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Cyberpunk 2077 release date rumors and news

If you read our articles often (and you really should do it), you will know that I like to write about Star Wars because I like to play Star Wars. Including the 2017 "Frontline 2", the negative sentiment of this game when it was released is unknown, even companies such as EA do not know.

Nevertheless, three years after its initial release, Frontline 2 is actually an excellent game-a large amount of post-game content makes it a fan favorite, with a variety of different heroes, game modes, and more. Incorporate into the game. The game after the first pitch.

However, this does not include the work done by the modding community on the game.

We all know this. I am writing this article and you are reading it. We all know that the Venn diagrams of "Star Wars fans" and "PC gamers who can create high-quality mods" overlap in a very drastic way. The modding community is starting to be flooded with all kinds of aftermarket content that only enhances the look of the game, how to play it, and (thanks to all the expanded universe characters added to the title) the role you can play.

With this in mind, think about all the different customization options that the official Frontline 2 development team added to the different Clone Wars factions. Cool right? You can customize your different clone troopers as part of different corps and paint their armor with the same paint as the 501 or 104 corps; You see, I think you don't need me to explain the army of the republic in each faction. Or you don't want me to do this.

Either way, the key is that these customization options are not available in the Imperial Army, and this does not match modder Norm who designed a complete visual overhaul of the Imperial Army in Frontline 2. Entitled "Galactic Empire Reimagined" , stormtrooper sports armor distinguishes one class from another. Small changes to the armor can help players identify the class of soldiers they are standing with or fighting with. Visual module

is no stranger to Frontline 2. There are several modules on the internet that aim to change the look of the game. If this is the case, features such as different player models and character designs can be located in the usual places. Use whatever you want to put in the game. However, this stormtrooper review brought a lot of detail to the empire's well-known flagship unit.

This is a welcome addition to the Frontline 2 PC scene, especially considering that the Frontline 2 developers have ended their official support for the game; This means that any post-game content must now be an official module. This is not a bad thing, because the game was in good shape when support ended, but with the work of people like Nome, I think Frontline 2 will see a booming player base in at least a few years.

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