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Whether you use a PC to play games, stream media, work, or watch movies, it will be hot! Overheating in

computers can have many negative effects, including affecting performance, shortening component life, and even system failure. You don't want everything that really happens.

There are many ways to keep the system cool, but one of the cheapest and simplest installation methods is to use a case fan. However, it is not so easy to buy the right fan! There are thousands of fans in the market, and each fan works differently from its competitors.

Which one should I choose? Is it suitable for my situation? How much I need? These are the problems we see every day.

It's easy to get confused when buying fans, but simply put, it's better to have fans than no fans! We've put together a comprehensive guide to the best 200mm fans, including what to look for and which options are best for you.

With all of this in mind, let's move on to the next section where we will briefly show some of our options and discuss how we make these decisions.

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A high quality, exceptional performance fan packed with excellent technology. The

anti-interference smart sensor is what really makes this fan shine, and of course the impressive RGB level.

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is perfect for people who want to save money. The

AeroCool fan is perfect for those on a budget. Although you won't get the same level of quality as buying a $ 40 fan, the savings you will get make this fan well worth it.

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is an interesting fan of cases, to say the least. For those who only want the best, this is definitely a big fan.

If you can beat the color scheme on this fan, it has many advantages that make it a great chassis fan. Due to its quiet and impressive airflow, you will hardly notice that it is working.

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Another great value fan that can be installed in almost any system. The slim profile of this

fan makes it ideal for people building in small spaces. In addition to being easy to install, this fan also has excellent noise reduction technology and good airflow levels.


from Amazon Whether we are looking for the best 4K monitor, AMD GPU or 200mm chassis fan, we all know that choosing the right monitor can be a daunting task. When making our recommendations, it may take hours of research to believe our choice.

We do this so that you don't have to do this! At WePC, our goal is to reduce the pressure of research and product comparison so that our readers can promote their final decision.

We know that many times when people click on the "best" page, they do it because they don't know what to choose. If you are not very tech-savvy, or just want to see what is currently available, then you have come to the right place.

Now, we can't just recommend any old products! This is unfair to our readers, especially if they end up giving up cash based on our recommendations.

To ensure that the products we recommend are the "best" among similar products, we have adopted a rigorous screening process, which involves a lot of research and extensive product testing where possible.

As far as amateurs are concerned, we are looking for several key factors. It goes without saying that its cooling performance is the main factor, but this is not the only factor that needs to be considered. Since this is a component that moves frequently, the manufacturing quality and service life of the parts are also important factors that need to be considered.

In the age of fashion and RGB gaming systems, we also made sure to consider their design when looking at these fans. The fan is no longer a hidden rotating component in your system. Front-opening housings and window housings make your fans the focal point, so it makes sense to make them look good.

You will be happy to know that the chassis fan is not very expensive, and the cost is only starting to increase, because you definitely want more than one! There are many budget options for fans as low as $10. They can cool your system well, but the price may be a bit flat.

By moving the price range up, you can find more attractive fans in the $ 20-30 range. These fans are made by brands you might know, like Corsair and Cooler Master, and are generally made from stronger components and can provide features like RGB.

If you have a little cash to waste, you can easily spend more than $ 100 on the chassis fan. If you do, you will likely buy a fan pack made from high-quality materials, efficient fan blades, and a great color scheme.

However, if you plan to spend that much money, it may be more effective to verify that a certain type of water cooling configuration is used with multiple fans to achieve the lowest possible temperature.

In this article, we are completely focused on 200mm chassis fans, but they are not the only fans. There are many different sizes of fans for you to choose

Supports the fan size you want to install. 200mm and 140mm are generally the most widely adopted fan sizes currently supported by chassis manufacturers. This does not mean that you cannot install smaller or larger fans, but it will not be easy and you should check beforehand if they are suitable for your situation.

Surely you must have heard how loud the PC sounds when the fan starts spinning. If this is your main concern when choosing a chassis fan, the fan may not sound like your computer is about to take off.

is generally measured in decibels (dBA) and will look for the lowest number it can find here. But be careful. It is well known that some manufacturers are not scientific when conducting noise tests, all of which aim at keeping “quiet” as the goal. Buying from a well-known brand is a good way to ensure that what is written on the box is true. The

fan can also have several different pin types, this is just a connector used to connect the fan to the power supply. The only major difference between 3-pin and 4-pin connectors is the additional cable. If you choose a 4-pin fan, the extra pins allow some pulse width modulation (PWM) control, allowing the fan to be controlled via software. The

has a "smart" fan that only rotates when the temperature is too high or turns off completely when the system is cold, which is very helpful in reducing noise levels.

If you choose to spend a little more money on the case fan, you can choose a case that looks beautiful while keeping the system cool. These fans can have different colored fan blades, frames, and even include RGB LEDs, so you can customize the system to suit your needs.

If you already have some RGB in your system, choosing an additional RGB fan is a good way to make your system shine.

Some companies even offer "limited edition" fans with interesting designs. For example, if you choose to build an all-white system, you can easily find a few fans who support your theme.

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RGB Lighting

Smart Sensor


Very high


If RGB function is your first choice, then this is your first choice to add to your system . It is not the most expensive RGB option on the list, which leads to compromises in running volume. The

Cooler Master fans are compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte Fusion and ASRock RGB LEDs, so you can configure these fans with relative ease to display the colors or programs you want.

This fan is also equipped with noise reduction technology, designed to minimize the irritating noise you hear by using a noise reduction pad. This is effective, but like most noise cancellation systems, you can still hear some noise at higher fan speeds.

The fan also has a sensor that can detect if any cables are in danger of being caught or pulled by the fan. This is very useful for people who install fans in small spaces where there may be one or two dangling cables.

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is very cheap


is not the best build quality

If your budget is very tight or you just need to buy several fans, AeroCool is a good option. Its ultra-slim design makes it easy to fit in almost any case, but it comes at the cost of some very cheap materials.

Speaking of build quality, the plastic used in this fan looks very thin and we think once you squeeze it you won't want to move it. But this is not to say that it will collapse, the fan is very robust and highly praised by critics.

For its price, the fan looks great. Although it doesn't seem expensive, you can find some fun in its simple design consisting of clear black plastic, light blue fan blades, and LED lighting. Speaking of lighting, you won't be able to control these blue LED lights, but if you want to light up your case, they are definitely a nice feature.

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Solid Material


Some people may not like this color

Although some people may hate this color, the Noctua NFA20 is certainly a compelling admirer. This fan uses a cream-colored frame and chocolate brown fan blades. It has a classic appearance and adds a touch of elegance and unique style to your system.

is more than just the appearance, the frame of this fan is particularly impressive. With different levels of hole spacing, you can fit it into various PC cases. Fan blades can also push air through the system well and keep it cool.

In general, this fan is very sturdy and well-made, and we can see that it can be used for many years. When these fans rotate rapidly, the combination of anti-vibration brackets can also limit sound production.

However, you will pay more for these additional features, so if you know you need to buy multiple fans, this is definitely worth considering.

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Excellent budget option

Easy to install


Simple design

Not the best build quality

If you just want a 200mm chassis fan that is easy to install and has no feelings, Thermaltake is

Effectively reduce noise. We have to say that considering the low price, this is actually very effective! Thanks to the shaved frame, this fan is also very easy to install, which means you should have no problem installing it in the tightest space.

Although choosing fans for your PC may not be the most exciting part of building a playstation, they are an important factor in ensuring that everything stays cool and good.

We hope this comprehensive guide to the best 200mm chassis fans available today will be helpful to you. When there are so many options, it is difficult to narrow down your search, but hopefully this will make your selection easier.

If you think we missed other fans who are worthy of recommendation, please feel free to leave us a message below. If you want to discuss the components of the PC in more detail, why not head to our community center, where you can chat with like-minded people.

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