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Today we had the honor of testing BenQ's stunning 32-inch Ultra HD 4K monitor. Thanks to the implementation of what BenQ calls true HDR technology and smart brightness plus, this is something we've been waiting for a long time. The EW3270U has a number of cool features like 3000: 1 contrast ratio, 300 nit brightness, 4ms GTG response time, HDR 10 support, and more.

BenQ is no stranger to producing great displays for games and entertainment, and their new EW3270U is a good example of what they can achieve. In the following article, we'll break down what we consider to be the main features of any display product to see if this 32-inch display meets WEPC's high expectations. We'll also see how it compares to other market-leading monitors on the market today, and if its brand's price tag is really worth it. Let's not waste any more time and understand directly the functions that this monitor offers.

One of the questions that we get asked in all the product reviews and best guides is how we test the product, which is a good question. As a reader and consumer, how do you know that the information you have been provided is accurate?

Well the EW3270U dropped a few weeks ago and has been my main monitor ever since. The version I used to test this monitor has an i58600 and an EVGA 1080Ti black version, which means we can push it to the absolute limit of its capabilities.

We usually conduct a series of tests on various games to understand how it works. However, due to the nature of this monitor is more suitable for entertainment viewing, we decided to keep this part for a fairly short period of time.

In terms of entertainment, we ran several different HDR-rated images on the screen and compared them with some market leaders to see how it performed. I hope readers can refer to how good this is. .

The first thing to look at when buying a new monitor or monitor is the hardware specifications. In this section, you will find all information about the product and whether it is suitable for your specific user needs.

For example, gamers generally require low response time and high refresh rate, while movie lovers are more concerned with contrast and HDR support. Either way, finding the right monitor for you starts with product specifications.

The following are the EW3270U specifications:

As mentioned above, the size of the monitor is 32 inches. For any tech novice, this is a diagonal line. The physical size is 72.5 cm (28.5 inches) x 42.8 cm (17 inches), which is quite large in terms of work and gaming monitors. However, from an entertainment point of view, it creates a dream-like environment for movie-style viewing, which cannot be achieved with a small screen. The

weighs 21.6 pounds, which is quite high for a display, but in the real world, weight will soon not be a problem. As long as you have a sturdy table and a large stand, you are absolutely fine.

The recommended viewing distance of this monitor is about 1.8 meters. If you watch movies and TV, it is definitely recommended, but I have been using this monitor for about a month, and it feels closer than that. So far, I have not encountered any problems, we may thank BenQ for the impressive eye care support, which will be resolved soon.

EW3270U has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K), a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a response time of 4ms, which is very reliable for monitors that are not suitable for gaming.

For those who are not familiar with these two aspects, the following is a brief description of each aspect. Resolution

is the number of pixels on the screen. The maximum resolution of a screen refers to the number of vertical and horizontal pixels. Therefore, a monitor with a maximum resolution of 2560 × 1440 (1440p) has a width of 2,560 pixels and a height of 1,440 pixels.

Response time measures the speed of color changes on the display; more specifically, how fast LEDs react to color changes. This is in milliseconds (ms). If the change occurs too slowly, it may cause ghosting in the image and ultimately reduce the quality. As a general rule of thumb, you want the target for any new monitor to be less than 4 milliseconds, but gamers will demand a lower level. Remember, this will increase the selling price of the product.

In terms of its refresh rate, it represents the speed at which your monitor physically updates the image to be displayed. For example, a 144 Hz monitor will update the image 144 times in one second. The larger the number, the smoother the overall image.

Once again, gamers are looking for the highest possible refresh rate in order to create the smoothest possible gaming experience. For this reason alone, EW3270U is not the best gaming monitor.

Contrast ratio is one of the most important characteristics to consider when buying a new monitor, especially a monitor that supports HDR. Contrast basically means the difference between the brightest brightness and the darkest darkest, and the ratio is purely a number for the two fields. The first element of

contrast is the maximum brightness, which refers to the brightest brightness, in "nits" as the unit, which can be considered as the light emitted by a single candle. The second is the black level, which refers to

Level of realism. The

EW3270U has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which is pretty good considering the price. Any games and entertainment that exceed 2000:1 are great, which means this monitor scores high here. The

input is very simple and refers to the compatibility of your monitor with other devices. If you are an old-school gamer, you will remember that VGA and DVI ports are on the verge of extinction in the market today.

The most popular input ports today are HDMI v2.0, display port and USB TypeC. With this monitor, you can get HDMI v2.0, 2 display ports 1.4 and 1 USB TypeC connector.

As far as headphone connection is concerned, you can access it directly through the monitor via the mini jack.

BenQ was not playing games when developing features for this monitor, they equipped it with all the conveniences you can imagine from a high-end monitor, and they won't disappoint.

All the functions on this screen make people feel that they have a really refreshing place and purpose, remember the puns. Sometimes, usually in cheaper monitors, you will find that the features included by the manufacturer have no real functionality, just a marketing strategy. However, this is not the case with EW3270U.

Let us go directly to the best features and advantages:

The feature part of this article is HighDynamicRange. HDR is one of the best new features on modern displays. It helps improve the realism of video output by obtaining a better color gamut and wider contrast.

"In short, HDR has one purpose, which is to create a more realistic image by balancing the contrast between light and dark (dynamic range) while maintaining a wide color gamut. By doing so, it can allow users to perceive colors more vividly, which helps to achieve more realistic and lifelike images. "

You may already be very familiar with HDR, because it is very common in the TV world, but it takes longer to fully enter the PC field. This may be due to the increase in the price of monitors due to the addition of HDR and other functions. Fortunately, we Starting to see HDR displays. The prices on the shelves are much cheaper. This

game developer seems to be incorporating HDR support into all the latest games, which will promote HDR-compatible displays and ultimately reduce costs.

HDR is also very suitable for supporting video content , It does create an unprecedented immersive and realistic experience.

If you want to learn more about HDR, check out our in-depth article, which asks if HDR is worth investing in.

FreeSync is an AMD technology that allows your GPU to synchronize with the monitor's refresh rate.

To stop screen tearing, Freesync allows the game's refresh rate to sync with the FPS so your GPU doesn't flood the screen with too many frames. This creates a super smooth playback experience, because your monitor will only update when a new frame is available;

Not sure you can use FreeSync? Learn to verify. The

super resolution is a very cool little feature, but I can't foresee it becoming a deal breaker any time soon. In short, it is a method of improving low-quality images by increasing the pixel density. In turn, this will provide higher definition images and more vivid colors for better viewing enjoyment.

I can't say I've been using this feature in a scene, but it may happen one day. This is the only feature on the screen that is currently considered a bit nonsensical.

Brightness Intelligence + (B.I. +) is a feature that BenQ has been adding to the display. It is a technology that automatically reduces the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding light. The ambient light sensor on the front of the

monitor detects the light level and color temperature in your current environment. According to the content detected by the sensor, the screen will automatically adjust the screen brightness to best suit your needs. The way the

settings are generated will not affect the viewer’s experience, and will vary according to the length of time the display is used. It is just another part of the vision care package provided by BenQ.

This is a function that can be turned on or off. You can choose to adjust the sensor in the settings. One of the best and most relevant features that

should provide this monitor is BenQ's eye care technology. They have implemented some measures to try to reduce the damage caused by prolonged use. The three main pillars that make up eye care technology are B.I. +, blue light reduction and screen flicker elimination.

B.I. + has already been mentioned above, so we will go directly to its function of reducing blue light. As we all know, intense blue light is harmful to human eyes for a long time and the screen will produce a lot of blue light.

Blu-ray technology actually removes blue light and harmful radiation from the image, while maintaining the highest level of quality and vibrancy. It also reduces eye irritation and fatigue, which means you can see longer while reducing radiation.

Screen flickering can be more damaging to the eyes than blue light, which is why BenQ incorporates flicker-free technology into all of its latest products. The worst thing about screen flickering is that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, which means that we voluntarily hurt our eyes without knowing it.

BenQ knows this and has completely eliminated screen flickering, again helping to reduce eye strain. When they are really committed to work.

Monitor as far as possible until I calibrate it to my specific needs.

The first half an hour was spent in Excel. I found myself tired from the brightness. It was at this stage that I decided to activate B.I. + To my surprise, it worked like a charm. Automatic screen adjustment dims the brightness to perfection, making life happy again.

When I was finally able to configure this monitor, I found it very easy to select the desired configuration. It is very convenient to set up HDR and B.I. + and provides instant visual changes that I think are very useful. The 5 buttons under the front panel of the

seem to be ignored because they have no labels or tags, meaning you can aimlessly press them until you find what you are looking for. However, once you get used to the on-screen menu, it will be very useful and very easy to use.

Let's first talk about the physical elements. I am very disappointed with the fine level of screen adjustments you make with this monitor. The stand can only be tilted back and forth, with zero height adjustment at the same time. Considering that the screen is too large, this may not be a big problem, but I would rather have facilities than not. BenQ

is equipped with mounting holes on the back of this monitor, so consumers can use a better stand or a wall-mounted installation, which feels good to the touch. It certainly won't look inappropriate on the wall.

HDR is very impressive to me, it makes games and movies more realistic and vibrant. However, the contrast ratio of 3000: 1 does not fully comply with HDR regulations, so BenQ had to use a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M: 1. However, my viewing experience improved when I used the HDR function as well. that I gave the go-ahead.

Unfortunately, this monitor only has a 60Hz refresh rate, so it is really not suitable for playing games, especially if it is a high-end model. The platform I currently use can pump more than 120FPS in games such as PUBG, which means that my monitor is full of twice the number of frames processed in a second. The

resolution is an obvious advantage for me, and 4k UHD looks great, especially when watching movies that can support both HDR and 4K. Enabling 4K and HDR at the same time really helps to immerse users in whatever content they are watching, which I really appreciate.

In the end, what we have here is an excellent entertainment screen that will make movie nights and media consumption an all-round wonderful experience.

If you are looking for a large gaming monitor with some cool features such as HDR and BI+, then I might say that this monitor is not for you. This is entirely based on your answer. Update time and frequency. In addition to

games, this monitor works perfectly and is a great addition to anyone's entertainment settings, but gamers need a minimum refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1 millisecond to fully play their games Experience. So for me it is not a game screen.

Speaking of entertainment, I would definitely recommend this monitor. Due to the color gamut and wide contrast, it is a large display with excellent images and image output. Therefore, for this purpose, at the current price of just over US$400, we consider it a good value for money and we highly recommend it.

Why don't you give us a comment on your opinion of this monitor? We are happy to answer any of your questions, which are not included in the comments below!

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