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If you finally want to play "Battlefield 1" Issue 15, then you will have a lot to look forward to. Battlefield 1 was originally released in 2016, followed by a long list of other Battlefield games released by EA for nearly two decades.

Although this game was released a few years ago, the graphics are still very good today. If you are eager to play this game, you need to be a bit careful to make sure you can run it first.

There is nothing worse than getting a highly rated game like "Battlefield 1", only to find that your PC is simply not up to the task of running it. This is not a game worth playing with minimum requirements. As with all first-person shooter games, so many explosions putting your system into trouble will completely ruin your gaming experience.

Here, we tell you some information about the minimum and recommended requirements so that you can check if your PC can handle it well. After all, shooting an enemy at a low FPS is a tragic experience. We will tell you what to look for to obtain 60 FPS or higher stability.

Following similar battlefield games, Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter game that focuses on teamwork and strategy to stay alive.

is set during the First World War, which means that players will have the opportunity to use various weapons and vehicles from the First World War. The lineup includes a series of submachine guns, semi-automatic rifles, flamethrowers and bolt rifles; there are many actions to look forward to.

Players control various characters in battle, causing the player to see a variety of landscapes and different actions that follow. At one point it may be in the trenches, at another point it may be above the action in an early shot.

has a great multiplayer game mode that can support a huge 64 players, allowing you to play games all over the world, including the Western Front, the Alps, and Arabia. With so many players and the resulting actions, you will need a good enough system to deal with that.

Based on the specifications outlined above, you definitely want to meet the recommended requirements for this game. Better yet, if you have the chance to go further, you will immediately see the graphics and game results ...

Like other shooter games, you need enough decent hardware to achieve a stable FPS. We recommend targeting systems in the $ 600 to $ 700 range. The system may not allow you to run the game in super configurations, but it will still make you look great and play smoothly.

If you have enough financial resources, building a high-end system will certainly allow you to run this game to its fullest. If you are looking for advice on which components to choose, we have a helpful guide for you to review.

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