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Ddr4 vs ddr5 is it worth upgrading your ram

There are two very special computer desk lamps in this world; One is the unforgettable opaque side desk lamp that I've been using for as long as I can remember, and the other is the BenQ ScreenBar eReading LED Desk Lamp. This is another beast altogether.

When BenQ decided to ship this lamp to us, we admitted that we were not very excited about the prospect of reviewing it and we did not disrespect lamp lovers. However, I have been using this lamp for several weeks; I never thought I would say this to a lamp, but it is absolutely fantastic.

Having said that, this thing appeared on the shelf at a price considered expensive by best keyboard standards. We tested this advanced desk lamp to find out exactly what it offers and whether you can justify its high price.


Aluminum alloy


1000 Lux Center



Light source

Bi-color LED

Buy Amazon


High-quality building materials

Dimmable 4 444 Brightness adjustable 4 444 Brightness adjustable 4 444 Brightness adjustable 4 444 Brightness is adjustable 4 444 4D CONS

Very expensive

I will keep this part short. The lamp box feels very basic, but very sturdy. The lamp itself is packaged in a thin piece of plastic and placed in a plastic mold. However, the stand and controller are not as luxurious as LED lights. They just sit inside the plastic mold. The

comes with several BenQ product cards, but there is no instruction manual. BenQ decided to change the outer sleeve per the instruction manual; we found it great.

The following is a list of the main specifications of the lamp:

When I opened the box of the BenQ scanner, the first thing I noticed is the high quality that it actually looks like. The lamp adopts a simple lamp tube design and is made of high-quality materials. It has a brushed metal theme and there is a slim LED strip inside that can be tilted to any position you want. Both the

stand and controller have the same luxurious feel and fit perfectly with most monitor themes in our office. The design of the stand is great and it is not actually attached to your monitor. It uses a balanced design and hangs on the edge of the screen. Despite the attractive design, we tested it on various monitors with varying degrees of success. Some people feel very safe, others feel a little shaky. The

cable that connects the light to your PC feels very sturdy, which is always welcome on any hardware peripheral. The controller is the main hub for the light and is connected to the PC (VIA USB) and the light (VIA Micro USB).

Most of the functions of this lamp come from the driver itself and the settings it has to provide. Before we get into the controller, let's talk about the performance of the LED light itself. The

LED is of very high quality and very bright. It provides a maximum brightness of 500 lumens, which for me provides a lot of light in the afternoon. It is worth mentioning that the lowest setting available is 300 lumens, which is very bright again.

Let's stick to the controller. The

controller has a variety of different functions, including automatic adjustment, adjustable brightness and light color temperature settings.

is almost exactly the same as what is written on the can. There is a wheel in the center of the controller, which serves as the main regulator. There are also two switches on the controller to activate the automatic dimming setting or toggle between brightness and temperature settings.

Simply select the brightness setting and dial (using the scroll wheel) to the brightness you want.

This is self explanatory again. After setting the brightness, click the toggle button to activate the temperature control. Now you can change the warmth of the light according to your preferences. Whether you want it to look cool or warm, the choice is yours!

Unlike many lights we have seen, this light provides you with an automatic dimming function. In theory, this function can provide the best brightness according to the amount of natural light in your room. It works by using a sensor built into the lamp, which detects natural outdoor light and adjusts the brightness and warmth of the lamp accordingly.

As we approached the end of this review, a big question that lingered in our minds was; is this product really worth it? Chapter

build quality, longevity, functionality, features, and performance may have to be said. It has all the above-mentioned rich functions and provides a stylish and stylish appearance. However, when you realize that you can buy a top-of-the-line keyboard or a semi-decent RAM kit for yourself at the same price, you will start to reconsider this statement.

I think it depends on how you use your computer and how you prioritize night light sources. For example, if you are a gamer, you may not rush to buy one of them tomorrow. You are more likely to spend money on the latest gaming mouse.

Or, if you are a designer or writer who likes to use pencil and paper from time to time, I can't think of a better option now.

tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, is the money worth it? I still can't give a clear answer.


aluminum alloy


1000 Lux center


0.68 kg

light source

dual-color LED

buy on Amazon

real BenQ ScreenBar e-reader LED desk lamp

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