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During the Square Enix showcase, look at the autumn road from Babylon in E3 2018. You can barely listen to it, and you can forget that you forgot this completely.

The autumn of Babylon is developed by PlatinumGames Masters Action Games. Astral chain dedicated to automatons and recent Network switches. As you can know, there is a serious pedigree there and it works well for the autumn of Babylon.

Today's theater condition made a new trailer who first looked at the autumn game of Babylon in the flesh.

Because we have seen so far, the game firmly falls to the genre of action, but despite the video of the game, many of what we can expect are covered in the mystery.

Vast OpenWorld sets the fluid scene.

What interesting is that it reaches a wide range of vision of visual art of intensity, the battle is moving through the influence of light.

of a high monastery that controls the point landscape of the choir speech in the closed part of the trailer, the autumn of Babylon is embarrassing and Gothic, and it is not bad. Please, consider somewhere between the dark soul and the devil. There, indicate a wide submarine of a wide range of players. It is still seen if it translates into the final product.

By the way, the trailer ends the note that is expected to wait for more news about this summer autumn Babylon. It seems that you can not avoid the anchor of the Enix Plaza del Editor. Since the game was equipped for the first time for releases in 2019, E3 can produce the date of launching a company.

Square Enix refers to the fall of Babylon when the fall of Babylon finally releases PlayStation 4 and PC.

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