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Does where you live affect how much you enjoy your gaming

If you want to take a break from action packed games, multiplayer games or sports, sit back and experience the city building game.

requires a bit of strategy and patience. You can use some of these titles to build anything from small villages to large metropolises. You will be responsible for building an efficient and prosperous city that will make people happy, which is more difficult than it sounds!

We have included several different types here, from modern cities to historical settings, to keep things diverse.

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Release Date: March 29, 2019

Publisher-Kalypso Media

Developer-Limbic Entertainment

First on the list is Tropico 6, a game that lets you become the president of your tropical paradise.

You can choose the battle or sandbox mode to locate yourself on a tropical island with various natural resources and citizens waiting for work and housing. You must build an island that can sustain your economy (with the help of foreign aid) and provide infrastructure to prevent your citizens from rebelling. You annoy your citizens too much, and they could kill you ... literally.

As the campaign progresses, you will have opportunities for growth and political decisions that can make or break your dynasty.

Release Date: Jan 14, 2003

Publisher-EA Games


SimCity may be most people's introduction to the city building type. It is a classic game from the city simulation series, which allows you to finally turn the earth into a small settlement and city.

players are responsible for managing all areas of the city, including infrastructure, finance, environment, labor market, and transportation. Keeping all these different components running smoothly to ensure quality of life for citizens is a good balancing act.

You can use God Mode to design or transform your land in order to build the city however you want. If you want some additional challenges, God Mode also gives you the option to trigger natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. On the other hand, the

mayor model is more restricted. You should use the city advisers to decide how to best manage the city. Another game mode is MySim mode, where you can create a Sim who lives and works in the city that you manage and create.

Release Date: Mar 10, 2015

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Developer: Colossal Order

Cities: Skylines is another modern city building game that fans of the original city simulation series will love. Players must fall into urban planning, management of road construction, utilities, transportation, health, pollution levels and taxation in this title.

Players start with a small piece of land and some money. They must build cities little by little, adding roads, houses, and shopping areas. As the city expands, this will unlock items for players, including police stations, schools, and hospitals, as well as certain political power and public service laws. For those who want unrestricted city construction, this game also has a great sandbox mode.

Release Date: February 18, 2014

Publisher: Shining Rock Software

Developer: Shining Rock Software

For those looking for a small-scale city building game, Baished is great. Happened in a historical context, exile is about survival. The game begins with a selectable world state that will load various conditions, including the weather, the number of homes in the colony, and the items they bring into your world.

To start building your city, you must first find materials to build houses for your settlers from available natural resources. Resources must be managed strategically. After all, regeneration of trees is very slow, and if you do a large-scale construction spree, you will quickly run out of materials.

Unlike other city building games on the list, this game focuses on individual survival. Everyone in the city has a name and a place in your city, although you cannot control them, they have their own needs and lives (you can influence them in certain ways).

Release Date: April 16, 2019

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Blue Byte

Another history buff's work, "Anno 1880," takes place during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. As part of the popular Era series, which also includes Era 2070 and Era 2205, the game uses similar navigation and city building mechanics, but with some changes. Game

is set in the old world colonial commercial era. It has typical elements of urban construction. Randomly generated AI trade routes, maps, and opponents offer challenges along the way.

players can use blueprints to plan their cities before building or using resources. This is an interesting new feature that you are not common in city construction games. The

city building game is great, if you are looking for some strategy or want to build something creative. You can get all the details you want, build pipelines throughout the simulated city or negotiate trade agreements with Tropico’s US senators.

If you want to get a little creativity, most of them have a dedicated sandbox mode. However, all the activities are fun enough for you to enjoy them for several hours in a row.

These may not be all the city building games we can think of, so if we miss any games that you think should be on the list, let us know in the comments below.

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