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Before buying an Acer monitor, we recommend that you review the different features to consider when buying a gaming monitor on Cyber Monday (or any other time). The following is a list of factors that may affect performance, overall user experience, and the price of Acer gaming monitors:

Border-The border around the edge of the screen is called a border. The bezels come in different widths and thicknesses, and most people prefer thinner, less obtrusive bezels to maximize their viewing experience and increase immersion. Of course, it depends a bit on personal preference, but for the vast majority of people buying a new monitor this Cyber Monday, we recommend using a narrow border monitor. Booth

: Booths are important, mainly for practical reasons, functionality and versatility, but they also have aesthetic elements. In fact, the stand is an important feature that is often overlooked when buying a new monitor. From the basic level of whether the monitor fits your desk, to its sturdiness and stability, the ability to change the viewing angle, and the ease of use of plugs and ports. Although not the most important consideration, a good stand can add a lot to the bottom line when buying a new Acer monitor or general gaming monitor.

screen size-the first thing most people consider when buying a new monitor is the screen size. There is no doubt that it is usually a feature that increases the cost of the display. The best size depends on your purpose: For competitive gaming monitors, 2427 inches is the ideal choice, and for workstations or home theater monitors, we recommend 2732 inches or larger panels to provide the best viewing experience.

refresh rate: Especially when it comes to competitive games, the refresh rate is very important when buying an Acer monitor or any other gaming monitor. We recommend 144Hz or higher for competitive gaming monitors to ensure maximum FPS. A refresh rate higher than 60Hz is sufficient for more general Acer gaming monitors that are not used for competitive games or workstations.

resolution: As long as the screen size is the same, the higher the resolution of the monitor means the clearer the image. For most people who buy a new monitor, resolution is almost as important as screen size. Buying the best resolution monitor for this Cyber Monday depends on the purpose for which you will be using it. We recommend that any new Acer monitor you buy on Cyber Monday be at least 1080p. Competitive gamers should insist on buying a 1080p monitor. For others, the resolution of the monitor depends on the price you are willing to pay and how important the quality of the visual image is to you. The best imaging display for this Cyber Monday is a 4K display, and the Acer Predator 4K display is one of the best displays money can buy.

Curved or flat screen: The last thing to consider when buying an Acer monitor on Cyber Monday is the curvature, or whether it is missing. Curved screens are not for everyone, but for most people, they add immersion to the gaming experience, although they also greatly increase the price.

If you do not fully understand the latest market news and price news, choosing the best Acer Cyber Monday monitor trading can be a challenge. This is where WePC comes in. We are veterans and experts of Cyber Monday, good at finding the best prices for gaming and workstation monitors, and using our technical expertise to help you find the right monitor for you. As with Cyber Monday before, we will use our knowledge to speculate on the transactions that may be offered in advance, and we will examine these transactions as they appear to determine which ones are worth your money and which ones are not.

When making recommendations, we consider many different factors, prioritizing performance, overall price, and scale of savings.

As in previous years, almost all retailers will offer discounts this Cyber Monday to ensure the safety of your business. While this is clearly a huge benefit to consumers, it makes the buying process of reviewing all of these transactions difficult.

Here are some of the top retailers we'll use to find the best Acer Cyber Monday monitor deals:

Amazon - The main event for Cyber Monday savings. For your convenience, we'll be sure to list all of Amazon's best prices on Acer gaming monitors.

Newegg: Looking for an excellent resource to monitor transactions in November of this year. We expect Acer monitors and a series of different Newegg products to generate considerable savings this year.

Wal-Mart: Although Wal-Mart is not as big as Amazon or Newegg in online shopping, they will offer many discounts on Cyber Monday, including Acer monitors. We will make sure you find everything easily.

Best Buy: Best Buy is a reliable source of technology product transactions during Cyber Monday. We will constantly search your website for savings on Acer monitors, so you don’t have to do this.

When talking about Cyber Monday transactions, one of the main questions we were asked was, when should I buy gaming monitors on Cyber Monday? In recent years, we recommend waiting until the end of November to bargain on Acer monitors. However, retailers will launch transactions as early as November 5 this year, so the answer is not that simple. Ultimately it all depends on which monitor you want and whether you are willing to bet and get a better deal at the end of November. Personally, I suggest you get any discount as soon as you see an Acer monitor. Chapter

So You

Driving to Cyber Monday. The first transactions have been published on the website and the new transactions will be published as soon as we find them. Let us know which Acer monitor you want to see this year and we'll do our best to find it, assuming we don't have one yet.

Follow the link below to visit our Cyber Monday hardware page:

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