some of the best ergonomic keyboards currently available, what makes them so great, and some of their shortcomings.

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Buy from Amazon

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An ergonomic keyboard is also an excellent gaming companion. The

keyboard not only provides a split layout that is conducive to ergonomics, but the addition of mechanical key switches is very suitable for those who want to use this keyboard for work rather than just work.

Buy the

premium model on Amazon, without compromising on quality delivery. The curved design of the

keyboard not only makes it look great, it is also pleasant to type. For those who are training for a long time, the additional benefit of having a good quality wrist rest is a huge advantage.

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This keyboard has an interesting ergonomic design that allows you to easily find a natural typing position.

This is a well-made keyboard that can tick all boxes. The innovative ergonomic rear tilt typing posture is a good way to reduce pressure on the wrist.


on Amazon. This is a good budget option for those who just want to get the job done. The

ergonomic arc design is very suitable for any office environment. We especially like that there are many shortcut keys and a set of customizable buttons.

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To make it easier for our readers, our goal is to take the pressure off of choosing the perfect product that meets your needs. To this end, we have conducted countless hours of in-house product research and performance testing to bring you complete, true-to-life pictures.

We know that not everyone who buys a new keyboard understands all the details, so we also made sure to cut down on some of the jargon you see on the product listing so that you know exactly which comparison item you are buying when you buy a new keyboard. .

With all of this done, we created this buyer's guide to highlight the products that we believe are worthy of being considered the best.

When we search for the best products, a large part of our selection process is how we test them. When testing, we set strict standards on what we viewed before even considering recommended products.

These products must show excellent performance in long-term use, and we support this by comparing our findings with hundreds of online user reviews, so it is more than just one person’s opinion. When we look at certain factors that make a product great, manufacturing quality, price, efficiency, and performance all play a key role.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, we will also look at what type of keyboard it is, the switches it uses, wireless battery life, and any other outstanding features, such as an ergonomic wrist rest or RGB function.

Only by doing this can you be sure that the products we recommend are indeed worthwhile.

One of the most important parts of buying a new keyboard is, of course, the price. Not everyone can afford the best technology, but more people are more willing to spend money on faster technology within the PC, but this is not to say that there is not a good budget for those who want a combination of quality keyboards.

Since many offices around the world now offer ergonomic keyboards to employees, prices have dropped. In our research on this item, we found that in the higher range, you might want to spend around $ 130 on well-known brands and the best features.

At the lower end of the price range, you can still get a high-quality ergonomic keyboard for as little as $ 3050. Although these may not have all the features provided by advanced Microsoft keyboards, they still have ergonomics at their core.

If you want more flexibility in your computer settings, having a wireless keyboard usually helps. You will be able to easily move it from one table to another and get rid of any crawling cables that may start to become a problem, especially when you are using a standing desk.

Some keyboards will provide wired and wireless versions, but it is worth noting that the wireless version tends to significantly increase the price. If you are not in a hurry to get additional features, or you are worried about battery life, then sticking to a wired keyboard is not a bad choice. The switch type of the

keyboard has a great influence on how you feel using it every day. The keyboard provides two main types of switches: mechanical and membrane, each with its own unique style. The

membrane switch is usually found on cheaper keyboard models and provides a typing experience

writes. There are also a variety of switches to choose from, ranging from silent, click, linear, heavy duty, and light duty. Some of them are more suitable for writing, while others are more suitable for games. Your choice depends mainly on personal preferences. Mechanical switches are also more durable than membrane switches, which is worth it for those looking for durable products. The

keyboard can come in various shapes and sizes. While some ergonomic keyboards can fold to provide a more natural typing position, there are generally only a few main keyboard sizes to choose from. The main size of the

keyboard is the standard full size. These will have all the keys you are accustomed to seeing on the keyboard, and usually also include a set of multimedia keys. The next step is the TKL or "tenkeyless" keyboard. These keyboards do not include a numeric keypad, which is a great way to save a little space. Below

are 60% of keyboards, which usually have only the most basic keys. Compared to traditional keyboards, they are usually a bit narrow and typing can be a bit difficult.

The smallest keyboard is usually not the most ergonomic product, because the grouping of keys has an unavoidable effect on your posture when typing or gaming, so this is definitely a factor worth considering.

If you choose to spend a little more money on the keyboard, you can usually choose some extra features. We’ve covered the advantages of wireless technology, but other great features you can choose from include an ergonomic wrist rest, backlight, and even USB pass-through technology.

Some of these features are a bit more expensive than others, so it’s important to always have an in-depth understanding of any keyboard you plan to buy. In particular, gaming keyboards often have more additional functions, including custom keys, customizable RGB lighting, and even programmable macro keys.


TKL, 394 x 184 x 32mm


mechanical, cherry red Mx / cherry brown MX

connection type

wired, 1.8m cable length

buy from Amazon

size 44456 x 4 full size



connection type


buy Amazon


full size (independent numeric keypad), 392 x 228 x 36 mm



connection type


full size Amazon 444 444 444 wireless connection size 444 444


rubber dome

Connection Type



on Amazon Dimensions

TKL, 394 x 184 x 32 mm


Mechanical, Cherry Red Mx / Cherry Brown MX


Connection Cable, Type

Connection Cable,




mechanical switch chooses

split design


does not have a keyboard or wrist support

This is a little extra Since the beginning of the year, Kinesis Freestyle Pro did not adopt a curved or raised design, but chose to simply separate the keyboard vertically from the middle, allowing users Find the most comfortable position. This is ideal for those who want maximum adjustability, although it is still bundled together by a cable connecting the two parts.

This keyboard is also the only wired variant on our list. Coupled with the fact that the keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, this makes it most suitable for games that are part of an ergonomic setting. The switches on the

keyboard really make it unique. When buying this keyboard, you can choose a set of Cherry Mx Red or Cherry Mx Brown switches. These mechanical switches are favored by people who type and play games, and for good reason. Faster response time, tactile feedback, and impressive durability make these switches an attractive option. However, this helps push up the price of the keyboard. In fact, this is one of the more expensive ergonomic keyboards on our current list, but unfortunately it has deficiencies in several key areas. An example of this is the lack of a numeric keypad due to the small size of this keyboard. You can charge one separately, but you have to pay more.

This keyboard does not have a wrist rest, which is a shame. Although you can use your own desk, you will find it difficult to find a desk that can be split into two parts to fit your new desk layout.


full size, 456 x 233 x 48 mm



connection type


Amazon store


curved ergonomic design




advantages 484 backlight technology is a premium The keyboard is ergonomic using the downward curve of the center. The purpose of this is to allow users to write with better posture, less tension and more support.

Due to the curved design, this keyboard adopts a split key configuration, which may take some time to adapt. A wrist support is also included, including three separate layers to provide comfort and support.

This is a sturdy, well-made keyboard, and there is no need to worry about the curve will be damaged quickly. Our only concern is the wear and tear of the wrist rest, as it is not removable on this model.

One of the disadvantages of many of these keyboards is that they do not have a backlight. Although this is not something you need in an office environment, it does provide a certain degree of flexibility for other uses. However, this can improve the battery life of the keyboard, which is always positive, especially because this keyboard

It won't be affected by any flexing, nor will it feel like it will crumble anytime soon.

Some people may not like using scissor switches on the keys, but these play a vital role in keeping the keyboard light and thin. There are some media hotkeys on this keyboard too, but they are hidden in the function keys, which can frustrate those used to desktop keyboards, but those used to laptops will feel right at home. .

Finally, although this keyboard is wireless, it still relies on the use of AAA batteries for its power. Now though these won't be out of stock anytime soon, but for this price we at least hope we can opt to plug and charge.


Full size, 480 x 251 x 74 mm


Rubber dome

Connection type


Amazon Store


Soft key

Multimedia button

44 44 44

44 44 44 44 44

444 The more cheap I'm not sure if an ergonomic keyboard is right for you. Choosing an inexpensive option is a good way to test without spending too much money. Although Logitech offers a wide range of advanced models, they also have some good budget options, including the K350.

Logitech K350 Wireless is a good choice, it has an ergonomic curved design and a comfortable wrist support. The main disadvantage of this keyboard is that the design is very outdated, it looks like something you have seen in 2000. Coupled with a slightly cheaper structure, it may put some people off, but if you can get over it, it is a good product with high quality and low price.

This is definitely a keyboard for those who will spend a lot of time at office work. There are many convenient shortcuts and dedicated parts for media controls. You can even program the F key to open your favorite folders or the most visited web pages. Since this is a full-size all-in-one keyboard, it will also have a built-in small keyboard.

Although you can't see any mechanical buttons here, these rubber dome switches can get the job done and work as you expect. The real benefit of this keyboard is that it provides a very comfortable typing experience. The keyboard is designed in a curved shape to keep your hands comfortable, and the padded palm rest is perfect for de-stressing.

Finally, it is definitely worth mentioning that this is a wireless keyboard and one of the few keyboards available at this price. With no flash or backlit buttons, the battery will definitely last a long time.

Choosing a new keyboard is always a difficult decision, especially when buying with ergonomics in mind. We hope that our list of the best ergonomic keyboards will show you some of the possibilities for those who want to type comfortably.

If you think we missed a good choice, or you have experience with any of the products we cover, please leave us a message below. Also, if you want to chat with other website visitors on any technology-related topic, why not visit our Community Center to get started.

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