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"Battlefield 2042" will be released on the two next-generation game consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox SeriesX and Windows PC. So far, we don't have clear details on the game's system requirements, but you can see the best estimates of the recommended and minimum system requirements below. As the game nears release, this content may change.

If you don't know what your current PC is running, check out our quick guide on how to find your PC's specifications and you should be able to compare them to the system requirements. If your current computer isn't up to the task, check out some suggestions at the bottom of this page for pre-built and self-built PCs that can run games on high or low settings.

If you want to purchase a copy of "Battlefield 2042", please check Eneba for the best price for a large number of games.

Battlefield 2042 is Dice's return to a fully multiplayer game, because this time there will be no battle or single player elements. However, the game will still have a narrative element, as the player represents the United States, Russia, or NoPats in a world that is unstable due to fuel and food shortages and climate change.

As mentioned earlier, the following is an estimated system requirement page only, and may change as more information about the game approaches the release date.

To run "Battlefield 2042" at the lowest setting of 1080p, you need powerful features like our $600 or similar self-built machine. For those higher graphics settings, if you plan to play games at 1440p or higher resolution, then the $1,500 build is your goal to achieve a competitive FPS, or maybe up to our $2,000 build.

Obviously, not everyone wants to build their own PC (although it can bring performance/price advantages), so we also recommend pre-building one for less than $800 to reproduce the lowest of 1080p without any problems set up. However, for those higher graphics settings, if you consider 1440p or higher resolution, you need a PC that is at least as powerful as our $1,500 pre-built or $2,000 pre-built.

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