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The perfect desktop that suits your PC settings can take many different forms. Most of the reasons behind your choice of desk usually boil down to cost and space, or definitely one of them. You may see the

desk of your dreams, but if you don’t bring you puzzles, you will not be able to adapt to the corner where you squat and play games. The

Arozzi gaming table is becoming more and more popular as people are looking for the perfect match for their new sexy gaming chair. They offer three models designed to meet all pockets and needs, including the Arena, the small Leggero and the cool electric version of the Arena.

Read on for our best review of Arozzi Gaming Desk Review.

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon


This is the desk that makes Arozzi stand out. Many people copied the Swedish manufacturer and used cheaper materials, but, like a high-end gaming chair, it was worth the money.

The Arena has a variety of color schemes to choose from to suit any game room/chair combination, and its large surface area and full-size mouse pad undoubtedly make this furniture stand out.

Buy a smaller version of

Arena Desk on Amazon. Full-surface mouse pad with special cable management system. The cheapest

Arozzi gaming table option is too small for many people, but if space is an issue, you can get all of its big brother's designs and styles in a more manageable size here.


Electric Arena is the first choice for those who want to adjust their posture regularly. With the push of a button, you can turn it into a standing desk.

It's a bit surprising that there aren't more electric desks there, and the cost is wasted. It is much more expensive than the standard Arena, but it has more flexibility.


People can explain the quality of the table in many ways, but fundamentally, our team believes that the advantages of the table, especially from a game point of view, come down to 3 specific areas. The first and most important feature or aspect of the

gaming table is its function. There's no point buying a table that looks great but can't hold a keyboard. This would be completely impractical. Therefore, the first rule of thumb for any gaming table should be its functionality and practicality for consumers.

So how do you break it down... Well, here are the areas to consider when looking at desktop features:

From a gaming perspective, for me personally, these are the key areas that manufacturers must consider Solve before analyzing aesthetics and build quality. The design needs to be practical enough to accommodate everything the game player needs, otherwise it will not be classified as a game table. Aesthetics in

technology seems to become more and more important year after year. If you compare any technology of any era, you may see a huge increase in aesthetic design, the closer you are now. Gambling tables are no exception. The

game table is not only functional, it must also look important. With a new era of gaming awash in RGB and exciting new layouts, tables must follow suit and adapt. You'll hate RGB bombs, tempered glass, water-cooled gaming beasts that sit on white plastic tables. It just doesn't look good. In other words, when we choose the best gaming table, the ranking of the gaming table design is very high.

Finally, we come to the last one, the most important aspect of some hardware additions, features and prices.

I combined these two categories into one because I believe anyone can buy a feature-rich desktop with enough money. However, what separates many desks is the price-to-feature ratio.

A $500 desk with 6 functions is far inferior to a $300 desk with 5 functions. All this is to find the right balance between good quality features and affordable prices.

Some cool features on the desktop that we recommend are as follows:

For most people, this is the most difficult part of buying a new product, but don't be afraid. The team spends countless hours browsing, shopping, and testing available hardware products to ensure that the recommendations we provide are up-to-date and accurate. If the guts are sniffed out, they are the ones who do it.

Therefore, we believe that all our desktop recommendations have been carefully considered and use these 3 (4) areas as good reference points.


gaming table

maximum weight load

80 kg

table size

32.2 X 63 X 31 inches



buy Amazon




engineering wood, metal

storage tissue cable

three cuts, bag Lower



Buy Amazon


Height adjustable-sit/stand/custom

Surface area

5`3 ”x2`8.25”

Cable organizer

Three cutouts and a basket of mesh headphone cable


44 oz


gaming table

maximum weight load

80 kg

table size

32.2 X 63 X 31 inches



buy Amazon


adjustable height

excellent cable management

desktop mouse pad

solid structure


cannot be adjusted to the standing height


when you come across high-quality furniture. Most of us are probably used to cheap desks, old desks, and desks that are not really designed.

Adjustable to 10 cm (3.9 inches). There are four balance adjustment knobs under the legs to prevent the desk from shaking and adapt to your personal environment.

The Arena has countless other features that reflect the careful attention to detail by the Arozzi Swedish design team. These features include a custom mouse pad design with a waterproof and machine washable microfiber cloth surface. The edges of the cushion are stitched, and the cushion is 5 mm thick to maximize user comfort. Finally, the entire mouse pad weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and the non-slip bottom surface means it won't be affected by any random movement on the surface.

Cable management is a dream too. There are three cutouts on the top of the Arena's surface, leading to a net basket that is securely attached to the bottom of the table for cable management. This system is easier to manage, does not interfere, and looks great. One of the

's best features is the huge, full-surface mouse pad. The entire surface of the Arena desk is covered with interchangeable microfiber mats on a sturdy MDF table top. The mouse pad is specially designed to fit a 14-square-foot (1.31 square-meter) curved Arena desk with a non-slip rubber base to ensure it stays in place. If something splashes you can clean it up, this is where the flashes are chosen.

only costs more than $ 300. This is not a small investment, but it is an ideal, high-quality playing surface well thought out. Of course, you shouldn't feel like you've paid for it.




Engineered wood, metal

Cable management

Three cuts, under bag

Load capacity

143.3 lbs



Excellent cable management

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Ideal for small keyboards CONS

Fixed height

is too small for many people

So not all of us live in If your current life is a simple small apartment, but you still want a good desk and feel good, Leggaro can solve many of your problems in one go. Arena Leggero is designed on the basis of the original Arena Desk, with the same high quality, but with a smaller surface, 114x72cm. It is very suitable for people who do not need a large area or live in a small living space.

It still has all the cool things that make us like the arena, but, well, just cut it out. Includes a full-surface, machine-washable and waterproof mouse pad (one of three colors, slightly less options than other Arena models), cable manager including openings and a pocket desk for under the mesh; please Remember, this is a smaller desk. Less space allows your mouse nest to successfully hide out of sight. The height of the

desk is also fixed at 28.5 inches (72.5 cm); unfortunately, the adjustability of larger models is not included, but the balance adjustment knob can at least prevent swinging.

Legarro is cheaper and smaller. If you need your desk to be one of them, it is an ideal choice, but we really rarely recommend it on Arena.


Height Adjustable-Sit/Stand/Custom

Surface Area

5`3 "x2`8.25"

Cable Management

Three Cutouts and Mesh Cable Basket

Headphone Hanger


Arozzi 444


444 Adjustable

Adjustable sitting or standing

Include free wowfactor

Desktop mouse pad



Okay, so press the button to change the shape of the table is a bit like Batcave/James Bond, but yes, you are the one who spent many years People write on various uncomfortable chairs, post your back and spine, and then you will know how wonderful it is to be able to stand up and work occasionally. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular due to their health benefits, but Arena Moto offers the ability to choose between the two at will. Studies have shown that alternating sitting and standing can provide multiple health benefits and increase productivity. The

dual motors ensure that the desk can easily lift the load you place on it, and four different and customizable height settings can be accessed from the front control panel, and can be further adjusted using the up and down arrows for perfection Something for you. Therefore, you can easily set the standing height and sitting height. If your PC is under the table, make sure the cable is long enough to avoid confusion. A headset stand is included with the

Arena Moto. It can be placed under the table on the right or left, depending on where the screen is placed. Cable management is also well covered. The Arena Moto has three cutouts on the top of the surface, leading to a net basket, which can be firmly fixed to the bottom of the table for cable management. This system is easier to manage, doesn't get in the way, and looks great. The entire surface of the

Arena Moto desk is covered with interchangeable microfiber mats on a sturdy MDF board. The mouse pad is designed to fit a 14 square foot (1.31 square meter) curved Arena Moto table top, with a non-slip rubber base to ensure it stays in place. The

full-surface mouse pad is also waterproof, making cleaning easy and simple. If you want a more thorough cleaning, just turn the washing machine down and air dry.

Game monitor, and approximately 65 inches and 75 ".

Why is that? Well, the computer game desktop should be practical and functional as described above. 65 inches of desktops are 2-3, it will be adapted to the monitor And huge Mousemat, which will allow you literally you can adapt to the needs of all players. 75 "Accommodates the same triple monitor setting, but the PC can also be accommodated above it will be. This is ideal for serpentines where you want to show fresh RGB eyelid platforms. Anything will be a small opportunity for more opinions.

That's really depends on the type of game you're playing in my opinion. Like me, if you are an Avid FPS Gamer, I definitely want to improve your general game for a large desk. I used a small desk full of people on that day, it was garbage. However, if I updated a larger desk, it was a lack of spells and more confident, I can concentrate on what I want to faint, and I can spend my mind of the game.

Other game platforms have gained benefits such as FPS, but it will make the game experience more fun so that the game experience is more fun and effective.

short, yes.

I have most of the counters about what you can handle your general weight and your desktop weight weight. However, if you want to upgrade to some heavy components or dual monitors settings to load, you can see that you are struggling to respond to an additional weight.

When buying a desk, if you have 4060 kg, keep it behind your heart when buying a desk. Maybe reconsidered.

If you are a desk, if you are a desktop to update a chair to a chair that starts looking for your chairs, if you are a manufacturer? Basically, it is composed of feet and the right slab of the reconstructed tree? Well, ARROSS is trying to confuse things and reach the forefront of this emerging market, but I am thinking about what is needed PC Gamer and what is needed PC Gamer. It is also a catering that is also possible to adjust its surface, even if you have a large cable administration, a large surface and the height of its surface on the mouse.

We love the motorcycle version of the sand, it is certainly very fresh, and there are probably many desktops in the next 10 years. Press the button to convert the height to a quiet desktop is great. Of course, we have introduced possible decomposition problems and possible intermittent topics that have never been introduced on the desk before that. If you are finally your misery, it offers offers, but it won great things so you can get angry with the established height. The Arena of

yuan is also highly adjustable to back pain if you have all your ears, as it is manual. Leggaro, the cheapest model, and certainly minimal, loses a lot of uniqueness of the other two models so that everything.

None of the desktops here are those who are calling "cheap".

Motome is wonderful if money is not an object, fails and gets the sand. If you absolutely have an argument desk and you need to have only a small space, then Legarro is for you, but the other people are good, so you can make it cheap.

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