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Cyberpunk 2077 release date delayed

Publisher EA and developer DICE announced that the latest major content of the Battlefield V shooter game will be launched today. The news did not have as much fanfare and marketing as EA behind a similar update in order to provide a "larger conversation" space for events sweeping the United States

As announced last month, the update will be the last time the development team pays attention to minor maintenance. Updates and community activities, which will end the game-as-a-service aspect of the game.

DICE describes the summer update as "heavy in content," and given the number of new features, it's hard to disagree. The

update includes two new maps, nine weapons, six vehicles, five gadgets, and three new types of grenades.

Checking the map, DICE presents the Al Marj camp and Provence. For these two maps, the American and German armies are fighting each other. Camp

Al Marj is a 64-person infantry map that allows players to travel across North Africa, especially Libya, and encourages a variety of combat styles, from hand-to-hand combat to long-range combat. Supported modes include Conquest, Advancement, Team Conquest, and Team Deathmatch.

Provence is a new version of the map of the same name updated by DICE for this event. The playable area of the 64-player map is now larger, including farmlands and outskirts of cities. The idea is to introduce tanks. Supported modes are Conquest, Advancement, Team Deathmatch, and Team Conquest. The nine new weapons added to Battlefield V after update

are Sjögren Shotgun, Chauchat, M3 Infrared, K31 / 43, Welgun, M1941 Johnson, PPK / PPK Suppressed, M1911 Suppressed, and Welrod.

new accessories are DoppelSchuss, RMN 50 Grenade Launcher, Pistol Flamethrower, Shaped Charge and Kampfpistole. When it comes to grenades, the summer update heralds the arrival of firecracker grenades, explosive grenades, and Type 99 mines. The new vehicles are A20 bombers, P70 night fighters, P51D fighters, P51K fighters, M8 Greyhound armored vehicles and Jaguars.

In keeping with the Battlefield V update practice, the Summer Update includes a number of minor changes, including bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and balance adjustments. You can see the full list of changes to Reddit news sharing posts here. The patch notes also include some new Al Marj camps and selected snapshots of the Provence map.

This update is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The broadcast time is as follows, depending on the platform.

Xbox One-12 M. PDT / 3 M. EDT / 8 M. BST / 9 M. CEST.

PS4-1 year. M. PDT / 4 M. EDT / 9 M. BST / 10 M. CEST.

PCs-2 one. M. PDT / 5 M. EDT / 10 M. BST / 11 M. CEST.

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