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Ddr4 3000 vs 3200

Although we try to focus on gaming monitors at WePC, not all monitors we receive meet specific requirements. Today's display is one of BenQ's flagship design displays - the PD3220U is equipped with an incredible 4k native screen resolution, excellent color accuracy, multiple port options and a striking aesthetic design, making it the ultimate best on the market One of the BenQ monitors.

BenQ also prioritizes the convenience and precision of the PD3220U, which provides fully ergonomic support (height, tilt, rotate and pivot functions) and its patented HotKey dial for easy OSD navigation operation.

All of this is wrapped up in a stunning 32-inch panel and creatively ticks all the right boxes. If you are looking for a professional large screen monitor, the PD3220U may be just what you need.

refresh rate


response time

5 ms

screen size


resolution 3840×2160

purchased by Amazon

refresh rate


response time

5 ms




3840 X 2160

aspect ratio


panel type


panel manufacturer

LG screen

panel model



300 cd/m2



color depth

10 bits ( 8 bit + FRC)

Viewing angle

178 ° / 178 °

Color gamut

100% sRGB, 80 ° bobe RGB, 95 ° IP3

Backlight technology


Panel sheath

/178 °

44 4SA Lightproof 44 4 4 4SA Lightproof 4 4 4 4 4 4SA Lightproof 4 4 4 45 Lightproof 4 x 100 mm

Dimensions (W x H x D)

714.8 x 412 x 86.6 mm (without bracket) 714.8 x 477.6 x 185 8 mm ( The maximum height of the stand)


1 x USB (mini), 1 x USB 3.0 (TypeC), 2 x USB 3.0 (TypeC; Thunder 3; 85W), 3 x USB 3.1 (downstream), 1 x USB 3.1 (upstream) , 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x 3.5 mm audio output


Out of the box accurate colors

Very attractive design

Excellent native 4K screen resolution


High-end price

Gaming performance Poor

BenQ PD3220U is packed in a very basic box, if you ask me, it is a bit too basic. For monitors that cost more than $1,000, I thought it would be bigger, but here we are. Like all displays, the PD3220U is equipped with a large amount of protective foam and plastic to ensure that the display will not be damaged during transportation.

Along with the panel and stand, users will find the following items:

Refresh rate


Response time


Screen size

31.5 inches


3840 x 2160 Amazon outsourcing specification

More comprehensive understanding of BenQ PD3220U's configuration Quality, design and mechanical function.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, this is probably one of the best monitors I have tried in a while. It is equipped with a subtle design with almost no flare or show off. Is this feasible on the display? The display adopts a completely borderless design (if you forget the bezel), which really adds a sense of premium to the panel. The

has a fairly large board (220 x 278 mm) at the bottom of the panel, which actually looks very beautiful. The base is made of metal with a natural finish and looks very high-quality. Move to the back of the panel again, honestly, there is nothing to do, but the way is good. The stand follows the same trend as the base and is made of metal with a natural finish. This style contrasts sharply with the black appearance of the display and provides a versatile aesthetic that suits almost any setting.

Although the BenQ PD3220U is a basic model, I really like its design. It is not flashy or boring. It is a perfectly balanced combination of high-quality materials and well-designed.

continues to build quality. It can be said with certainty that BenQ has suffered a certain blow in this department and lost on this line. We are now fortunate enough to test several of your panels, and the results are good or bad. Fortunately, the PD3220U feels absolutely rock solid, just as you would expect at this special price.

This monitor is a mix of plastic and metal, and the plastic doesn’t feel more sturdy than the ones we’ve tested. Having said that, metals have been used in all areas of real importance, including support and most mechanical properties. When it comes to brackets, this feeling is absolutely rock solid. All mechanical movements are purposeful and will stop when you find the desired viewing position.

However, one area that feels a bit fragile is the backplane. It is made of plastic, which feels a bit shoddy. In addition, when a new cable is inserted, it takes a lot of force to remove it from the back of the monitor.

Like most modern displays, BenQ PD3220U is equipped with an anti-reflective matte coating. The panel cladding does a very good job of mitigating both natural and artificial light sources. That said, when exposed to direct sunlight, this monitor really struggles to achieve the level of brightness necessary to continue to function effectively.

For a screen of this size, the bezel is very narrow and very enveloping. The size of the BenQ PD3220U is approximately 9mm (top, side, bottom) and offers a nearly borderless design.

For me, this stand is one of the best I have tried in a long time. Although it is not the most beautiful in terms of design, it definitely ticks all the boxes in terms of rigidity and robustness. All mechanical characteristics feel very firm, but almost no force is required for actual adjustment.

When it comes to stand function, this monitor offers a lot of adjustability. User can adjust height, tilt,

The input for this monitor is

. Finally, we have a screen. Unlike older BenQ monitors that used the buttons under the front panel, this model opted for a more user-friendly joystick method. It is located on the back of the screen and is very simple (and intuitive) to use.

In terms of colors and presets, this monitor has many options to choose from. BenQ has equipped the PD3220U with a large number of color presets, including: sRGB, DCIP3, Adobe RGB, REC. 709, to name a few. As expected, brightness, contrast, and sharpness can also be modified in the OSD, including user settings that meet your exact requirements.

If you don't want to use the joystick, BenQ also includes the HotKey Puck G2 accessory for screen navigation. The advanced feel controller allows you to easily navigate the OSD via the central dial. You can equip 3 different buttons with presets and even change the input device.

In the next section, we will take a closer look at the overall color accuracy of the panel. Since this is a custom-designed display, this part is particularly important before we make a final ruling on the product. BenQ says it has sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCIP3 pre-calibrated modes out of the box. In addition to

, BenQ stated that the PD3220U can achieve 100% sRGB, 80obe RGB and 95° IP3 color coverage. Of course, we will test all the most relevant color presets to see how accurate they are. Fortunately, historically, BenQ has been doing very well in this regard. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how its flagship design displays compare.

The first color preset we tested for this monitor was the "out of the box" preset. PD3220U is set to Display P3 mode, and the brightness is 300 cd/m², which is much higher than the recommended brightness for viewing under natural light. We lowered the brightness to 120 candela, as we did in standardized tests, and conducted preliminary tests for color accuracy. To be honest, the results are pretty good. The white balance of DisplayP3 is located north of IDEAL 6500K, and the contrast is slightly lower than the commercially available 1000:1, which provides good accuracy. The average delta is below 1 (0.93), which is great for ready-to-use monitors. Gamma is set to 2.19, and the black depth is slightly lower than the ideal value (0.25).

Next, we go to preset DCIP3. When tested against the DCIP3 spectrum, it again showed very good results. The 6512K white point, 0.088 depth of black, and 1352: 1 contrast ratio are almost as good as the pre-calibrated ones. The average delta is very impressive 0.78 SD and the gamma is set at 2.56.

It's annoying, the DCIP3 preset will reduce its brightness below 120 cd / m², so it's worth correcting this before using this specific preset (change to 25 brightness for better viewing). In terms of original color accuracy,

sRGB is the best in its class, with an average DeltaE of 0.57 and near-perfect gamma / white balance. The contrast ratio is slightly less than 1000: 1, but nothing too crazy.

Although Adobe RGB, Rec. 709, and the user profiles are not bad, they are closer than you would expect from a ready-to-use display. In all cases, the DeltaE of these profiles is greater than 1.5 (the worst for users, 2.75). Although this is a drop from the initial 3 presets, it still isn't that bad.

We finally tested the DarkRoom setting and unsurprisingly the color accuracy was very poor. An average DeltaE of 5 and a white point of 6998K are the worst results. The contrast ratio is 1159: 1 and the depth of black is 0.078. Gamma registers as 1.91, which feels a bit unusual considering the results.

We wasted no time, we calibrated the monitor in "User" mode to see how accurate we can make the monitor. We changed the RGB setting to 98/95/93 and lowered the brightness to 25 for better results.

As can be seen from the above table, the calibration profile provides the best results so far in the sRGB color spectrum. We saw a perfect 6527K white point, a good 0.11 black depth, and a perfect 1066:1 contrast ratio. The average DeltaE drops to an impressive 0.19 and the maximum delta is 1.02. The

panel uniformity is a test we ran to check the uniformity of brightness and color on the screen. During this test, the central square was used as the reference space. Then test every two squares to see how different it is from the reference.

In an ideal world, we want each square to be green, which means that it does not exceed the difference threshold; we can set it at the beginning of the test.

Note: Results will vary from panel to panel.

As can be seen from the figure above, the uniformity of the PD3220U panel is very good. Although the entire top row is amber (average of gray uniformity), the rest of the panel shows very good uniformity. All remaining parts show good uniformity, as shown by the green results.

This monitor with an IPS panel, as expected, has a very good viewing angle. The IPS panel is characterized by color accuracy and viewing angle; the LG panel used in this display provides these two basic elements in abundance.

refresh rate


response time


screen size



3840 x 2160


from Amazon As part of the calibration process, DisplayCal can provide accurate color measurement. The color gamut test results are shown in the figure below:

As can be seen from the figure below, PD3220U

All of these come with factory-calibrated presets, and you will be able to work with precise levels in DCIP3 and sRGB respectively.

We completed the image quality and color accuracy test by checking the maximum brightness, minimum brightness, and 120-candle light level on this panel. The results are as follows:

Well, we conducted a comprehensive review of the BenQ PD3220U DesignVue design monitor. This 32-inch large-screen monitor is a great choice for creatives and those who need extremely accurate color profiles. With the native 4K screen resolution, fully ergonomic stand and excellent colors out of the box, this panel is really hard to beat. Admittedly, it's at the higher end of the price range, over $ 1,000, and it's actually starting to compete with some very efficient displays.

With that said, there aren't many 4K monitors that can demonstrate such versatility and precision without any post-calibration. With a host of great design customization features (including multiple pre-calibrated presets and PBP options), you have to say this monitor is really worth it.

Yes, this is a great investment, but for me, at $ 1,100, this monitor is excellent value for money. If you buy a larger 32-inch 4K designer monitor on the market, the BenQ PD3220U may be exactly what you are looking for.

Refresh rate


Response time


Screen size

31.5 ″


3840 x 2160


The BenQ Pd3224K display is a display that designers need for excellent color accuracy. wide color gamut (100% sRGB, 95 IP3) for one of the best designer experiences on the market. Plus, with a wide range of input options, fully ergonomic stands, and excellent build quality— —Any part of this monitor is tough

Despite its high price, we believe the BenQ PD3220U offers excellent value for money, as which shows all the necessary functions for creative types.

BenQ PD3220U DesignVue Designer


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