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After announcing that the release of early access to the Gate of Baldur 3 has been delayed, the fans (including myself) could see this game a little down because they looked very well. However, tonight, from Livestream, where the people of Eastern and coastal affairs were presented, we saw the last scene of the opening sequence, vision of what I expect and the new release date. I jumped in detail.

The new updated release date of Baldur`s Gate 3 is September 30. For many of us, this was a very funny surprise. I expected it to be waiting for a date 2021 and I thought everything was not far away. It was an exciting moment to hear that the new release date (slightly tentative) was only six weeks. By lightening the final scene since the opening of the opening, Larian finally revealed a huge point of plot for the game, let's go to hell! In the world of dungeons and dragons, there are nine hell, and we know that they visit at least the first cloak-avernus. The story for the Gate of Baldur 3 seems to be tracked slowly from the event DND 5E Adventure adventure to Avernus, another story by Baldur Gate.

We will be wiket and we will transport ourselves by the face of the heart that was attacked by the dragon rider, so that the flowers of the heart will decide that the teleportant to hell can be a good idea for the escape. Here, fix a break in half of the war between the devil and the demon, the common event here is a common occurrence in Avernus.

We also learned that we have the opportunity to explore Inderdark, a well-good location of the DND world. It is full of common monsters and dangers, it is not a fun place for your character, but it is an amazing fun place for you.

Romance has been confirmed that it is in the great part of the game: Your RPG game loves a bit romantic, you are good to know! The early access version of the game

allows your character to reach level 4, but can be heard low in the DND world, but the maximum level is 20. Thickness for the game. They have also played races and classes as extensive as complete launches, but we have also declared that they can be accessed correctly and precisely. Our divination will be limited to more standard DND options. Human, elf, little, half, gnome, probably tifting, and githyanki. As for the same class, I imagined that I am similar, we access all the main classes during this early access phase and then each and two subclasses to get access to one or two subclasses increase.

seem to be a simple game to play for different experiences, since we only show the number of options in this game for the point of history and dialogue. If you add them to all to the number of character creation options, you promise, it means you can not wait to put my hand in this game.

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