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Do you need a new monitor? Don't you want to go bankrupt? BenQ brings you this Full HD 1080p 1ms gaming monitor.

BenQ applied for evaluation sponsorship of GL2460BH Obviously, we have to accept it. BenQ is a very well known brand of gaming monitors today, so I always find it interesting to test their monitors.

In terms of appearance, the GL2460BH is well suited to most other monitors on the same level as BenQ. Although it is not too fancy or flashy, it has a nice and clean appearance. The

base is a strong and durable round flat disc; I never felt like I couldn't hold the monitor firmly in place.

All buttons are on the right side of the back of the panel, which makes the frame beautiful and slim. It also hides the buttons for a more stylish look.

Beautiful, especially clean appearance, is not very important to everyone, but I like to look as clean as possible when updating peripherals. The

GL2460BH has some nice features that can help protect your eyes from fatigue and fatigue, as well as the excellent specifications that match it. If you are not familiar with these specifications, don't worry; we wrote an article to help you understand what to look for in a monitor. The

GL2460BH is a 24-inch LED monitor, which is a standard monitor size, so it should fit perfectly in any desktop space you have available. The

's physical dimensions are only (HxWxD) 17 × 22.25 × 7.6 inches (433.45 × 565.36 × 193.82 mm). If it is too big, it has 100 x 100 VESA mounting holes, so you can install it on the wall (if there is not enough space, you can install it on the side of the computer case).

For the screen area, you will have 246 square inches of screen space for you to use. For reference: the 20" monitor is 171 square inches (24" an increase of 43%), and the 27" screen size is approximately 312 square inches (26% more than the 24"). The resolution of the

display refers to the individual pixels of the light on the display, measured vertically and horizontally. A monitor with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 (1080p) has 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically. Not surprisingly, the

GL2460BH still has a standard 1080p resolution. Although 1080p is slowly being phased out, it is still the standard resolution for most gamers. The

GL2460BH has a 75Hz refresh rate, which means it can refresh the screen 75 times per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image, because it increases the number of new frames it can display. Many monitors in this category are still 60Hz, so this monitor only has a slight edge over some competitors.

For more information on refresh rates and how they can benefit you, see here. When the

LED display shows a new frame, the color of each pixel must be adjusted individually. The greater the distance between the new and old colors, the longer it will take to make the changes.

BenQ advertises a GTG (gray to gray) response time of 1 ms for GL2460BH. The faster the pixel response time, the smoother the transition.

If you experience ghosting while gaming, it is due to its response time. When pixels cannot change as fast as the frame updates, colors sometimes blur, resulting in an intermediate frame that causes ghosting.

The contrast ratio of this monitor is very standard, reaching 1000: 1. Contrast is the shadow between the darkest black and the whitest white on the screen. The higher the contrast, the more shadows.

When you get more tones, you get a better color gamut and therefore a better image. The

GL2460BH has a very standard set of monitor inputs, including 1x HDMI, 1x DVI, and 1x VGA.

It doesn't have a display port, so if you have a high-end graphics card, you may need a different monitor. The

has three older inputs that are very useful for testing graphics input problems, and HDMI is still pretty standard. So unless you're looking for something cutting edge, this monitor should do a good job.

also includes headset pass-through for HDMI audio. The latest BenQ

monitor has multiple functions for stress eye care. GL2460BH has three of these functions to help ensure that your eyes stay fresh while minimizing fatigue.

Most displays flicker very quickly when changing frames; so fast that your eyesight usually won't notice it. Even if you don't notice, this continuous blinking can cause eye fatigue. GL2460BH has a flicker-free technology that can eliminate this stress factor in your eyes.

Everyone knows that the bright light from the monitor puts a lot of pressure on your eyes. The most destructive of these lights is the blue spectrum.

This display uses low blue light technology to help filter out the harmful blue light spectrum and greatly reduce your eye fatigue.

It should be noted that the blue light reduction function cannot be turned off, but you can manually configure the picture mode and color settings to obtain the image you want, even if the blue light reduction function is enabled.

When using this monitor, I didn't feel the need to stop and take a break like I did with other monitors. In my case, the great advantage of the screen.

Another cause of severe eye strain is the contrast of the image on the screen. If some areas are brighter or darker than others

Of our eyes. This same technology also allows you to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen by detecting the surrounding lighting and adjusted accordingly.

I used this function to use a BenQ guard, and I have to say that it is better for long-term use for these functions.

B.i. The sensitivity of the surrounding light and can reduce the brightness and activate / deactivate the technology.

Boxing and adjust this monitor on the desk, I worked in the configuration of my color. He looked out of the box and looks beautiful, but it's always a good idea to do a color test with a new monitor and call it.

It is easy to change on this monitor and change the configuration of your color and photos. The menus and buttons are often presented. There was no problem finding the configuration you were looking for, and the button design was intuitive and did not feel the significant feeling.

This game of monitors was a very pleasant experience. Even during a long game session, I felt my eyes were so tired that I have all the eye technology that has not been incorporated into them.

Here, the color and brightness are attenuated and the brightness and brightness appear as if it were once marked. The

colors are wonderfully and beaten. It was not washed.

1 ms Response time and 75Hz Refresh worked very well. My game was a bit soft than usual, so the image was clear, and the additional bumps of 15 Hz on my 60 Hz 24 "monitor were a remarkable difference. It is a blow of 15 Hz that is worth noting that It does not realize.

In general, it was a very pleasant experience using this monitor. This monitor has a frequency or extreme update resolution, but the standard 1080p game monitor gives you a seal for approval.

Shopping one of these ? Please, let us know in the following comments. To sponsor this article, instantly take

Yes, I'm going to buy this monitor. It has affordable prices for features. Great response time, Tech Tech, 75 mz bought me. Great review

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