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Divinity original sin 2 system requirements

If you prefer the feel and performance of a mechanical keyboard to play games, then you are not alone. Their durability, feel and speed make them a must-have for any serious gamer. The only problem with

is that this enhanced performance is not free. The components required to manufacture mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than those used to manufacture membrane keyboards. The key matrix formed by these components is also much more complex, so in fact they are mostly expensive products, but not always.

We found five cheapest mechanical keyboards that you can buy without completely destroying your savings account. Now that we have completed all the basic work, all you have to do is decide which one is most suitable for your game style.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

We cannot forget how affordable this mechanical keyboard is. It has all the functions of the more expensive circuit boards and provides many small, easy-to-use functions, such as nine spare keys to create a more intuitive layout

. It is equipped with Cherry Blue MX switches, with high-quality PBT keys on the top and With the complete NKRO function, you can get the required complexity through key bindings, thus realizing a truly responsive and edge symphony game!


on Amazon If you are looking for a super versatile keyboard that will not negatively affect your gaming performance, then the K6 optical brown switch is perfect for you. It provides an incredibly smooth, low-latency response, and is compact, allowing you to choose between wireless and USB capabilities. The

is built in a sturdy aluminum frame. Although the quality of the cover is not the best, this 65-key keyboard can perform ordinary activities such as typing or simply pressing the Enter key in a special way. Plus, it uses a beautiful RGB matrix backlight to make it look and feel so good.

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Of all the keyboards on our list, Gramr has the most striking beauty. The white LED highlighting the black buttons creates a truly sleek and stylish design, but offers more than just beauty. Equipped with Cherry Red MX switch and NKRO function, this product is very suitable for some complex game commands and lightning-like actions. The

Gramr is very well made, it packs a lot of weight, it will only exaggerate the touch of the drive, and it will stay good and stable during those tense games, and the tension can boil over.

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Redragon K582 should be a strong competitor for any gamer on a budget. Interestingly, there are few reasons why it is so much cheaper than other mechanical keyboard options. Admittedly, it's a full-size motherboard that's not for everyone, but it does have full NKRO features, RGB backlighting, solid ABS construction, and red switches. The

switch does not fully meet the Cherry MX standard. They feel a bit soft under your fingers, giving this keyboard a membrane feel, so if you are used to membrane keyboards, this may be the perfect bridge for easier use of mechanical keyboards.

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If cheap means cheap, this Pulsar PK001 motherboard will meet your wallet and gaming needs. With complete NKRO functions, powerful LED lighting and aircraft aluminum housing, you can get high performance, excellent build quality, and most importantly, excellent value for money.

This is not a professional mechanical keyboard. These switches are not of Cherry MX quality, and they have a rather fragile non-detachable cable, which may be a deal breaker for some people, but there is nothing better than PK001 in terms of price.

Buying PC games from Amazon

is not just our job. Everyone at WePC is a perfect player, so we don't just want to bring you the best products; it's just a happy bonus; we also look for ourselves. We look for all the cheapest mechanical keyboards because we want to integrate them into our own gaming equipment. The principle we follow is that if it is good enough for us, then it is good enough for you.

We seek touch in a mechanical keyboard. This means satisfying clicks and good news and a good tour. We seek first-class ergonomic design and innovative button design to make the use of the entire circuit board as intuitive and easy as possible. We are looking for a keyboard that allows you to perform at the highest level.

has many shapes available today, but the top five are:

switches are hidden under each of your keys. The keyboard will have one of six color-coded switch types:

When buying a gaming keyboard, there are some features that can really help you use Agame.

Ghost image is when you start a key and the computer does not recognize that it was pressed. It's like you haven't done anything. What really happens is that the keyboard itself doesn't have a registered driver because it has reached a key limit (usually 3 on a normal keyboard).

In some cases, the game requires you to press four or more keys at the same time. To do this, you need an anti-ghosting keyboard with a higher key limit. The best AG keyboards are called Nkey rollovers, which means there are no key restrictions at all. The

RGB keyboard is somehow, backlit or not, filled with customizable RGB lighting. This is a purely cosmetic feature, but it can add a special touch to the gaming experience. The multimedia key

is dedicated to some non-traditional keyboard functions, such as changing the screen brightness or changing the volume.

Connection technology


Number of buttons


Compact design

68 Key

Anti-ghosting keys


NKey Rollover


Cherry MX 44 Key Shop Yes Compact


High quality PBT keyboard

Good quality and low price

Suitable for hard work and gaming


Not programmable

Equipped with the Cherry Blue MX switch under the keyboard 85% high quality PBT, the 3068 adds real satisfaction to your playing game. The linear keys have a lovely itinerary, and each start is marked with a confirmation click, letting you know exactly when to register a command, which is well suited for high-octane gaming.

Technically speaking, this is a 65% form factor keyboard with a total of 68 keys and a typical rectangular shape. This board is an excellent space-saving solution for cluttered desks. It can be used for your mouse or any other peripherals. The ergonomic design of the Yunzii Akko 3068 also has three optional angle adjustments and front button legends.

So far, one of the best features of AKKO 3068 is its NKRO function, which means that each key is registered separately, so if you want to unleash your inner octopus while playing the game, it will be accepted every time you start it. You will never be haunted by ghosts again!

The only real flaw we can think of is that the 3068 doesn't support key reprogramming, which is certainly a downside for gamers who like custom settings.

Compact design

68 keys


Wired and wireless dual mode


All devices

Battery capacity

4000 mAh, which can last up to 72 hours

Lighting options

14 44 4 4 4 RGB 4 PRO 4 4 4 4 RGB 4 PRO 4 PRO 4 PRO

Macro programmable

Incredible battery life even with RGB

Customizable RGB backlight

Optical brown MX switch

Can be used for any other switch color

Wireless connection to 3 devices ( 6KRO)

USBC connection (NKRO)

Spacekind 65% Take up space


Ultra-low latency


Only fully compatible with Windows

ABS key feels a bit cheap

Only two angle settings

Wireless keyboard allows a lot of freedom to place , But due to battery and connectivity issues, many wireless designs did not achieve their goals. Keychron K6 is not one of these designs. The K6 is equipped with a 400 mAh battery, which can be used for up to 9 days, 8 hours a day, and can be paired with three devices at the same time via Bluetooth to provide excellent performance. The

wireless mode makes 6-key transmission easy, but you can choose to connect via USBC. In its wired form, it has a full NKRO function with ultra-low latency keys exceeding 2 milliseconds. Equipped with an optical brown switch, every aspect of the button, from contact to travel, feels smooth and each activation is accompanied by elegant voice confirmation. The

has a compact design, but small doesn't mean tame. The K6 is installed in a durable aluminum casing with a flawless construction and is specially designed for hardcore gamers with a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

If you like some of the features of your peripherals, you will be happy to know that the K6 has an RGB backlight that can be customized through 15 different options, including static colors, if desired. Unfortunately, it is only fully compatible with the Windows operating system, and partial compatibility with Mac products can only suppress minor features such as screen brightness.

compact design


game mode

NKEY rollover

Cherry MX switch


more functions

12 function keys

attractive features

detachable USB Type-C cable

Amazon store



Cherry red MX switch

double shot high quality ABS cover

black finish and white LED looks great

full size arrow keys and backspace key

good weight

folding legs for angle adjustment

amazing price

Alternative key functions illustrated in front illustration

12 function keys control multimedia functions


Key noise

Detachable cable is quite short

DREVO Gramr is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market for a mechanical keyboard with 75% pressure reduction. It is definitely a good option for people who play in TKL format. There is a Cherry MX red MX switch under each high-quality ABS double-shot key, providing smooth scrolling and linear drive, rewarding fast typing and playing style. With

backlighting with white LEDs, this dark black keyboard can't look any better, but if you think the lights are too much, maybe if you're playing in the dark, they can be easily dimmed.

Although not technically an NKRO keyboard, it does have a 24KRO function, so for all intents and purposes it is an NKRO layout. Many 75% keyboards sacrifice key size for a smaller footprint, but Gramr manages to keep the full size of the arrow keys and the backspace key, which is a nice touch.

Structurally speaking, Gramr remains tight. It feels sturdy and the weight helps keep it firmly in place. If we are picky, the acoustics of the case are a bit lacking, because it slightly emphasizes the noise of the keys, and the USB cable is also very short.





software/other functions?

Professional software, NKey flip

Buy Amazon



Amazing RGB lighting

Complete key set

Double ABS cap

Red switch

Robust structure, no flex

Quiet key

Programmable to 44 complicated prices 44S

The sizeable

red switch is not the best quality.

The replacement key function fades over time.

Redragon K582 Surara is the ultimate mechanical keyboard for gamers on a budget. It provides all the main advantages of the mechanical format, and only makes small compromises to reduce the price.

It is a full-size keyboard, so you need some extra space to integrate it into your gaming setup, but the full set of keys is worth the loss of a few inches in desktop space.

The important aspects of the mechanical keyboard remain the same.

Although its price is very wallet friendly, you can still get the full NKRO feature, allowing you to do your best to play all your favorite games. Never again will you lose a game at a critical time due to double images.

Another feature that surprised us was the aircraft's aluminum shell. This thing is ridiculously strong. Unless you go to the gym 5 days a week to exercise, you can't even exercise it.

This PK001 is equipped with very basic red switches, but this does not mean that they are broken. They are very smooth and quiet, very suitable for low response time, blade-like games, and they are different from the red switches you might think. There are no tactile bumps or registered clicks. The

LED light looks great and can be easily dimmed with built-in controls; however, if you want full RGB lighting, which can be customized through the Pulsar software, then add another $10 for the next model and it’s yours . The

mechanical keyboard is usually an afterthought. People first look for other things to enhance their gaming gear, like powerful GPUs, superior CPUs, and even high-resolution displays. These are all great, but they don't really change your gaming experience like a good mechanical keyboard.

Well, as you can see from this list, even if the keyboard is the last thing crossed out on your gaming gear list, you can still afford some quality products that will help take your gaming to a new level.

Ocean Star or Keychron K6 are good options. They are compact and very suitable for typing and playing games. Although the K6 does not have a Cherry MX switch, the optical switch is fun to use. For those on a budget, Redragon and Pulsar boards are great value for money, or if you are looking for something that looks practical and sharp, then Gramr can't go wrong.

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